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{Scarf from my friend Mackenzie’s etsy shop! I’m in love with mine– buy your own here!}

Oh, today. Today was for waking up early while the sun was shining crazy beautiful bright in the sky. Today was for eating brunch at the Friendly Toast, and stopping for our recent favorite donuts and coffee on the way. Today was cold so we bundled up the best we could— ears covered, hands protected, layers upon layers of shirts and sweaters and socks and tights. Today was for tea and books and naps under blankets while the winter sun shone strong. Today was for creative dreaming, and making some big ideas finally come to life.

Today was peaceful.

Today was happy.

Today was good.

In the way only a Saturday can be.

Hoping your Saturday was a good one, too.

Happy weekend. ♥



  1. Jenna | The Paleo Project says:

    You look adorable!! I had an equally sunny Saturday that involved a nap!! I can’t even remember the last nap I took !! More outfit posts please!!! What’s the friendly toast? Xo Jenna

    • I never take naps either! But today was the perfect day for one.

      The Friendly Toast is a breakfast/brunch spot in Cambridge– in Kendall Square. Lots of people recommended it in my Portsmouth post (the original location is there), and I’d never been so we tried it out today. Delicious! And a very cool vibe inside, too.

  2. love love love the green and black. happy you had such a nice and cozy day :)

    • YES! Keeping the Christmas spirit alive (kind of). I saw this coat last weekend on mega sale and I HAD TO HAVE IT.

  3. You are adorable. I am loving all the pictures on your blog lately too!

  4. So cozy and chic! Happy weekending! xx

  5. I love your outfit {your hat especially — the dots are amazing}! I’m so glad you had a happy Saturday. We went to brunch today as well, for the first time ever. Needless to say, it was incredible. How is this something we were living without before? And why did we wait to discover it until after we had kids? Christian and I decided, from now on when Max and Maggie have their monthly sleepover at their grandparents’ house, we are ALWAYS going to brunch. :)

    Take care!

    • Oh, brunch is THE BEST. You may not have discovered it until now, but at least you discovered it, right?! I hope you make it a monthly tradition.

      Did you get sweet or savory? I always have a hard time deciding!

  6. You look so cute in your green coat! Love. And I was JUST telling Craig about that EXACT Marc Jacobs bag. I told him I wanted one, and I think I’m going to buy it for myself post-marathon as a “HEY! YOU JUST RAN 26 MILES!” bag. Sounds good, right?

    Also love the Friendly Toast. And we’ve already been over the tea pot. Love everything about you and this post!

    • DO IT. You will have absolutely earned it!!!! I saved and saved and saved for that bag. It was on my “WANT” list for YEARS. And I have never once regretted it. Two and a half years later and it is still the best (and most expensive) purchase I’ve ever made. FAVORITE.

  7. I just came across your blog and I’m so happy I did! I look forward to following along for more of your adventures around Boston! xx

  8. I love this green! I feel like the city is a sea of sad gray and black coats all winter. You would think everyone would all be dolled up in bright colors to lift our moods. The drab colors we wear are so counter productive!

    I also love the fact that you got donuts and coffee “on the way” to brunch. This is such a good strategy for those popular places that have ridiculous wait lists. Brilliant!

    • Sometimes I think I should buy black because it’s more “classic”, but my eye is just so drawn to the colors!

      And last time I tried to go to that brunch spot we had to leave and find someplace else because the wait was SO LONG! This time I was thinking ahead! (aaaaand we got a table right away. go figure, huh?)

  9. You are the most precious. Ever. xo

  10. Love polka dot hats – they seriously can do no wrong. And of course I want to know where you got the one thing that wasn’t mentioned – your socks! I have a weird obsession with winter socks and those look amazingly cozy and long!

    • My cousin made them for me around Thankgiving!! She is a serious knitter, and while we were spending time together over the holiday, I told her I really wanted to find some somewhere, so she knit them for me!

      (secret: they aren’t real socks, the are only about 6 inches long or so! Meant to appear like socks for style!)

  11. That sounds like my kind of Saturday!

    You always look so cute–even when you’re dressing for warmth! I find that that’s when I compromise comfort for style most. I love that green coat (what a lovely color!) and that hat is adorable.

    Hooray for lovely weekends!

    • I always feel so frumpy in winter, so thanks for the compliment! Winter dressing is definitely not my favorite, but I try to make it work the best I can!


    • We liked it! I got eggs benedict and Zan got steak and eggs. YUMM-YY.

      I kind of wish I went for sweet, but savory was what I was craving at the time…. guess I’ll just have to go again!!

  13. What a cute outfit! I’d love to spend a weekend in Boston– it seems like the most adorable little city! Love the blog, girlie.

  14. Super, super cute! I love how warm and comfy you look. That coat it adorable!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  15. PS – I’m your newest follower! Love your blog.

  16. I just moved back to California from Boston! I was there for three years for law school, and the entire time, I wanted to try The Friendly Toast. How did I not get around to it in all that time?

    Anyway, just found your blog and totally love it :)

    • I have lived here for almost 8 years now (8!!!!!!!!) And I had not been until last weekend. So, it’s okay!

      Glad you found me! Welcome! :)

  17. Too cute. Love the hat & coat!!

  18. Hi Anna, been following your blog for a while and just now commenting :) I love your photography since I’m just starting out, and especially that you’re from Boston (because I am too!).

    P.S. The Friendly Toast is THE best. Obsessed.

  19. anna, i’ve read over this post so many times and i’m still BEAMING over you featuring my scarf! you are seriously the biggest little ball of sunshine in this blogosphere and i’m so glad you got some joy out of the scarf, you sweet lady! xo

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