29 weeks!

The weekend of my Syracuse baby shower! :)

My sister and I drove out to New York on Friday night and had such a nice time. My mom and Meg helped host the party with my cousin Kristin at her cozy, Christmas decorated home and it was so great to see everyone who came! I got a lot of adorable clothes and some essentials from my baby registry.

Zan and I are having another shower together in January with our Boston friends and family and it’s really wonderful to have everyone so excited about the new baby. This is the first grandchild for both our families, which makes it even more special! So much love for this little girl and she isn’t even here yet!

I’m feeling so good, but also feeling really pregnant. Go figure, right? :) I can’t believe how close we are, but also still so far away. How much bigger can I get? 10 weeks bigger, apparently. I don’t like sitting too long at the end of the day because my back starts to hurt and my insides feels smooched. But for a majority of the day I feel awesome and I’m sleeping well so I can’t complain about too much! I also have a lot of energy. A friend at work asked if I was tired and taking lots of naps, and no! I am feeling active and not sleepy at all. Still drinking tons of milk and buying lots of little outfits. Target has some of the best and most adorable things! But of course they do.

This weekend we are starting on the baby’s room. Walls are being painted, a rug has been found, and we went with this IKEA dresser (and Anthropologie knobs!) — which will double as a changing table too.

I can’t wait to start decorating and adding all our gifts and purchases to the nursery soon. Thank you, thank you for everyone’s happy wishes and all the amazing presents. Super thankful, happy heart.

29 weeks!

28 weeks + shopping in the city

28 weeks!

I am getting behind in my documenting game! I was on such a spree too! The photo above marks 28 weeks — and I can’t believe how fast time is moving! On this weekend I enjoyed time at home decorating the house for Christmas and heading into the city with my sister for some Christmas shopping. We visited the Misha and Puff pop-up shop on Newbury Street (WHICH IS A DREAM!), braved through the crowds at the new Eataly in the Prudential Center, and visited the SOWA Winter Festival in the South End. A great start to December and a great start to the holiday season.

Here are some extra photos from the weekend…

28 weeks!28 weeks!

Misha and Puff makes GORGEOUS hand-knit outfits for babies and toddlers and I was so happy to discover they were opening up shop in Boston for a few weeks this winter. The pop-up shop is amazing and it’s very hard to not want everything in it! I picked up a little pom-pom hat and Meg graciously bought the baby her first knit Christmas dress. Everything is so lovely and so well made. So excited to own a few pieces!

Misha and Puff Eataly Boston

Eataly is amazing! AND SO CROWED! We were not able to eat here because it was so busy, but I’m determined to find another time at some point!

Sowa Holiday MarketSowa Holiday Market

The sweetest space for a Holiday Market! Twinkle lights forever!

Sowa Holiday MarketSowa Holiday Market Sowa Holiday MarketOlives and Grace 28 weeks!

I found this amazing illustrated version of Harry Potter at Costco for the baby’s first Christmas book (HP is so Christmas season to me, and I’m not quite sure why). But! Who are we kidding, I really got it for myself! HA! I will wrap it up on Christmas Eve, though. Just to make it official. :)

28 weeks

One of my favorite spots in our house — and just the right amount of Christmas trinkets. :)

28 weeks!

Sunday snoozes. So good.

28 weeks

And finally! I love our bedroom tree! It doesn’t get much more magical than that. I love Christmas and I’m so excited that it’s finally here.

the great christmas tree hunt // 27 weeks

Another year, another Houdes tree hunt!

This year, we had Thanksgiving in Connecticut, and then headed to the tree farm on Sunday. I like getting our tree so early in the season because then we have many weeks to enjoy it. We got two trees (again!) because you need one tree in the living room AND a tree in the bedroom, I always say. Two trees or you’re not doing it right. :)

And here I am at 27 weeks! I realized this weekend that I landed in the 3rd trimester just in time for all the holiday eating. So amazing! I am feeling good and feeling bigger. That’s the way it’s supposed to be, right? I am still sleeping well through the night and only have a little back pain at the end of the day — which I contribute to my body just being beat by 7 PM. It’s hard to carry around another human inside of you while you’re on your feet all day.

It was such a nice few days celebrating the start of the coziest season. So much to be thankful for like family and feasts, but most of all for a growing bump and a growing baby. ♥

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! And happy December! XO

taking stock // 26 weeks!

26 weeks

Another week gone too slow AND too fast. I am both wishing the days away so Thanksgiving and Christmas can be here and simultaneously begging time to slow down. Sigh!

Here’s a little record of life lately… //

M A K I N G: This Spicy Black Bean Soup recipe. I have made it twice in the last few weeks!

D R I N K I N G: Whole milk, by the tall glass, still. I can’t even begin to stop. Freaking love that stuff right now.

W A N T I N G: These goodies on my Christmas list:

Mama Bear Necklace

This turntable for the baby’s room

A new leather bag

Some gorgeous/functional new cookware

W A T C H I N G: We have been watching episodes of The Fall and Designated Survivor lately. The Fall is so fascinating! I am also loving This is Us. Totally feel good and Mandy Moore! So many hearts.

R E A D I N G: I admit I have been HORRIBLE at reading lately. I feel so distracted. I did get my used copy of Night Lights in the mail so I’m excited to start that soon.

L I S T E N I N G  T O: Christmas music. I gave in! 

E A T I N G: A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Throughout much of this pregnancy I haven’t had much of an appetite, but I think it’s starting to return. Chocolate chip cookies are a favorite… to compliment the milk. :)

W I S H I N G: I could find some way to help volunteer around my community/in Boston in the coming year and beyond. Zan shared this letter with me this week and so much of what has happened surrounding the insanity of the election and that “tangerine champion” (best worst nickname, forever) has made me want to step forward and do something. Anything! Now I just need to figure out what.

E N J O Y I N G: the coziest most amazing fleece sheets on our bed right now. You NEED THEM. YOU WILL LOVE THEM.

H O P I N G: crazily, for lots of snow this December.

N E E D I N G: Thanksgiving vacation! So soon!!

F O L L O W I N G: accounts I am loving lately… dear franny  |  by mari andrew  |  erin boyle 

F E E L I N G: So many emotions, all of the time.

W E A R I N G: the best maternity jeans ever.

B O O K M A R K I N G: this book-a-day advent calendar. For someday, not very far away from today. 

L O V I N G: The fact that in one week our house will have a Christmas tree. Let the holiday magic begin. ✨✨