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the object enthusiastthe object enthusiastI wanted to do a quick share about the object enthusiast because it’s truly one of the happiest handmade spots on the internet. Do you ever just find a shop that you love and want to tell the whole world about it? This is that shop for me. I first found Emily through pinterest. And also, of course, on instagram.

Just bits and pieces of pretty as far as the eye can see.

Best of all, you can buy her ceramic work here.

Oh lovely lovely day. 

the truth about hats.

the truth about hats. //

The truth about hats is that you can never have too many. Scarves, too, for that matter. Never enough scarves! Never enough hats!

I never really pictured myself a hat person but the older I get the more I realize that’s exactly what I am– a girl with hats for all seasons. And although summer is the finest season in all the land, there is no better season for celebrating hats than winter. There are so many good ones out there, how could we possibly choose! It reminds me of a favorite read-aloud of mine– CAPS FOR SALE! CAPS! FIFTY CENTS A CAP!

Sigh. If only they were 50 cents. Then forget the monkeys, they could easily all be mine.



Here is my winter hat/scarf round-up, inspired by Abbie and Rachael! :)


Are you a pom-pom fanatic? I ABSOLUTELY AM.

shop: FOLLAIN // boston.

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Last night I had the best night out at Follain in Boston’s South End. Tara {owner!}, my friend Natalie, and the rest of the team hosted the perfect event for local bloggers– with prosecco, snacks, and the best kind of beauty products— the wholesome kind!

I had so much fun hearing the story behind the business, talking about how beauty translates to health, and also trying out some of the new products that have recently come to the shop. Just this month they’ve got 40 new items, which is amazing and fantastic, as they’re aiming to have a safe, healthy replacement for every beauty product you own. After hearing Tara’s passion for natural and sustainable beauty products you could easily say I’m sold on the Follain movement. I came home with a bag full of goodies— deodorant, dry shampoo, oil cleanser, new face powder and blush– ready to conquer the world!

Thank you, Tara, for inviting us in!

53 Dartmouth Street
Boston, MA 02116

{In Nantucket and Wellesley, too!}

Not a local? You can shop online HERE. ♥


P.S. I have posted about this gem
before, but Follain is too good and
these pictures were worth a share. :)

a 2015 calendar!

2015 calendar

Blog friends and family!

The calendar is HERE!!!!
I am so so so proud to be a part of this project.
My heart swells every time I think about it.

You can purchase your own calendar by visiting Brim Papery.

{want two? click here!}

And to those who’ve already snagged one–

Brim Calendar Preview