the truth about hats.

the truth about hats. //

The truth about hats is that you can never have too many. Scarves, too, for that matter. Never enough scarves! Never enough hats!

I never really pictured myself a hat person but the older I get the more I realize that’s exactly what I am– a girl with hats for all seasons. And although summer is the finest season in all the land, there is no better season for celebrating hats than winter. There are so many good ones out there, how could we possibly choose! It reminds me of a favorite read-aloud of mine– CAPS FOR SALE! CAPS! FIFTY CENTS A CAP!

Sigh. If only they were 50 cents. Then forget the monkeys, they could easily all be mine.



Here is my winter hat/scarf round-up, inspired by Abbie and Rachael! :)


Are you a pom-pom fanatic? I ABSOLUTELY AM.

for tonight.

madewell wishlist 3

Tonight I am heading to a Madewell shopping event at the Natick Mall with a group of girlfriends and these are just a few of the pieces I have my eye on….

White/light EVERYTHING is on my radar right now.

clutch | blouse | necklace | dress | top | sweater

Weeks before we moved, and even weeks after, I downsized pretty much my entire wardrobe. So much stuff I never wore! There’s a lot of buzz about clothing capsules going around on the internet, and although I did not make one of my own, I did get inspired to truly take a look at my stuff. What did I never wear? What did I love? What could I not live without??

Anyway, I’m down to one small closet + one dresser full of fall clothes that I wear and love and so far, so good. So many favorites from Madewell, too, so tonight should be very fun!


// p.s. listening to this playlist right now
from the Madewell blog. A good one!

//p.p.s. selling some old clothes this weekend HERE.
Play along if you’re into it!

sister style // v. 2

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 9.32.00 PMsister style-4 sister style-5 sister style-9

{On Meg: similar jacketsweater, necklace, jeans, bag, similar shoes}

sister style-8 sister style-10 sister style-12

{On me: similar jacket, shirt, scarf, jeans, bag, similar shoes here and here}

{bracelets: here, here, and here.}

sister style-13 sister style-14sister style-18

Hooray for sisters! Hooray for Meg!

Today is special because today is Meg’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEG!!!!! {ENTER ALLLLL THE CELEBRATION EMOJIS HERE. Especially the red dress dancer one. She’s my fave.} We had many a celebrations this weekend, which is the way birthdays should be, of course. Out for drinks on Friday night, bike rides and Head of the Charles on Saturday, and brunch and a South End Sunday makes for a fine weekend in the Bean.

Also, we FINALLY decided to put another sister style in the books. It’s been almost a year since the last {and first!}. Yesterday we went to brunch at Stella on Harrison Ave, then walked over to the SOWA Open Market to get our fill of all the outdoor vendors before they close up for the season. Only one weekend left! It was such a beautiful day and fall is surely in full force here. The tree lined streets are spectacular. Everywhere I look the colors are so rich and true– this city is meant for this season. Gorgeous through and through.

If you’re from around these parts have you ever been to the Head of The Charles weekend? It’s one of my favorites of the year. My college has a tent in the reunion village so it’s always great fun to run into people. I saw lots of old faces this time around, without expecting it either, so it was all a pleasant surprise. Whatever you did, wherever you were– I hope you had a happy weekend too!

a song, a book, a quote, a look. // 3

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 9.41.05 PM

Haven’t done one of these in awhile, but I’m a big fan of SBQL {started by Jenna!}…

For your Friday. ♥

A song. // From this Valley, The Civil Wars

A book. // This History of Love, Nicole Krauss

A quote. // I saw this on Pinterest and it spoke to me.

A look. // Her. Love me some Natalie Holbrook.


I feel like I’ve sort of got my life together lately. In a more-together-than-two-weeks-ago kind of way. I’ve been feeling good vibes at school. I’m mastering the meetings and feeling settled into my routine. Second grade is so UP and DOING! Like, let’s do this everybody! Math and Reading and Science and Social Studies! Yes, let’s DO THIS! {Also, WE GOT THIS!} At home I’m keeping up with the laundry and dishes. Picking up the house more often, which inevitably keeps me in a better mood. AND I already have the coffee pot all set and ready to go for tomorrow morning, so there’s that, too. It might seem like such a little thing, but to me it is HUGE.

Outfit? Picked out.

Lunch? Practically packed.

Just all around more on top things and feeling pretty solid about it. Not perfect, but who is?

Are you up to anything special this weekend? I’m just going to be enjoying fall in Boston. FINALLY. DREAM! The weather has been just my cup of tea. Remember the end of the fall last year? Snowy disaster. This sort of October is much more my style. This is the kind of fall I could look forward to. But of course, this IS new England so I better not hold my breath. Who knows what’ll happen over the next few weeks. {I dread.}

I think on Saturday I’m going to check out this place, most recently toured by Rachael.

And maybe another round of esplanade fun via my two wheeler. Could be awesome.

Weekend, weekend, weekend! I have been waiting for you!