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Haven’t done one of these in awhile, but I’m a big fan of SBQL {started by Jenna!}…

For your Friday. ♥

A song. // From this Valley, The Civil Wars

A book. // This History of Love, Nicole Krauss

A quote. // I saw this on Pinterest and it spoke to me.

A look. // Her. Love me some Natalie Holbrook.


I feel like I’ve sort of got my life together lately. In a more-together-than-two-weeks-ago kind of way. I’ve been feeling good vibes at school. I’m mastering the meetings and feeling settled into my routine. Second grade is so UP and DOING! Like, let’s do this everybody! Math and Reading and Science and Social Studies! Yes, let’s DO THIS! {Also, WE GOT THIS!} At home I’m keeping up with the laundry and dishes. Picking up the house more often, which inevitably keeps me in a better mood. AND I already have the coffee pot all set and ready to go for tomorrow morning, so there’s that, too. It might seem like such a little thing, but to me it is HUGE.

Outfit? Picked out.

Lunch? Practically packed.

Just all around more on top things and feeling pretty solid about it. Not perfect, but who is?

Are you up to anything special this weekend? I’m just going to be enjoying fall in Boston. FINALLY. DREAM! The weather has been just my cup of tea. Remember the end of the fall last year? Snowy disaster. This sort of October is much more my style. This is the kind of fall I could look forward to. But of course, this IS new England so I better not hold my breath. Who knows what’ll happen over the next few weeks. {I dread.}

I think on Saturday I’m going to check out this place, most recently toured by Rachael.

And maybe another round of esplanade fun via my two wheeler. Could be awesome.

Weekend, weekend, weekend! I have been waiting for you!


  1. LOVE The Civil Wars. And The History of Love was seriously an amazing read. When I finished I felt so…gah I don’t even know. Just so so good.

  2. Ah, every little detail you wrote is like a teacher’s dream! Coffee pot scheduled, lunch packed, outfit picked out? And good vibes from classroom routines? I feel happy just thinking about it! Happy weekend!

  3. love me some SBQL – I really loved that book many years ago, nice to see it on your list! Also happy you feel like you’re on top of things. I felt that way last week. This week? There are not enough snooze buttons on my alarm.

  4. Do you watch Downton Abbey? Even if you don’t I think you will like this quote from it, it is my current favorite: “The business of life is the aquisition of memories” -Carson. I think it is the perfect thing to meditate on as we go into a beautiful fall weekend!

  5. Yay, SBQL! So glad to hear you’re feeling on top of things…that is just the BEST, most life-affirming feeling. Also, I am embarrassed about the Esplanade, because we lived in Beacon Hill for almost six months before I told a friend, “Dude, there’s this really cool little hidden park behind charles street…” and got an “Oh, honey” look in return.

  6. first of all, I need to get my act together and jump on board the new-Civil-Wars-album train. I STILL haven’t listened to it, and I feel like this is a major crime.

    also, The History of Love! I really enjoyed it.

  7. LOVE that quote. Something i have to remind myself of often. I’m good at it when the person is kind and receptive, but those harder to crack ones scare me off to easily. That one should go in your shop!

    And I’m super loving that look, too. I keep wandering over the website to order the dress, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

  8. Love feeling ready, or at least a little prepared, for what tomorrow brings (although it doesn’t happen that often!)! But it often makes me feel that much more appreciative of the things I get to do. Hope you enjoyed the beautiful weekend!

  9. That is one of my favorite books of all time! It’s right up there with The Time Traveler’s Wife, in my opinion. Have you read The Cellist of Sarajevo? Based on the fact that you like The History of Love, I think you’d like it. It has the prettiest cover, too, despite that it is a book wracked with war. But covers the lives of several different characters the way HoL does and they all come with their own demons, the way HoL does.

    And, I really love and appreciate that quote. It is a good reminder of how we should be at every possible moment.

  10. Love it! :) I’ve done my own this month over on my blog. I’d love if you checked it out

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