a hanging wall planter to call my own.

crafter's box hanging plantercrafter's box hanging plantercrafter's box hanging planter-20crafter's box hanging plantercrafter's box hanging plantercrafter's box hanging planter-21crafter's box hanging planter

I was so excited when my February Crafter’s Box arrived last Friday, just in time for the double snow day! I waited until today to try my hand at making my very own oven-baked hanging wall planter. The first one I tried turned out pretty perfect and the second was a flop. C’est la vie! At least I have one thing to show for it and at least I know {to some extent} what I’m doing and the supplies I need so hopefully this winter I can try to make some more. This project was especially fun for me because clay is something I’ve never tried before. Also, succulents are a favorite of mine, so this craft just made so much sense! ♥

Want to be a part of more projects like this one? Learn about the Crafter’s Box here.

// Thanks so much to Zan for this
awesome Christmas present and for
taking these photos for me. xo ♥

Sunday at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, BostonIsabella Stewart Gardner Museum, BostonIsabella Stewart Gardner Museum, BostonISG Museum-4Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, BostonIsabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston

Ah, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. What a special place! My sister and I decided to spend Sunday morning here walking around the garden and through the rooms– basking in the warm temperature and the beautiful collection of history and art from around the world.

I love the story of this place. Here’s a quick timeline just in case you’re not familiar:

//  Isabella was born in New York in 1840. When she was 20 she married John Gardner and the couple moved to Boston where they lived in Back Bay. Isabella and John liked to travel and enjoy art and Venice was a place they particularly loved and were inspired by. When Isabella’s father died he left her 1.6 million dollars. After this she began to collect and acquire art, totaling over the years to about 2,500 pieces. In 1896, Isabella and her husband made plans to create a museum, but before they began John Gardner died of a heart attack in 1898. Six weeks later Isabella bought a plot of land and hired an architect to begin building. The museum opened January 1, 1903 and has been standing gloriously ever since. Isabella died in 1924, but left the museum “for the education and enjoyment of the public forever.’’ She only requested in her Will that each of the galleries should remain exactly as she installed them.

It’s truly a place of magnificent wonder. Each of the rooms is so different and it’s always so awe inspiring to think that one person could collect so much amazing art! My favorite part of the museum is the courtyard {pictured above} and the story of the museum heist in 1990 where 13 pieces of art were stolen and to this very day never discovered.

Afterward, we had lunch at the museum cafe {a really great spot!} before heading back outside into the nice February sun. A fun way to spend a Sunday and a favorite place to visit, always.

scenes from a snow day.

snow daysnow daysnow daysnow day-13snow day-5 snow day-4snow day-18 snow day-6 snow day-8 snow daysnow day-19 snow day-9 snow day-10snow day-12snow day-21

Ahh, the beloved snow day. It finally came and it was glorious. I got the call just as I was waking up, which made it all the more sweet. I spent the day between the indoors and the outdoors– walking the dog, drinking coffee, taking the dog out again, listening to music, shoveling our sidewalk, laying on the couch, shoveling our driveway, drinking more coffee, bring the dog out again. All the while snapping some scenes with my 35mm/1.8 lens. It had been so long since I brought my trusty old camera out and it made me realize I need to start enjoying it more (and practicing more too). These photos are just how I want to remember this day. Bright and beautiful.

five good things.

5 good things.

one// My Grey’s Anatomy obsession has picked up exactly where it left off 3+ years ago. I am deep in the midst of season ten and find myself loving the characters just the same as always. When I was in grad school I watched a span of 7 seasons in approximately 3 months– a true marathon if there ever was one, and then one day, I just stopped. I blame a few things for this pause in my dedication to one of the greatest shows on television. First, one of my favorite characters up and died on me ! (no real surprise there of course, my favorite characters always die), but also, I caught up in real time, and waiting one week to watch another episode is NO way to watch a show if you ask me. I had to wait good and long for the ability to truly binge watch, but I waited the wait and it was all worth it for this streak I have going on currently. I wonder who will have the next untimely death? Don’t tell me! I want my tears to come as I watch and not a minute too soon.

two // February vacation is in 1 week! Thank the sweet Lord. This time of year is honestly my favorite for teaching {we are so in the thick of it!} but nothing is better than vacation. Simply nothing! I am still deciding what to do with the front end of my week, but the tail end I’ll be in Vermont skiing and lounging and loving the mountain life. Wheee!

three // Do you know about The Crafter’s Box? Zan gifted it to me for Christmas and it is so amazing. Basically once a month you receive a box in the mail with all the supplies and instructions for making the most awesome craft. The first month was a Rya Weaving from my favorite Maryanne Moodie and this month it’s hanging planters + air plants from Emily Reinhardt of The Object Enthusiast! Both serious artists I admire, both crafts I am so excited about. If you want to sign up I believe there are still a few openings for February. If not get on the list for March! I am so excited to see what the new craft will be.

four // I have loved the blog elephantine for a number of years now. I love the easy way of it and it always makes me so happy to see a post pop up in my reader. Rachel has an online shop Mignon which is the most wonderful collection of items I have ever seen. I have been adding things to my cart for awhile now and I think it’s finally time to pay up and receive some happy mail. Go check it out! You will love it too.

five// That puppy. ♥ I seriously cannot get enough of her. She loves to hop up on all the chairs and couches and push the pillows off to make room for herself. This is one of my favorite photos yet.