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I know just the other day I said I was ready for winter, but always, always I am ready for summer, too. It’s endless, honestly and I would never want it any other way. Also, I haven’t been writing on this blog much at all lately, but I am still reading them. Always, always reading.

Designlovefest has been on my reading list for a little over a year now because I’ve really been drawn to her love for color and creativity. Also her L.A. life intrigues me– it’s so drastically different than mine! Recently, she’s made a pretty noticeable shift in her content back to the basics of what’s inspiring her and I’m digging it. I like it because it’s exactly the kind of blogging I used to do when I first starting keeping an online record of things. Just inspiration. Straight up. And I love that.

Anyway. These outdoor havens are giving me total heart eyes right now. Winter may be here but that doesn’t mean I can’t dream of the pretty green hues of summer. Plus, I see that 5:00 glow slowly coming back. Happily on the upswing to the light.


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home for the holidays // a boston blogger event

Boston Bloggers // home for the holidays

Yesterday I had the great experience of attending “Home for the Holidays”, a kick-off holiday event hosted by Boston Bloggers and Wayfair. I have been to many Boston Blogger events over the past several years, but this one was certainly one of my favorites. The morning started off with a gathering at the Wayfair offices in Copley Place, so I drove into the city early morning-style and with the sun shining so bright and beautiful, I knew it was going to be a good day. Also, these days, my fastest route to the city is that last stretch of the Mass Pike– I’m sure you all know it– the view of the city after that last toll? Looking a past the BU Bridge down the Charles and beyond? That view is SWEEEET.

There were lots of bloggers at this event– enough to fill an entire conference room, so we were together for most of the keynote speakers, but then were put into groups for break-out sessions. Here’s how the day went down for me:

Intro Keynote: A conversation with Christiane Lemieux and Heather Armstrong //

I loved this keynote, and getting to hear two incredibly successful woman speak about how they got started, how they stayed true to themselves, and how they essentially “made it” in this crazy blogging/design world. Both Christiane and Heather were incredibly graceful, but also both had some pizazz and boldness that made me enjoy them even more. A good start to the day and inspiring, for sure!

SEO Q&A Session //

Admittedly, I have never in my life though about SEO before yesterday, and admittedly I likely will not really think about it ever again, BUT! The session was actually really informative and now I at least know what that acronym means. Really for me, my blog is a platform for me to chronicle my life– I’m not writing a lot of reviews, or how-to’s {although I’ve definitely done a few when the inspiration strikes} so I’m not too focused on getting a ton of traffic here in that regard. And although gaining new readers is something appreciate and love, I’m not sure optimizing my search engine results is where it’s at for me in terms of priorities. But, to each their own, yes? And never say never— now that I know a little more, maybe I will take the time with some of my more relevant posts!

DIY Pennant Banner Making //

An instagram of the process and hopefully an instagram from home coming at you soon!

Lunch + Discussion with Alison Vinciguerra //

The key points of Ali’s really great discussion are all outlined here and as far as my opinion on quality over quantity? Y. E. S. I also love the question she reminded everyone it’s important to ask yourself: Why am I blogging in the first place?  {I am blogging to record, to foster my creativity, to write, to share my photography, to connect, to reflect, BECAUSE I LOVE IT.}

Tabletop Styling with Abby Larson of Style Me Pretty //

This was my favorite session, mainly because Abby is completely awesome and inspiring. She talked a lot about the beginnings of her brand, and also tips and hints for styling and photographing a holiday tabletop. Hint: always bring in some type of foliage and do something handmade! I loved this because I can connect with Abby’s personality, appreciation for beauty and style, and also, because I’m feeling inspired to design a killer table-scape for this year’s holiday season.

DIY Gift Tags //

Another session full of fun and crafts. Plus, Kate is hilarious and my favorite. I chose to make glitter gift tags using paint chips. Hoping to blog about it soon!

Closing Keynote, Menu Planning with Jeremy Sewall //

Jeremy is the chef/owner at Island Creek Oyster Bar and Row 34, so he came shucking oysters AND lobsters while the rest of us sat there passion eyed {at least I did} with visions of summer dancing in my head. So much for a holiday party! ;) He spoke about how to best plan your menu for Thanksgiving dinner {do a few things REALLY WELL, don’t try to do everything!} and how it’s okay, smart even, to prep a lot of the food ahead of time. He also talked about his experience being a chef, how he loves cooking in all seasons, but fall especially, and how he doesn’t like to follow food trends– it’s all in fresh, local, wholesome ingredients.

And the day ended with wine tasting at the cocktail party with holiday music to boot! GOT ME RIGHT BACK IN THE SPIRIT. We were also all given a gift to take home with us– a nice surprise ending to the day!


All in all, it was a fantastic time– Boston Bloggers is such a great community and I’m glad to be a part of it. And the biggest take-away of the experience, one that I heard multiple times throughout the day and one that always resonates with me: stay authentic, always.

Be yourself, do what you love— ALWAYS DO YOU. ♥

to the west coast we go!


It’s time! We’re off! Up, up, and away!

At this moment we are heading to the airport, bags all packed and ready to go. I can’t believe this day is actually here. All my nights pouring over photos on the internet and soon! so soon I will see it all with my own two eyes.

I can hardly believe I got my act together to show you what I packed in my suitcase, but I did! And this alone is something to celebrate. I decided a few weeks ago to be bold and go for the carry-on approach, but had a little bit of a hard time these last few days narrowing down what I wanted to bring. I’m a tricky sort, because I’m one of those people who can pack for a weekend in NYC with just a small shoulder bag, but I’m also the girl who stuffs her car to the brim when driving home for the week. It’s like I know how to pack light, but don’t always follow the rules myself. For this trip, I wanted to pack light, but I also wanted to bring a lot of outfits. First of all, I love clothes, and second I feel like I need to be prepared for all kinds of weather. Will it be sunny or foggy? Warm or cool? So I packed a little bit of everything, rolled it up reeeeeal real tight and… I can’t quite believe it, BUT IT FITS {pretty much perfectly}. A springtime miracle if there ever was one.

Here’s what’s coming out west with me:


In my Everlane bag:

1 pair of jeans
7 tops
4 t-shirts
2 pairs of shorts
3 dresses
1 romper
1 skirt
jewelry / belt
underwear, socks, etc
bathing suit/cover up


In my Madewell bag:

camera gear


 In my canvas tote:

ipad, kindle
shoes // TOMS + saltwater sandals


Things I had to put in Zan’s carry-on because mine wouldn’t zip:


2 cardigans
skinny corduroys
extra shirt for sleeping

{I tried to avoid this, but it couldn’t be helped!}


And of course, I’m layering up on my travel outfit to bring a few extra essentials:

striped tee
walking sneakers
patagonia fleece
rain jacket

{if you’re looking for me at the airport, I’ll be the girl sweating and loving it.}


So now I’m wondering, do you think I did an okay packing job?

A little excessive, but we are going for 9 days and at least I’ll be prepared!


Have a great weekend, and I’ll be back with photos upon my return!

You can also follow along on the adventure daily:
@nannerburns on instagram.


saturday links.

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This weekend I’m home alone. It’s kind of exciting having the weekend to yourself, in an I CAN DO ANYTHING! sort of way. I spent last night sitting on the couch eating cooked kale with lemon and dried cherries. They were the only unsweetened dried fruit I could find, and as it turns out, they were delicious. I watched the first episode of Call the Midwife, then face-planted into my bed at 11:00. What a dream. This morning I woke up before 8, had my eggs and butternut squash before 9, and feel pretty darn good about today.

March is here, and spring has got to arrive at some point. I’m hopeful.

My sister sent me this piece by David Sedaris. I smiled the whole way through, first because I love David Sedaris and could imagine him telling the story in that way that he does {I love listening to his books on CD}, but also because I feel EXACTLY the same way about overhead lighting. Too good.

In an effort to reach my 10,000 steps each day I’ve taken to the gym. I went FIVE TIMES already this week because I absolutely have to get my steps in. It’s not a question, I just feel that I have to. What a win. And so, I asked my friend Rachael to suggest some of her favorite podcasts, because I trust her with that sort of thing. Each one she recommended I tried, and I loved.

After the Jump

The Sounds in My Head

The Writer’s Almanac

I also love This American Life, which my mom introduced me to a few years ago. What are your favorites? I’d love to give them a try.

I loved this essay on The Eighty Twenty, and I’m so excited about their new book club, too. I think I’ll pick up One More Thing this weekend at the local book shop.

This blog is one of my very favorites for fashion finds. {Madeline is also a long time favorite twitter friend.} I haven’t bought one piece of clothing in 2014 {CRAAZY! I know!}, but when my hiatus ends, Uberchic is where I like to get my shopping ideas from.

Do you meal plan? I never did before I started Whole30 {I never spent so much time in the kitchen either!} but this instant download from Brim Papery is awesome.

Jolie also had some free desktop wallpaper featured on Designlovefest a while back. I downloaded them all and added them to a folder on my computer with a bunch of other favorite desktop backgrounds, then I use them all to rotate through a screensaver. You should try it! More great desktop freebies, curated by Kate, here.

And, I think that’s it for now. I’m off to get some goodies at Follain, and maybe even throw in a trip to IKEA because I’m feeling wild.

Have a lovely Saturday. The sun is out so let’s rejoice.