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january, lately{Our kitchen on a sunny Monday afternoon.}


Life lately has been a whirlwind of good. I really want to get back into documenting the memories on this blog because looking back on the past is one of my favorite things to do. I’m thankful for all the writing I’ve done here and for all the photos I’ve shared— such an easy, happy way to be able to return to the best of times. I want to remember that as I move through 2015. In an effort to “get back into it”, here’s a little update on the best of life lately…


M A K I N G: Invitations for our wedding. We’ve decided to go the handmade route and I am designing them while my wonderfully talented Aunt will illustrate and hand letter them. I’m going with a floral theme and I’m so happy to gather people we love to help make the day all come together.

D R I N K I N G: Throat coat tea. I started feeling under the weather last night and woke up feeling much of the same. Hopefully my 2+ hour nap today and the crazy amount of liquids I’ve been inhaling will help soon.

W A N T I N G: To keep my house clean and clutter-free. Right after New Years I went on a house purge {along with the rest of the world} and I’m really trying to stick to being organized consistently around here. A place for everything and everything in it’s place.

W A T C H I N G: Gilmore Girls. Still. I don’t watch a lot of TV {we completely got rid of cable when we moved}, but when I do happen to turn it on it’s straight to Netflix I go. Also, football, because it’s impossible not to this time of year. GO PATS!

R E A D I N G: I recently finished The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which was what prompted my de-cluttering spree and I LOVED it. The basic lesson learned is that you must go through your home and hold each item in your hand. Does it spark joy? I love the simplicity of it all and highly recommend this book if you’re looking to tidy up your life. For Christmas I gifted Zan A Boat, a Whale & a Walrus which is written by the owner and chef of one of the restaurants we visited while in Seattle, and each night I read a little more of the stories and soak in all the gorgeous food photography. I’m hoping to go to a local pot luck book club featuring this cookbook next month, too! 

L I S T E N I N G  T O: Our wedding band just sent us a sample CD and this weekend I drove around to all my errands listening to it and loving it. For awhile I just kept putting Pachelbel’s Cannon in D on repeat and crying my eyes out. The good kind of tears. Oh my goodness. I just can’t wait.

E A T I N G: Whole foods. Since the beginning of January I officially pronounced myself on WHOLE WEDDING, which is my own little version of Whole 30 that I will keep until my wedding day. Any and all meals eaten at home or at school will be Whole 30 compliant with the exception of dinners out with friends and the promise of celebrating and raising toasts to all things happy and exciting AS WE SHOULD. :) So far, so good. :)

S M E L L I N G: Nothing!!! Still!!!! Doctors appointment in a few weeks. Will see what the deal is then! I do feel tons better in terms of sinus pressure headaches since my surgery, so there’s that. And I never take allergy medicine and never feel like I need to. So there’s that too! {I might have to take this section off in the future though. We shall seeee.}

W I S H I N G: Three day weekends could last forever.

E N J O Y I N G: Winter so far. You will find me hard pressed to EVER say that but this year is magic and I’m thankful for that.

H O P I N G: We can get all the planning done before summer! We’ve decided to get married on the sooner side {JUNE!} and I’m super happy about the decision, but am hoping we can keep the momentum going mostly because we have to!

N E E D I N G: More of this really great dry shampoo.

F O L L O W I N G: A favorite blog of mine, Practicing Simplicity. Jodi has started a new photography series that is simple and user-friendly. All things I need when it comes to the technical side of taking photos.

F E E L I N G: Completely and utterly content.

W E A R I N G: Lots of sweaters. And these completely awesome sherling boots. Every day without fail!

B O O K M A R K I N G: Lots of weddings on Pinterest. This one from Miss Moss is one of my all time favorites.

L O V I N G: This part of my life right now. Full of joy and excitement. What could be better than that?


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the very best of 2014

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Oh, 2014! You were sweet.

I’ve spent the last few days collecting photos for this post — because this is a year I want to remember, a year I won’t soon forget. I’ve always been a LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST type and this year was no different. We saw the mountains, the cities, the sea. We traveled here and there. We saw friends and family. Visited old places and brand new. This year was GOOD.

In 2014 I picked the word “shine” to focus on throughout the year. I thought about that word constantly and how I wanted to live it. I want to feel the good in every day, I want to take a look around me— to appreciate and notice. I want to savor what I have and enjoy it.

Looking back, I can’t help but smile at how nice it all was (and just keeps getting better)…

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We skied in the White Mountains

My high school friends visited Boston

We traveled to Nantucket, Cape Cod, and Martha’s Vineyard

We flew to the West Coast

San Francisco

Big Sur


A week full of MAGIC in my memory forever.

We moved! And it is so cozy and good.

Friends, friends, friends.

FAMILY and more friends.

On New Year’s Eve Zan got down on one knee in the Public Garden and asked me to marry him.

The happiest surprise and I said YES.

Oh yes, did this year ever shine.


the making of a tablescape // a photo journal

the making of a tablescape //dearfreindblog.comthe making of a tablescape //dearfreindblog.comthe making of a tablescape //dearfreindblog.comthe making of a tablescape //dearfreindblog.comthe making of a tablescape //dearfreindblog.comthe making of a tablescape //dearfreindblog.comthe making of a tablescape //dearfreindblog.comthe making of a tablescape //


from the road…

We are on the road to home at the moment, which is incredibly snowy and treacherous to say the least. It is quite the winter wonderland, but when you’re stuck driving in it {or stuck being a passenger, as my case happens to be} it’s actually kind of the pits. WHERE ARE THE SNOWPLOWS? I can’t help but wonder, and other {irrational} thoughts such as, WHY does winter exist? and WHO ON EARTH EVEN LIKES SNOW?!??

More often than not when things are out of my control I say peaceful things like “everything happens for a reason” or “no worries, it’ll all turn out okay in the end”, but today’s drive is one of those situations where I’ve gone between wanting to cry and feeling like I’m going to throw up.

{I can be dramatic sometimes. I hope you knew.}

Luckily, it’s fairly easy for me to bring myself back to an at ease state, so I decided to take control of the situation and snap a few photos for the old Instagram, visit my Pinterest app, and listen to some Christmas tunes {the first of the season for me!}. Also, a dear diary entry nearly always does the trick. Already I feel a thousand times better.

And just look at this! Clear roads! God bless the snowplows and salt trucks and GOD BLESS NEW YORK!


2 hours to home! It will be a Happy Thanksgiving, indeed. :)