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goal three: open an etsy shop

So, I’m going to do this.

I’m going to open an etsy shop and I’m going to do it soon.

I thought for about two seconds that I would first get the shop up and running before giving the details. You know, instead just tweet out that “I have exciting news coming!”, and build it up like “BIG SECRET REVEALED ON THE BLOG SOON!!”. But first off, I always think those suspense building tweets are annoying (JUST TELL ME ALREADY IT CAN’T BE THAT BIG A DEAL) and second, I just don’t work like that.

So I am here to tell you that I am about to open an etsy shop and I’m all kinds of excited/scared/hopeful/stressed/happy about it.

Get your browsers ready, people:

(Not open yet, but soon!)

Right now the shop is under construction. I’m still working out project designs and selling costs and all that exciting stuff, but when I do open I will be selling handmade greeting cards featuring the photography of… wait for it…. YOURS TRULY.

I will also be selling prints, if interested.

I’ve been really pleased with my photography captures this past year and enough people were encouraging me to think about selling my prints, and so I thought about it, and I’m taking the plunge.

I’m absolutely scared that nothing will sell. Or that people won’t love my stuff or they’ll think it’s unoriginal. But whatever. I’m working really hard right now to make good quality cards, with a little twist of personality and originality, using photos taken with love. And that’s really all I can do.

Pour my heart into it and make something people will {hopefully} want to buy.


For the record, I would TOTALLY want to buy my cards if I saw them in a shop.

So I guess that’s got to mean something.



Projected opening date: February 15, 2013



{background image artwork via here}

{read more about my 2013 goals here}

today // what i wore

Similar Hat // Coat // Bag // Similar Boots

{Scarf from my friend Mackenzie’s etsy shop! I’m in love with mine– buy your own here!}

Oh, today. Today was for waking up early while the sun was shining crazy beautiful bright in the sky. Today was for eating brunch at the Friendly Toast, and stopping for our recent favorite donuts and coffee on the way. Today was cold so we bundled up the best we could— ears covered, hands protected, layers upon layers of shirts and sweaters and socks and tights. Today was for tea and books and naps under blankets while the winter sun shone strong. Today was for creative dreaming, and making some big ideas finally come to life.

Today was peaceful.

Today was happy.

Today was good.

In the way only a Saturday can be.

Hoping your Saturday was a good one, too.

Happy weekend. ♥



A few weeks ago this sweet lady posted this photo and my instagram literally BLEW UP with new followers. I was BEYOND excited. Giddy! OVERJOYED! THANK YOU, TANIA! You rocked my world that day (and every day).

Anyways, I know I’ve said it before, but I’m completely obsessed (borderline addicted) to instagram. Since I know I’m not alone in this (I’m looking at YOU), I thought I’d pay it forward and share some of my favorites here. For me, the best part of instagram is getting a glimpse into the lives and days of others. I follow a few close real-life friends, a lot of bloggers, and a handful of skilled photographers, too. I love seeing the beauty in the everyday, but most of all I love way instagram makes good photography so accessible. I love this little instagram community— how you can instantly be transported to the hustle and bustle of New York City, the streets of Paris and Rome, or the beaches on the west coast. It’s a beautiful world out there and these people capture it perfectly…


My sister! I honestly LOVE her instas. And not just because she’s my family!

Loves Boston, New York City, puppies, and the ocean.


Gorgeous views of Italy all day every day. She lives in Rome. Mega SIGH.


I adore this woman’s shots of her day to day life. Wonderfully soft and full of simple magic.


Love this girl. And her precious Henny. Lives in New York City. Quirky. Adorable. Real.


Megan is one of my favorite bloggers, too. She is one of my biggest role models in photography and design. LOVE HER.


Owner and designer of (MY FAVE) Rifle Paper Co. She has a serious eye for pretty. Full of beauty and character.


I just love this family. Wholesome goodness from Texas (soon to be Nashville!). And the most adorable littles.


AMAZING photographer. Lives by the ocean in California. A beach lovers paradise.


{If you click on the name links, you’ll be transported to the IG pages, where you can easily follow if you’re logged into instagram.}


Now tell me, who are your favorites?


Good LORD it is freezing here!

And from the looks of my twitter feed it seems like it’s that way everywhere. STAY WARM, FRIENDS! STAY COZY!

When it’s super cold like this our school has “indoor recess”. Basically this means I never get my room to myself, not for even one second, and everyone (ME ESPECIALLY) is going stir crazy. I mean goodness knows I love my littles, but snow pants and me do not get along. Every day my class is littered with more snow pants, hats, gloves, and boots than I can count. How many stuck coat zippers does it take to make this teacher crazy? Not that many apparently.

Get me to spring!!!! We’re all screaming inside. (And even though you may not have to deal with the snow pants, you KNOW you’re with me on this.)

Winter isn’t all that bad though, I guess.

I mean… let’s see:

there are snow days

and hot chocolate dates

and the weird satisfaction of sitting in your own home wearing a hat and gloves (happening NOW)

and cozying up with books under blankets

and dreamy thoughts of spring


Let’s sit on that for awhile with a cup of hot tea, shall we? Yes, let’s.


These photos were taken on my snow day last Wednesday. My lense kept fogging up because of the cold and the wet, but I think it looks kind of cool in some of the shots. I decided I could either sit around all day (what I do too much for my own liking in the winter), or get out and make something of it. I tried to get to the snow in time, but it had pretty much all melted by the time I got around to taking these pictures. I didn’t mind really, as a walk through Beacon Hill always puts me in a good mood. Plus, fresh out-of-the-oven blueberry muffins with a friend doesn’t hurt either.

Sending you all lots of warm thoughts over the next few days! Wear those hats outside! (AND IN!)