san francisco no. 5


Oh, sigh. We’ve come to the end of San Francisco. Feel free to imagine me tearing up over here. As is only natural— I know you understand.

Now if you’re confused as to how many days we spent in San Francisco as a result of my crazy number of blog posts, I get it. I went vacation post crazy. We were there 3 days— yes, yes, I know this is blog post no. 5— it’s just, the pictures! I couldn’t possibly decide! 3 days was surprisingly enough for us, although I would have gladly taken more. My feeling on it all is that we will just have to go back. Would I rather spend a whole week in San Francisco alone OR try my hand at SF, Big Sur, and Seattle? A big feat, but seeing as we hardly ever travel to the west coast, the latter was a no brainer. Because L-I-V-I-N-G!

Out of our three days in SF, it’s hard to say what the best day was, because they were all pretty spectacular, but this day was a treat! Even despite the cloudy skies {which true to our luck, only lasted the morning hours}. On the last day we woke up early and headed, once again, back over to the Mission. I was on my OWN mission to get those Tartine pastries IF YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN. ;) And yes! We finally got them! And yes! They were delicious!

san francisco -- francisco -- francisco --

Besides the pastries, what I loved most about this place was how it was so unassuming. Without even a sign on the exterior, I would never had known about Tartine if it didn’t come recommended. But recommended it was— by lots! And I can absolutely see why. I’d like to return to San Francisco someday if just for the pastries. And I wouldn’t mind trying the bread pudding and sandwiches, either. My personal favorite out of the three pastry treats we tried was the morning bun. SIMPLE AND DELICIOUS. The way it should always be.

After that we were off— Our last day in the city and I signed us up for a walking tour. YUP. Tourist me up!

When I think about myself, I don’t usually pin myself as the tourist type. I mean, SURE I do touristy things sometimes, but as far as vacations go I’ve never signed up for anything like this before. And yet. When I think about it a little harder I TOTALLY AM the touristy type. Ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty anyone? Gleeful walk across the Brooklyn Bridge? Scooters in Nantucket? Are you kidding me? I was giddy giddy on the Golden Gate Bridge and had tears of joy through the entirety of Muir Woods. I LIVE for this stuff, honestly. And I’m not afraid to admit it.

Also, the tour was another tip that came highly recommended. {Thanks, Melissa!}

So here are the photos from our third day in San Francisco. The very last day and we spent it seeing it all…

san francisco -- francisco -- francisco --

Chinatown! The most colorful to see!

san francisco -- san francisco -- francisco -- san francisco -- francisco -- francisco --

“When you’re lost out there and you’re all alone
The light is waiting, to caaaaryyyyy you hoooooooooome…”

san francisco -- san francisco -- francisco --

Smitten Ice Cream!

san francisco -- san francisco -- francisco -- francisco --

D-O-L-O-R-E-S  P-A-R-K

san francisco -- san francisco -- san francisco --

Whew! We literally went everywhere. And the sun decided to shine! This tour took us through so many neighborhoods– we rode a cable car, saw Chinatown and the first fortune cookie factory, visited Lombard Street and the Painted Ladies, we went to Ghirardelli Square and sampled chocolate, enjoyed the views and murals at the SF Art Institute,  went to Pacific Heights, Hayes Valley, and the Castro District, caught Dolores Park in the sunshine AND MORE!

It really was pretty awesome, and we loved our tour guide, too. So much, in fact, we still talk about him today. “THE REAL SF! THE REAL SF!” He’d shout through the busses and subway cars. It was the best.

The Real SF Tour— we recommend it too!

After the tour we grabbed drinks at La Mar— right by the ferry building and one last trip to the Embarcadero. A perfect retreat after a long day of walking around the city. Then, to top things off, we met up with Jackie, a friend I’ve gotten to know through instagram. She is one of my favorites to follow, as she really has that THIS IS LIVING! spirit that I love so much. {Love you, Jackie!} We got some cones at The Ice Cream Bar, an awesome old fashioned artisan soda shop that’s right in her neighborhood, and then she took us on a drive to see some of the last few must-dos on our list! LUCKY LUCKY, I kept thinking. We were so lucky.

san francisco --

Jackie drove us to the Cliff House and the Sutro Baths, through Golden Gate Park, AND! Twin Peaks! The views cannot be beat. I don’t think the ending to our trip to San Francisco could have been any better.

san francisco -- francisco --

We love you, San Francisco. Thanks for everything.


  1. Hehehe, I liked your nod to Full House. :) Your pictures are gorgeous and I can see why you enjoyed your trip to SF so much. My husband loves that city as well. I’ve never been but he wants to take me one day.

    Were you able to check out any bookstores? That’s something I always like to do in a new city…

  2. such pretty pics. want to know something? when I was little I always though they were saying “the LION is waiting to carry you home” HAHAHAH insert crying laughing emoji. xo L

  3. Melissa says:

    Yay I’ve been waiting for this one! I just relived my trip last summer through your pics. I’m so, so happy you liked the Real SF Tour as much as I did. It’s just a genius way to see the city. Aren’t those book lights incredible? And Smitten! There’s actually a spot called Churn2 in Harvard Yard doing ice cream the same way now. I’ve yet to sample it, but it has a lot to live up to!

  4. I must get myself to San Francisco Chinatown super soon. I mean, EVERYONE talks about it. I need to see and eat all the things.

  5. Two totally unrelated comments from me:

    1) “What ever happend to predictability?
    The milk man, the paper boy, evening T.V
    You miss your old familar friends, but
    waiting just around the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeend”….. I legit just started singing OUT LOUD at my desk at work when I saw your shout out to FULL HOUSE

    2) I LOVE the last pic of you and Zan. Those amazing smiles say it all about your feelings for that incredible city and for each other.

    Everywhere you look ….(everywhere)
    There’s a heart….. (there’s a heart)
    A hand to hold on to!!

  6. So good! I know we all try to think we are too cool to be tourists, but I am so glad you opted for that tour. You did SF proud! I can’t wait to hear about the rest of your trip (ahem, treehouse!).

  7. I finally got a chance to look at all your SF posts… So amazing! Thank’s for loving my home so much and making it look so beautiful in your pictures :)


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