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Feels Like Home by Anna | dear friend on Steller Stories

If you click on the link above you can view a little tour of our living/dining room that I posted on Steller Stories today. I am so happy with the way the room came out. I feel like I’ve finally found my design style– and at last it feels just right. I have always loved interior decorating and design. Even as a little girl I would pour over home magazines and architecture layouts inside the books at Barnes and Noble. It’s just always been so fun to see the different ways people style their homes. My style has definitely evolved over the years, and I’d like to think I’m at my best stylist version of me yet. Every night I walk through the rooms of our house and sing, this place is my favorite, happiness in a home.

A little more on Steller: I discovered the Steller app last April {my first story was about the Golden Gate Bridge!) and then rediscovered it yesterday, and well, if you don’t know it yet, you should because it’s perfection. Such a simple idea with great layout options and clean simple fonts to add the details to your project— a new way of story telling through words, photos, and videos. I love it and I think you will too.

You can buy the Steller app in the app store to start creating your own, or find out more about it here. <— Be sure to view some of the featured stories while you’re over there. So many amazing stories! SO inspiring!


P.S. A little hint: I always use the
VSCO cam app to filter my photos
before I import them into Stellar.

P.P.S. If you have a Stellar account
leave your username in the comments!
I would love to check it out. xo

life in film // 02

FILM 02 // dearfriendblogFILM 02 // dearfriendblogFILM 02 // dearfriendblogFILM 02 // dearfriendblogFILM 02 // dearfriendblog

“Beach Days”
Good Harbor Beach
Gloucester, MA
August, 2014

Fuji Film Superia X-TRA400


This post is coming to you live from the broken heat and shattered dreams of my frigid old house. I’m being so dramatic about it, but you understand. Brrrrr. I’ve got the space heater mere inches away from me blasting out as much heat as it dares to give + these photos are a good distraction to the cold.

Good Harbor Beach is our old stand-by. Unless we’re feeling up for something new {which we’re usually not!} we head up to Good Harbor, our favorite of all the beaches on the North Shore. Everyone around here has their favorite– Singing Beach, Wingaersheek, or even Crane’s Beach {if you can deal with the Black Heads! AHh!} and they are all completely gorgeous in their own special way, but Good Harbor Beach is where it’s at for us. Every single summer it wins.

We know where to park without having to pay and where we like to sit in the soft sand. I love being able to walk the length of the beach and when I’m up for it, taking the trek through the low waves on the sand bar out to Salt Island when it’s low tide. The views are also my favorite which is probably why I have hundreds and HUNDREDS of landscape photos from over the years. It’s the same each year, the same each visit and yet, I continue to jam-pack my iphone with photos of this place. It’s just so pretty.

This particular trip was a challenge for me because with the Pentax you cannot go wild with the click. If you do, you’ll run out of film and you’ll surely be sorry. On this day I had to take my time and think about each frame that I was capturing— the sea of people you see when you first get to the footbridge, the gorgeous old house up on the hill, my sister and our friend Jordan walking out to the water, and the way the sand looks like glass at low tide… each photo has a lot of thought that goes into it, at least I tried to put thought into each one, and still I only came out with a few that I really loved. But then again, that’s the beauty of photography, you know?

Even if I just get one good one it’s enough. I captured that moment. That moment is mine.

buvette // nyc

new york city // buvettenew york city // buvettenew york city // buvettenew york city // buvette

One of the best places we experienced last summer while we were visiting New York was Buvette in the West Village.

I had pinned this little gem MONTHS before we even took our trip, but knew from the photos and the reviews that this was a place I had to find myself at. Absolutely a must in my to-do book. Fortunately for us, Buvette stood directly across the street from our AirBnB. A coincidence to you maybe, but to me? FATE.

The first gold star for Buvette is its location. Nestled right on Grove Street, it is surrounded by adorable brownstones, and steps from some of the best small shops in the city {see my last NYC post for details!}.

Next up is the ambiance. You are definitely in New York City {and you are L O V I N G  I T!} but you might as well be in Paris! Not that I’ve ever been to Paris, sigh, BUT! I can only imagine that this little place would fit right in there. {AND WAIT! I just visited their website to retrieve the link and la dee da they DO have another location. IN PARIS. I knew I was on to something!} The decor is perfect– from the tables and chairs, to the wall hangings, and even the menus– a letterpress work of art.

And while the location and ambience are important, it’s the food that really takes the cake. They have a small menu, but they really do have everything you could ever want. Something sweet? Get the Belgian Waffle topped with raspberries. Savory? Croque Monsieur! Or, you could really hit the jackpot with the waffle sandwich: a sunny side up egg with gueyere cheese and bacon sandwiched between two waffles and drizzled with maple syrup. SAVORY AND SWEET TOGETHER AT LONG LAST!

That last dish was what I got if you’re wondering. ;) And for the girl who is always debating between the pancakes or the eggs benedict, well you know, dreams really do come true.



42 Grove St
New YorkNY 10014
(212) 255-3590

a short list.

November //

Things to be happy about in November:

// Leaves everywhere you turn like magic

// Turning on the heat

// Hot tea and a good TV show {we’re watching House of Cards!}

// hanging out with the Gilmore Girls before Zan gets home

// This fleece robe that’s a huge slice of heaven

// Perfect sunsets

// Days off and lunch with my sister

// Being in the middle of a good book

// The most comfortable sheets in the world {Microfiber! Insane!}

// Making time to blog

// Thanksgiving in 15 days

// A house that feels like a home