creative overnight!

{Creative Overnight}

This past summer, I took at trip to the Catskill Mountains in New York with a bunch of local Boston creatives {and friends!} for a very special overnight. The event was dubbed “#CREATIVEOVERNIGHT: no work, all play” and with my friend Lauren running the show, I was instantly up for being a part of it. We drove down on a Tuesday morning, spent the day stopping here and there around the Hudson Valley, and then spent the late afternoon and evening doing the kinds of things that fun people do when they are together. There was rain, which was not ideal for swimming or sunbathing, but there was certainly plenty of instagramming, taco eating, flower crown making, and S’MORES, which was QUITE IDEAL and perfectly delightful.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip…

{Creative Overnight}Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Rachael, Natalie, Laura and I all drove up together from Boston. We piled into my car and coasted out on the thruway, heading towards the Hudson Valley and the Catskills– and we stopped in the town of Hudson for lunch!

{Creative Overnight}{Creative Overnight}

Hudson is so cool! Old School vibes with both vintage and trendy storefronts.


Destination #creativeovernight: Phoenicia, NY

Home of The Graham and Co!

{Creative Overnight}{Creative Overnight}{Creative Overnight}{Creative Overnight}

Rachael and I were roommates for the night! Loved!

{Creative Overnight}{Creative Overnight}{Creative Overnight}{Creative Overnight}{creative overnight}{creative overnight}

The Graham and Co. was amazing. It’s a small but mighty boutique hotel located in the town of Phoenicia. This wasn’t my first trip visiting the Catskills, but it has been a very long time {my cousins have a cabin in “upstate” where we visited once or twice when we were little} so everything felt very new to me.  There is just such an old fashioned feel to the whole town, like you’ve stepped back in time. The Graham and Co was the perfect spot for our getaway– and so kind and accommodating, too. They had simple cozy rooms, and both a lobby garage and a den, which saved us from the rain and was also the perfect movie theatre for Moonrise Kingdom!

{creative overnight}

The next morning we headed to the Phoenicia Diner for brunch. SO DELICIOUS!

This is the kind of place I would go back to every weekend if I could.

{creative overnight}{creative overnight}{creative overnight}{creative overnight}{creative overnight}

I just loved everything about it.
Because it’s fun to have a good time, eat good food, and spend time with good, kind, inspiring people. And because this getaway was the dreamiest.

{creative overnight}

Thank you, Lauren for organizing the best #creativeovernight ever!

{creative overnight]

And 3 cheers for The Graham and Co! Such a sweet place!


{diner food by Rachael + map photo by Natalie}
{group photos by JAMES. Thank you for everything, James!}

for tonight.

madewell wishlist 3

Tonight I am heading to a Madewell shopping event at the Natick Mall with a group of girlfriends and these are just a few of the pieces I have my eye on….

White/light EVERYTHING is on my radar right now.

clutch | blouse | necklace | dress | top | sweater

Weeks before we moved, and even weeks after, I downsized pretty much my entire wardrobe. So much stuff I never wore! There’s a lot of buzz about clothing capsules going around on the internet, and although I did not make one of my own, I did get inspired to truly take a look at my stuff. What did I never wear? What did I love? What could I not live without??

Anyway, I’m down to one small closet + one dresser full of fall clothes that I wear and love and so far, so good. So many favorites from Madewell, too, so tonight should be very fun!


// p.s. listening to this playlist right now
from the Madewell blog. A good one!

//p.p.s. selling some old clothes this weekend HERE.
Play along if you’re into it!

to remember, on the first day of fall.

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I made a statement to a friend this summer, arguing that summer was by far the best season of all, to which he quickly argued back, “NO WAY, It is fall!”. We went on for awhile {Zan included and totally on my SUMMER FORVER side!} listing all the reasons why each of our beloved seasons was the greatest season and in the end I was pretty much convinced of one thing and one thing only: Summer is still and always will be NUMBER ONE. Fall has always been my least favorite season {I love LOVE this post {thanks for sharing with me, Annie!}–which so perfectly takes all the thoughts I’ve ever had straight out of my mind}, and in the middle of summer, well, there was just no changing my mind about it, but this morning a quick note (sent by the forementioned friend) graced our inboxes before we could get in another word…


// The air is cool in the evening and great for sleeping, with a bit of a chill in the morning that wakes you, yet its warm inside near a sunny window or in the car.  The leaves are beginning to turn into a beautiful array of oranges, yellows, and reds.  The air smells crisp and at night there is the scent of wood stoves churning out aromatic and warming heat.  It’s still warm enough for ice coffee, but late enough in the year to enjoy it with the flavorings of pumpkins.  Embrace it. //


HA. I couldn’t read it and not smile. And just like that— and because I’ve always been the “onward and upward!” type— Autumn is looking mighty bright.


the great hut to hut.

the great hut to hut

At the very end of August, when the days were still hot and blissfully free, Zan and I, and almost his entire family went on the most amazing 3 day adventure in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. We hiked during the day and spent the afternoons and evenings in a few of the Appalachian Mountain Club Huts, which run along the parts of both the Presidential Traverse and the Appalachian Trail. The entire experience was completely amazing and something that I feel so lucky to have gotten to do! We packed all our snacks and lunches ahead of time, kept our backpacks full of the essentials, and breathed in the most incredible views you can imagine.

Do you know what it feels like to be five thousand and twelve feet above sea level?

I T   F E E L S   G L O R I O U S.

the great hut to hutthe great hut to hut

The first night we stayed at the Mitzpah Spring Hut. All of the AMC huts have one main dining room {pictured here} and then bunk rooms or cabins. It had been raining on our way up to the hut so upon arriving I was both excited and relieved. It felt so cozy and with so much of Zan’s family there hiking the trails and being together– like something special was going down in the history books. And I was glad to be a part of it.

the great hut to hut

Black Bean Soup! Foccacia Bread! Alpine Salad! Chicken Parm!

{These hut crew members did NOT mess around with dinner.}

the great hut to hut the great hut to hutthe great hut to hut

The gang’s all here.

the great hut to hut

Our bunk room!

the great hut to hut

Mapping out plans…

the great hut to hutIMG_4306

And the weather was perfect. Early morning blue skies and a just a little bit cold, which turned to warm, of course, the minute our feet hit the trails. We ate oatmeal and pancakes and bacon for breakfast {another hut meal!} before gathering up our belongings to head out for our second day in the high mountains– 6 miles across the ridge to the Lakes of the Clouds…

the great hut to hut the great hut to hutthe great hut to hut

All 17 of us!

{And Zan’s sister and her boyfriend were joining in later that day. That’s 19! Party!}

the great hut to hut the great hut to hut the great hut to hut the great hut to hut the great hut to hut the great hut to hut the great hut to hut the great hut to hutthe great hut to hut

There she is! The Lakes of the Clouds Hut!

{And not a moment too soon.}

Also, Mount Washington straight ahead! Which I did not choose to climb, but much of our group {including Zan} did!

the great hut to hut

Relaxing in the hut was more my speed at that point of the day… :)

the great hut to hutthe great hut to hut the great hut to hut

There really are lakes in the clouds, in case you were wondering!

the great hut to hut

And they are stunning.

the great hut to hut

As is the view from the hut!

the great hut to hutthe great hut to hut the great hut to hut

Hiking is hard, but it’s also incredibly fantastic. I would not say the actual act of hiking is “a walk in the woods” for me, but everything I feel at the end of the day is worth all the hard miles and steep hills and sore knees. It feels so free to be on top of the world like this looking out at all the layers, feeling like you just accomplished something big. And my favorite part was always the hot chocolate waiting for me in the hut, and when I was finally able to climb into my jams and sit down with my people, and enjoy a good meal AND a sweet sunset, all after a summer day’s work.