gift giving guide {5}: things i saw, things i love

So today, I bring you my favorite gift guides from the internets far and wide. Making a gift guide is HARD work. You have to do research, and make the layout look pretty, and insert links upon links upon links. Here are some of my very favorite bloggers and their wonderful gift guides for you to view and appreciate and soak up awesome ideas on.

And because, I just can’t think of it all…

Here’s a link to Design*Sponge’s 2011 gift guides. They have TONS of ideas all of which are original and lovely.

Grace Bonney also posted this post, about skipping the stores and using your hands: gift that will create great memories. I absolutely love this idea and think it’s really about what’s from your heart that counts the most during the holiday season.

Oh Joy! also has quite the incredible spread of gift ideas.

For the collected naturalist

For the sweet treat lover 

For the California girl living in NY

For the girly utilitarian

For the host

For the silly sophisticate

Oh so amazing! And fun! Visit this link for even more gift ideas from Oh, Joy!

Poppytalk is another one of my favorite reads. There is so much inspiration over there it’s like stepping into one of the best hidden shops in Boston. You know those ones you discover by chance? Poppytalk is one of those places.

Here is their Holiday Gift Guide 2011

Dear Santa gift guides via E-Tells-Tales:

So far she’s got a ladies and babies guide etsy-style. And the newest: Her favorite Amazon picks {for all the people on your list}. I love all of her ideas– I feel like we have very similar taste in things (clothes, products) so these guides are ideal for me.

Also, a few weeks ago she posted about this awesome company, which I have already purchased for my sister for Christmas. What a great idea! I’ve been really wanting to share this, but feared that because my sister reads this little blog, that the gift would no longer be as fun.

SO, If your name is Meg Kathleen Burns DO NOT click on that link up there. You will spoil the surprise and that’s no fun at all. So, don’t! Don’t do it!

Joanna Goddard over at A CUP of JO has got her annual gift guide in the works! I love her blog and was pleasantly pleased to find we had some of the same ideas. Beer of the month club? Yeah, I knew that was a cool one.

A CUP OF JO’s Gift Guide 2011

There’s so many ideas you’re head will start spinning! (in a good way)

Another blog that I love is Oh Happy Day, written by Jordan Ferney over in Paris, France. Can we say DREAM?! I think so.

She has 2 gift-giving posts that are worth taking a look at:

10 Things to Give

10 Experiences to Give — again, I love this idea. To give an experience that will make a memory is the best gift of all!

And lastly, the Bloesem Kids gift guide is absolutely incredible for kiddos under 10. Here are some ideas for those tiny people in your life. The ones who make you see things through a whole new set of eyes and the ones who make snuggling just that much better. And to a certain extent, looking at this array of goodies makes me want to be little again!

(Does anyone remember Little People? Dang, I LOVED those. I could play for HOURS with my little people and their little cars and little houses in their little little town. Nostaaaaaalgia.)

Good luck with the gift giving, everyone!! And Happy Holidays to you and yours!! ♥♥


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  1. Dang, girl. This is an awesome list. I hadn’t seen most of these. My favorite of these was Oh, Happy Day’s experiences (maybe mostly beause lots were in California). I wanna do that Human Nest!

  2. What an awesome post! It’s so nice to see so many gift lists all in one area from a bunch of fantastic bloggers. Ugh this makes my life so much easier! :) Happy weekend!

  3. Thanks for the round up of gift guides. I also have a few that you might want to check out:

  4. Thanks for sharing all of the gift guides. I’m going to check out some of those stationery items for myself

  5. Great gift guides!!!

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