keeping tabs on the days.

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It’s after 11 on a summer Tuesday. Or wait, I think it’s Wednesday actually, yes. Thursday probably by the time I post this. I remember now because I had a dentist appointment on Wednesday this week and I have a date with friends on Thursday and that’s how I’m keeping tabs on the days. With things to do and people to see. Oh, summer. Even though this one feels quite different than most with our move, I still love the fact that I lose track of time. Such a luxury and I’m grateful for that.

We’re surviving over here. I’m writing this post from my phone (so 2014 of me!) because we don’t have internet yet but really THAT is the least of our worries.

But worries! When I write that I think, wait, are they worries, really? No, not really. We have rooms that are unfinished and more rooms that haven’t even been started yet but we’ll get there and when we do it will be so good. I’m just impatient, that’s all. I am that person that is usually moved in and unpacked and totally completely decorated the first night NO QUESTION. This time? Not so much. But gosh, we are healthy and able enough to move on our own and lucky enough to have somewhere gorgeous to live and so I’ve decided I need to stop stressing about the undone-ness of it all and just let it BE.

And so I’m going to do just that and I’ll be happy about it. This weekend I’m leaving the undone-ness/MESS (!) to visit home and my lake and then I’m off to NYC for a few days with my mom and my sister. TAKE THAT, MOVING! TAKE THAT, CONTROL FREAK! I’m leaving it be and we are all going to live just as well as ever!

Grabbing summer by the horns and holding on for dear life. We’re halfway through so I’ve got to start getting serious about it. August is going to be my month, I just know it.

and on we go…


Things are busy around these parts. Summer is in full swing, and with it we are doing all the things. Days spent in the city, or out of it, weekends visiting with family and night spent picnic-ing outdoors. But seemingly the most significant for us, at least lately– a move is in the works! Not far from where we are now, just a few towns over {and much closer to my work!} but dang moving is HARD. And busy! And SWEATY. And exciting.

We will be saying goodbye to my sister who has lived with me and Zan for the past 3 years and me for the past 7! That part makes me incredibly teary {what will I do without her!} but she’ll still be in Boston and also, I will just make sure to spend time with her often and much. She is my favorite, after all.

Mostly, I’m excited for a fresh start in a new place. This month we are slowly slowly shuffling stuff over from one house to the other. We have the month to transition which has been really honestly the best because we can take our time and paint and figure out how we want to set the space up. I am so excited I get to decorate again! Interior design! A real dream of mine. Pinterest has been my most favorite lately {here and here if you’re interested in my style ideas} and it’s also been just so good to CLEAN OUT. All the stuff, but certainly not the memories. I’m sad to leave this place, it’s been so good to us, but change is good, too, and I’m ready for it.

And so, on we go— a fresh start, to new beginnings. 

Thacher Island

Thacher Island

Blue skies
Smiling at me
Nothing but blue skies
Do I see

Singing a song
Nothing but bluebirds
All day long

Thacher IslandThacher IslandThacher IslandThacher IslandThacher IslandThacher IslandThacher IslandThacher IslandThacher IslandThacher IslandThacher IslandThacher IslandThacher IslandThacher Island

Wow was this day ever real.

I say that because when I look back on these pictures I have to ask myself, was this really real?

{It really really was.}

A few Fridays ago Zan and I decided to head up to the North Shore and enjoy the sunshine and blue skies. We left a little later in the afternoon, taking our time, since I’m on summer vacation (whoop!) and Zan took the day off work. This season is just so full of good. My sister had recently taken a kayak trip with her boyfriend Tom and some friends out to Thacher Island, so we thought we’d try the same. We brought up a canoe from Zan’s parents garage, filled some coolers with fruits and veggies, and paddled ourselves out to sea leaving from Pebble Beach in Rockport with Thacher Island as our destination. The ride was PERFECT! Calm waters so glorious I couldn’t keep my eyes off the gentle waves. It really was the ideal condition for canoeing in the ocean– it’s not very often that the ocean is so smooth and silky. It was amazing.

When you get to Thacher Island, you have to pull your boat {or kayak!} up onto the land and then sign in and leave a 5 dollar landing fee. After that you are free to picnic or walk the many trails of the island as you choose. There are also two working lighthouses on the island so there’s a chance you’ll see the lighthouse keepers while you’re there. We saw both {there is a lighthouse master keeper, and then an assistant} and both were very friendly and welcoming. You can even walk up to the top of one of the lighthouse, and so of course we did! How incredible it was to see the view from that high up! There is so much history in a place like this, I just love it.

Little day trips like this one are what summer is all about for me. I love seeing places that are new to me, and also love going back to places that I know and love. Today we’re headed up to Good Harbor Beach, I think! A place that we’ve been many a times and just can’t quit. Nothing better than a day trip to the North Shore for some beach time and ice cream on a hot summer day.

Forever, AMEN!

fireworks on the third of july.

Boston Fireworks!

For a few days this week, by the chance of luck and a good friend, we are staying in what I’m calling “our very own pied-a-terre” in Beacon Hill. I’m trying not to overreact too much about it, but if I was going to be honest I’d basically tell you I’m living in a magical dream right now. We are steps away from Charles Street, the Public Garden, and really truly anything we want to do. Boston is so walkable and I love that about this place. I hope if you live here you enjoy it. I hope when you walk around you look up at the pretty that is everywhere. When I lived in the heart of the city for a few years after college I don’t know if I appreciated it as much as I should have. But now… dang! This place is special!

Last night we watched the fireworks from the roof of Rachael’s apartment. It’s the same place we had our picnic from this post and it is perfection on a summer night. Add another extravagant food display and a dose of fireworks and you’ve got yourself a real party.

the third of julythe third of julythe third of july

A staycation in the city and we are just loving every minute of it.

H A P P Y   F O U R T H   O F   J U L Y!


P.S. The fireworks were on the third this year because of heavy thunderstorms forecast for the fourth. The celebration was supposed to start at 10:30, but at 10:07 the sky lit up with the prettiest sparkles there ever were. 20 minutes later, the fireworks were finished, after a grand but seemingly short finale. The sky was so bright pink even though it was close to half past 10 in the evening. The most exciting part of the night was hearing a wave of screams suddenly from the Esplanade. We could hear it all the way from Beacon Hill! I looked over to see what the noise was about and you could SEE the crazy rain pouring down from afar— you could see the rain crystal clear in the distance and although we were dry at the time you could also see that it was quickly heading right towards us! Zan’s yelling “LIGHTNING! LIGHTNING!” and I’m all “Ahhhhh!” so we scooped up our picnic just as fast as our hands would work and headed inside just as the thunder, lightening, and POURING RAIN came down. We closed all the windows and laughed and laughed. I feel bad for all the crowds that were down by the water, but am VERY thankful for our quick cover and a good memory for the books!