the heart of Vermont.


Last week, at the tail end of my February vacation from school we packed up our ski gear and headed up to the great state of Vermont. Zan and I left town on Wednesday and got a full long weekend up in the Green Mountain State — with Pennylane too! Oh, Vermont. Red barns and covered bridges. Ski slopes and hot chocolate. And the greatest food! I love it all.

For the past 3 winters Zan has rented a house with his brother, my sister Meg’s boyfriend Tom, and some friends. Meg and I go up a few weekends here and there and this past weekend was my first visit of the year. This year’s house is magnificent, with a woodburning stove and the most wonderful built-in bookself filled living room. I could have read my book there all day! But skiing! There’s that too, of course! So much to do, and don’t we always try to do it all…


Wednesday night upon our arrival we immediately went to American Flatbread. We love it there! Nestled right on the property of Lareau Farm we love the classic Vermont Barn vibe and their pizza is delicious. They make it right in the main dining room and cook it up in the massive wood-fired oven right before your eyes. Too fun! There is also a great Bed and Breakfast on the property, The Lareau Inn that Zan and I have stayed in before. Look it up if you’re ever looking for a place to stay in the area. Cozy rooms and amazing breakfast. We have great memories of our time there.

Vermont!Vermont!Vermont!Vermont! Vermont! Vermont!

On Thursday we did a little bit of lounging and lot of time loving on Pennylane. We were so lucky to be able to bring her up to the house with us! We took a hike along the Mad River, went to lunch at the Mad Taco in Waitsfield {so many hot sauces, so so good!}, and did some shopping in the historic old town. I found the most amazing old school fleece at the thrift shop that I got entirely too excited about and purchased right away. So 80s. So classic! That night we made my mom’s Chicken Tetrazzini recipe and Meg and Tom made it up to the house just in time to enjoy dinner with us and a bottle of wine.


Friday was a day of sunny skiing. We skied at Sugarbush at Lincoln Peak. For the past two years I have bought a “Quad Pack”, which is a discounted set of 4 tickets they offer every year in the pre-season. It costs around $200 for 4 days of skiing, which is a really great deal considering the prices on day passes these days! There are also no black-out dates which means we can go any week day, weekend, or holiday that we want.


That night we headed up to Burlington to meet up with my college friend Julie and to have dinner and drinks at the Citizen’s Cider Brewery. The best part about the friendships I have made over the years is that I can always pick right up exactly where I left off. Such a comfort and always so much fun. ♥♥


Saturday was so foggy but so beautiful! We spent the day at Mount Ellen this time around which is another mountain/lodge at Sugarbush. My sister and I skied until lunch, then I did one more run before we headed home to keep Penny company for awhile in the afternoon. Apres ski, we met up with the rest of the crew at General Stark’s Pub at Mad River Glen. The Grift was playing which is one of Vermont’s favorite bands and I am just in love with the atmosphere at Mad River Glen. The whole place is straight out of the 80s. And you you know how I feel about the 80s. :)

Afterwards Zan and I picked up pizzas from The Bluestone to bring back to the house for dinner. Another great recommendation for food in the Mad River Valley! So many amazing choices it’s always hard to decide. Another spot that’s an all time favorite is The Hyde Away restaurant in Waitsfield. Farm to Table! I ♥ VERMONT.


We spent Sunday morning lounging around the house, eating quiche and coffee with chocolate milk and enjoying the last few hours in front of the wood burning stove before packing up again and heading home. We stopped at Worthy Burger for lunch on the drive back, which is a little bit out of the way but worth it for a worthy burger. ;) Oh my. I feel like this has turned out to be a ALL THE GOOD VERMONT EATS post! But there are just so many good spots! It’d be wrong not to mention them and as you can see nearly impossible not to make a stop at them all. Which is pretty much what we did!

And we will be back!

Tis the season, after all. ♥

scenes from a snow day.

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Ahh, the beloved snow day. It finally came and it was glorious. I got the call just as I was waking up, which made it all the more sweet. I spent the day between the indoors and the outdoors– walking the dog, drinking coffee, taking the dog out again, listening to music, shoveling our sidewalk, laying on the couch, shoveling our driveway, drinking more coffee, bring the dog out again. All the while snapping some scenes with my 35mm/1.8 lens. It had been so long since I brought my trusty old camera out and it made me realize I need to start enjoying it more (and practicing more too). These photos are just how I want to remember this day. Bright and beautiful.

five good things.

5 good things.

one// My Grey’s Anatomy obsession has picked up exactly where it left off 3+ years ago. I am deep in the midst of season ten and find myself loving the characters just the same as always. When I was in grad school I watched a span of 7 seasons in approximately 3 months– a true marathon if there ever was one, and then one day, I just stopped. I blame a few things for this pause in my dedication to one of the greatest shows on television. First, one of my favorite characters up and died on me ! (no real surprise there of course, my favorite characters always die), but also, I caught up in real time, and waiting one week to watch another episode is NO way to watch a show if you ask me. I had to wait good and long for the ability to truly binge watch, but I waited the wait and it was all worth it for this streak I have going on currently. I wonder who will have the next untimely death? Don’t tell me! I want my tears to come as I watch and not a minute too soon.

two // February vacation is in 1 week! Thank the sweet Lord. This time of year is honestly my favorite for teaching {we are so in the thick of it!} but nothing is better than vacation. Simply nothing! I am still deciding what to do with the front end of my week, but the tail end I’ll be in Vermont skiing and lounging and loving the mountain life. Wheee!

three // Do you know about The Crafter’s Box? Zan gifted it to me for Christmas and it is so amazing. Basically once a month you receive a box in the mail with all the supplies and instructions for making the most awesome craft. The first month was a Rya Weaving from my favorite Maryanne Moodie and this month it’s hanging planters + air plants from Emily Reinhardt of The Object Enthusiast! Both serious artists I admire, both crafts I am so excited about. If you want to sign up I believe there are still a few openings for February. If not get on the list for March! I am so excited to see what the new craft will be.

four // I have loved the blog elephantine for a number of years now. I love the easy way of it and it always makes me so happy to see a post pop up in my reader. Rachel has an online shop Mignon which is the most wonderful collection of items I have ever seen. I have been adding things to my cart for awhile now and I think it’s finally time to pay up and receive some happy mail. Go check it out! You will love it too.

five// That puppy. ♥ I seriously cannot get enough of her. She loves to hop up on all the chairs and couches and push the pillows off to make room for herself. This is one of my favorite photos yet.

january 2016

january 2016

1 year since we were engaged, 7 months married and just about 5 months with this little snuggle unit. A good run in the books so far and only getting better. Since the excitement of last summer I feel like we’ve really spent a good amount of time just relaxing at home together and soaking it all in. Having a puppy makes for a more homebody life, too. The slow life feels like a good life right now so I’ll take it. :)

Here is a little update from January, 2016…

january 2016

This is a close-up of the painting we bought in Positano on our honeymoon. It is the one piece of artwork we purchased on our trip (the only souvenir at all we purchased on our trip actually!) and for many months it just sat tucked away in the closet. A shame, I know but hanging artwork has proved to be hard for me and apparently going to the frame shop is too. I think I also just wanted to find the perfect place for it, you know?

Last week we rearranged our bedroom and the wall space suddenly presented itself perfectly. So it’s currently at the frame shop and will be hanging above our bed soon! ♥

january 2016

Did I mention having a puppy is hard work? Up until a few weeks ago we could not trust Pennylane in this room {more specifically on this rug} for fear she would pee on it. THE WORST! I tried to follow all the rules perfectly for housebreaking a pet and STILL the sweet thing continued to fail me. We had baby gates up for months! Fingers crossed we’re past it, but for awhile there I didn’t know if we would ever see the light!

january 2016

A fun night out at the ICA a few Thursdays ago. I loved the Black Mountain Collage exhibit about a liberal arts school in North Carolina dedicated to the study of art and art education, focusing on community and creativity. The exhibit is now closed, unfortunately (as is the school), but I enjoyed seeing the many artifacts and reading about the philosophy of teaching and learning there. It sounded to me like a pretty idyllic place!

Afterwards, we went to Row34 and it was delicious. I went with the hot buttered lobster roll and Zan got the whole grilled black sea bass. We shared Brussels sprouts and corn bread and had a great time in a great atmosphere. Still dreaming of the maple butter cornbread. It was wonderful.

Last weekend, Meg came over and spent the night which is always so much fun for me. I miss our years of living together! We watched to movie About Time which is pretty much my favorite movie of all time. Do you know it? It has a really great cast and the best message! I am always smiling so hard at the end, I just can’t help myself.


Walking walking, always walking. And I don’t really mind it one bit. I look forward to the early morning walks around our neighborhood each day. Zan and I usually try to go together, which is nice because sometimes the weeks can get busy and it’s guaranteed spent time together. They wake me up and I always feel good about getting a little exercise in too. Some days Zan doesn’t need leave for work until an hour or more after I do. On those days I get to sleep in a little I don’t really mind those mornings either. :)

january 2016

Speaking of framing and hanging up art, this gallery wall took me almost two years to put together. But I did it and I am IN LOVE WITH IT! I cannot even contain my happiness. After rearranging our room I just decided I was ready to tackle it one day, using command strips which eased my fear of knocking so many holes in the wall. I have been collecting this art work for so long it’s nice to finally get to enjoy it!

january 2016

And another view of our newly arranged bedroom. It feels so right. For our rehearsal dinner last June, Zan’s aunts blew up our Save the Date on to a foam board for part of the decor. I got a simple frame from ikea (where pretty much all of my frames are from!) and it is one of my favorite peices in our entire home. Such happy memories from such an exciting amazing time.

january 2016

Here we are enjoying a sunny Saturday at Cat Rock Park, a new (to us) dog trail park that has a reputation for being the “Disney World for Dogs”. There are tons of paths and open space and even a pond for swimming. At this point we still keep PL on her leash (we don’t want to lose her!) while we walk there but I hope some day we can let her run free.

january 2016

New pillows in a favorite room in our house. (They are all my favorite.)

Here she is again, at Cat Rock. What a little love muffin. Can you even handle it? I can never! We are so lucky she’s ours. I say it every day.

january 2016

Finding my winter groove and I’ve done a lot of reflecting and cleaning and organizing and just being. Quiet and cozy, the way January is meant to be. ♥