the first christmas letter.

christmas letter 2015

Happy Christmas, everyone!

Our very first Christmas card! Our very first Christmas letter! Our very first Christmas spent together! It’s all so exciting, I love it. Here’s to what I’m hoping is an annual tradition— an update of sorts and a wish for the happiest of New Year’s to one and all. We have had the busiest, most exciting year together yet– An engagement, a wedding, and the cutest puppy you ever did see. :) With the internet these days, and my devoted love for instagram, an old fashioned piece of paper seems hardly necessary, but I have looked forward to writing my own typed letter to friends and family for years and YEARS and so I will begin our tradition right here, right now because dreams are always best when they come true.

Speaking of…. ! We’ll start this letter off on the very eve of the New Year, 2014. Zan and I made plans to head into the city for Boston’s First Night before we’d be hosting our own New Year’s party with family close to home. While walking through the Public Garden, Zan surprised me (yes, very much surprised me!) with a beautiful diamond ring. We celebrated eight and a half years together with the promise of forever and I cannot remember a party so joyful.

From there our days were thrilling and b-u-s-y. We knew the way you just know that summer is our season, and so we set the date for June. Six months to sign seal and deliver and we did it with sparklers to boot! I had the best time planning our day, from designing the invitations with my Aunt Heidi to dress shopping with my mom and Meg. I printed (almost!) every single piece of paper on our home computer, and spent plenty of hours with the paper cutter after school.

If you were at the Mandana Barn that pretty summer day you know that the sky was bright and a little bit drizzly, that flowers were placed in every nook and cranny and that love filled the space like magic. We said our vows under a beautiful (Zan-made!) arbor and danced and danced until the very last chord of “Don’t Stop Believin’. We loved that day and the people who were part of it. The Best Day Ever, the Twentieth of June.

Do you know what happened next? We took ourselves to Europe! 21 days in Italy and Croatia the best company, the best sights, the best food! In Italy: Venice, Rome, and Positano. In Croatia: Dubrovnik, Korcula, Hvar, Plitvice Lakes, the hills of Istria and Rovinj. Our time away was fantastic and overwhelming and exhausting and amazing. Rome was agreeably our favorite, and the water off the coast of Croatia! We have never seen anything so blue. Bitten by the travel bug, we’re already pumped for wherever our adventure will lead us next. Suggestions are always welcome!

August brought us lots more excitement and a little bit of scoundrel when Pennylane Winchell became part of our family. Zan’s aunt Crissy rescued her in L.A. and sent her east to be a companion for Nell’s dog Rue. Except, lucky us! After a weekend in New Hampshire we brought that cutie pup home to our house and can’t imagine it any other way. She’s the sweetest fluffiest little love.

After Summer came Fall and we’re back into the everyday swing of things. We are still living on the 2nd floor of the big house on Summer Street, where I’ve enjoyed creating the coziest space to call home. Zan is doing well and keeping busy at work and I still love teaching those littles– my third year in 2nd grade, having fun every day of the year. On weekends we like to explore, both near and far and every place in between — we spent time in Nantucket, Denver, New Hampshire and the Berkshire’s, Tampa, NYC, Maine, North Carolina and Syracuse, New York! When winter comes we’ll be on the slopes in Vermont, Zan loving the mountains and me, the hot chocolate. :) I can’t say I love the cold but I do love the cozy. Cozy we are and happy we’ll be.

We love you all very much and think about you often. MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY 2016!!

Wishing you the happiest! Lots of love,

Anna and Zan

christmas card-10christmas card

Merry Everything.
Happy Always.
Joy to the World.



Wow. Amazing. Intense. Stressful. Emotional. Incredible. Joyful. Beautiful. A WHIRLWIND!

Those are all words that come immediately to mind when I think about the past 6 — now almost 7 months. At the moment I am in a relieved state of utter bliss thinking about how it all went down and I imagine I will be riding on this high for quite some time. A magical whirlwind of the best memories of our lives and I am brought to tears the harder I think about it.

We were married on a brilliant Saturday in June with all our most favorite family and friends there to witness. It was a bit rainy, beyond beautiful, and full of every kind of happiness that one wedding day could bring. We are so thankful for it all. Honestly, grateful beyond words.

Hooray! We are married!

And nothing has ever felt more right. ♥

image by First Mate Photography Co.
and yes, yes! more to come!!

the very best of 2014

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Oh, 2014! You were sweet.

I’ve spent the last few days collecting photos for this post — because this is a year I want to remember, a year I won’t soon forget. I’ve always been a LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST type and this year was no different. We saw the mountains, the cities, the sea. We traveled here and there. We saw friends and family. Visited old places and brand new. This year was GOOD.

In 2014 I picked the word “shine” to focus on throughout the year. I thought about that word constantly and how I wanted to live it. I want to feel the good in every day, I want to take a look around me— to appreciate and notice. I want to savor what I have and enjoy it.

Looking back, I can’t help but smile at how nice it all was (and just keeps getting better)…

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We skied in the White Mountains

My high school friends visited Boston

We traveled to Nantucket, Cape Cod, and Martha’s Vineyard

We flew to the West Coast

San Francisco

Big Sur


A week full of MAGIC in my memory forever.

We moved! And it is so cozy and good.

Friends, friends, friends.

FAMILY and more friends.

On New Year’s Eve Zan got down on one knee in the Public Garden and asked me to marry him.

The happiest surprise and I said YES.

Oh yes, did this year ever shine.


top knot 12

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 “Top Knot 12”
gifted to me, by my dear friend Bailey ♥

by Elizabeth Mayville
on Etsy

I’ve been thinking about spring lately, in the simplest most nostalgic of ways. I’ve been thinking about flowers and summer fruit, and the way the sun feels on your skin when the wind is gentle and calm. I want to throw the windows wide and hear the birds singing, wear skirts and thin sweaters, no socks with my shoes. I’ve been thinking about the picnic table and walks in the city, while the sun shines strong, pink skies, pretty hues. I want to take a nap with my book in the hammock, feet strung over the edge and the night far away.

I want spring so badly,

To enjoy it and smile,

Hands in my pocket,

All the way to sweet June.

Strawberries, short sleeves, top knots, and beach days.

Oh, take me on a bike ride to June.