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photo a day

So yesterday, as I was scrolling through my instagram feed, for the 30th (or something) time, I noticed several people using the hashtag #JANphotoaday.

The pictures were all self-portraits of some kind and suddenly, my interest was sparked.

What is going on?? I want IN.

So I did a little research and found Fat Mum Slim’s January Photo a Day Challenge.

Take a picture a day using this list as a guide.

I’m going to do it, because, why not?

I’ll take my photos via instagram and post them here at the end of each day. Sometimes I might add words to my photos, other times I won’t. It shouldn’t be too difficult a feat seeing as I’m addicted. If you want to follow my photos, look me up at nannerburns, otherwise just tune in here to check out my pics!

(Regular daily posts will be happening as well of course!)

Here we go!

1. You
January 1, 2012

2. Breakfast
January 2, 2012

Yesterday was such a perfect day. We woke up late after a low-key and relaxing New Years and Zan made pancakes on his new electric griddle. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. I think we might be making pancakes and bacon every weekend. Or, even better, every DAY. I loaded mine with chocolate chips because who doesn’t want to start out the new year on a sweet note?

After this we just spent the day together. We took a drive, and then a walk. We enjoyed the warm weather and a cup of Starbucks and watched the sunset over Spy Pond. Then we had New Years dinner with Zan’s family and it was delicious. We ate turkey and mashed potatoes and blueberry cornbread. Hello, 2012.

Zan had to drive up to Maine for work after dinner, so I came home and put on The Notebook. Be still my ever-loving heart. I can hardly handle that movie. It get’s me every single time. I just felt like a good cry and did I ever get it. It’s a heart beating, air-gasping, feel like it’s happening to you type of cry. That movie.

This morning I ate the leftover pancakes with raspberry jelly for breakfast and now I’m spending the last day of my vacation the best way I know how:

I’m sitting on the couch in my bathrobe and slippers. I’m watching bad TV and eating those little dove chocolates wrapped in tin foil. And I don’t plan on getting up any time soon.

Cheers, my friends! Happy New Year!