almost december.

Here we are. Almost 10 months with Ophelia. I am so excited for Christmas with her. Her first one! I love her so so much.

From the beginning, I’ve been reading to this girl. Reading in the mornings, in the afternoon light, and before she gets tucked in for bed each night. I put a bookshelf in the living room so we have easy access to stories wherever we are in the house. She sits for them now– still and focused. I couldn’t love her more if I tried. For December this year, and hopefully for years to come I’d like to do a Christmas book advent calendar with her. I remember seeing this on Rachael’s blog before and knew in that moment, that I would someday do this too. And even though Phea is not even one yet, I’ve just gotten so excited about it. So, here we go.

We drove to the library last week and loaded the stroller with books. I didn’t worry too much about what they were just so long as they were board books and short stories about winter and Christmas. I’m hoping to collect some favorites as the years go by. This year is a trial of sorts. For me, for her, for both of us.

25 books all wrapped up and ready to begin.

Happy Christmas, world! Sending out wishes it’s merry and bright.

sweet ophelia

Ophelia is now seven and a half months old.


I sometimes wonder how it has gone by so fast. But then also, it has been so slow and sweet. She is a dream baby. Beautiful and lovely since the day she was born. She has this very calm way about her — she studies the world as she learns it and is happy and content. I love her so much it’s unbelievable. How can someone so small take up the biggest place in your heart?

I am soaking in everything. Time is going fast but it is also standing still.

Today we went to a raspberry field and picked the sweetest berries. Ophelia patiently sucked her thumb the whole time, as it was  late afternoon and she was tired. Self soothing is high on her list of strengths and I have always been thankful for it. She likes when I sing to her too, which has been the nicest daily ritual for both of us. I like Elizabeth Mitchell’s music best and am on a mission to memorize them all. We walked through the berry field plucking the ripest fruit for our pail. Just like Blueberries for Sal, we ate the juiciest ones as we trailed along. I can’t wait for breakfast tomorrow, and for Saturday and Sunday too. Get ready, sweet Phea. We will be eating ripe raspberries for days. ♥