me being… me.

It’s a wild Friday night over here, people.

In the span of two weeks I’ve gotten a new computer and lots of new goodies to go with it (lightroom! photoshop! a bamboo tablet!). I feel like I have the world at my fingertips and I have absolutely NO IDEA what I’m doing.

Not a friggin. clue.

At least I’m having fun, right?

This is me experimenting. And also, this is me being… me.

HAPPY weekend.



  2. Happy Friday! I’m jealous of all of your new goodies!

  3. Adorable, it’s always fun to play with new toys, especially when you have no idea what you’re doing. ;)

  4. I’m already in bed, so I approve this message.

  5. So cool!! If you ever figure out any of those awesome goodies that came with your computer, I wish you’d pass on the knowledge. Also, you’re beautiful. :)

  6. Bahahaha! I feel so behind on the times. I set up my iPhone 5 this week and am just beginning to tap all its amazing resources. I’ll keep dreaming of you, tablet.

    • iPhone EXCITEMENT!!! I am still not over the excitement I feel for mine and I’ve had it for almost 2 years now. Happy for you!

  7. omg STOP. SO CUTE! sooooo jealous! i’m pulling for one of those for bbgirl’s bday in march, ahem :) what kind do you have, lady?! lookin’ SLEEK.

  8. How exciting! I love getting new technology. It’s so fun to sit around and play with, trying to figure it out. :)

  9. I LIKE YOU. and I like you being you. Can’t wait for all the creations!


  11. Oh I love this! Simple but lots of fun :D

  12. Such a stinkin’ cutie you is!

  13. well this is perfect. Nothing more than experimenting needed! Also, you might have to annotate whenever you do your handwriting, because it looks like a font!

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