summer begins.

summer begins summer begins summer begins summer begins summer begins

Ahh, sweet summer.

It’s here! It’s here!

I woke up this morning around 8. Walked the dog. Drank some cold brew. There’s music on and laundry spinning. School finished off fast and sweet and I am feeling the sort of bliss that comes with early summer days. The world is my oyster and it feels so darn good.

This summer I have a lot planned, and also a little. I’m tutoring just once a week and leaving myself open to be free. I’m seriously so excited for it. I hope to spend time reading, and weaving, and blogging, and being. I am going to go on lots of walks and do lots of Barre. We’re taking two week long trips! Prince Edward Island and Skaneateles, New York. Sigh. Does it get better than that? Surely it does not.

Zan is working and traveling less and I am over the moon just to be with him. He and I. Me and him. We celebrated our first year of marriage and can’t wait for our second. Good things are coming! I can already feel it.

More than anything, I am ready to enjoy it. I am ready to enjoy everything.

Happy summer, friends! It’s here. We made it. xo


  1. Oh you`re just soo sweet! It sounds like a wonderful summer ahead of you!
    This is my last week of university so on Saturday I`ll be enjoying the summer too :) Can`t wait for all those long walks, my trip to Croatia, weaving, reading, sunbathing and and and :D
    Much love, Caroline

  2. Your summer sounds like pure bliss. :) I hope you soak up every warm sunny day like it’s the last and enjoy each and every adventure!

  3. Love that shot of those blooms! I’m excited for summer to be here too!

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