weekend scheming…

hike the whites

Hooray, horray for another weekend in the works! We’re hoping to go on a day trip tomorrow, but don’t have all the details figured out fully yet. I’m making a case for the Berkshires and I hope I win! We want to head somewhere where Pennylane can tag along, and I’m thinking Bish Bash Falls might be just the place. I’m using both Rachael and Ashley’s itineraries as my guide, and if you know either of their blogs/spirits you know we could never go wrong.

The photo in this post is from this past August when we took our second annual hiking trip to the White Mountains– we did another hut hike and stayed in Greenleaf Hut this time around. I absolutely love doing this hike at the end of each summer and hope we can continue this tradition until we have hit all the huts {and then do them all over again!}.

I hoping this weekend we can do the short hike to the falls, visit an apple orchard, and hit up Rubiner’s and SoCo Creamery. YUM YUM! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

What’s your favorite thing to do in the Berkshires? It seems kind of funny we have been driving through on our way to New York and back for YEARS but we’ve never stopped to have a look. For this weekend we’d just drive out for the day so I think we’ll stick to the Great Barrington area, but would love to hear your favorite places for either this trip or next time!

Have a good weekend wherever it takes you! xo

on my birthday.

Anna {dear friend blog}

Hi! How are you? I hope you’re doing fine.

I’m in a busy season of life, I think. Turns out the year you get engaged and get married and travel on a three week honeymoon to Europe AND get a puppy is one for the busy books. Who knew right? But oh, it’s been a dream!

And wouldn’t you know, today is my birthday! We always make a celebration out of these sort of happenings over here. It’s probably so cliche to say this was the best year yet, but, honestly it was. It absolutely was. And 32? Well, I’m ready for it. The start of another year is so exciting and curious! What kind of surprises will this year bring? Would it also be cliche to say I think it might keep getting better? That each passing year is more divine than the last? Because that’s true as well. How could it not be? At least that’s what I believe to be so. I have more memories than ever, from all the years and all the moments, all bottled up and carried around in my soul. Piling more and more in my heart with each passing month, day, year, second. Surely getting older is the most amazing thing to celebrate. Surely getting older is collecting all the good you’ve had, and the promise of what’s to come.

Last night we stayed up making red velvet bundt cake, so today we can eat it. In the morning we’ll wake up early and have Eggs Benedict and walk the puppy. I’m packing peanut butter and jelly with potato chips for lunch {because it’s my favorite} and tonight we’ll have family over for tacos. I’ll give my class an extra recess {just because!} and wear a favorite dress and buy myself some flowers. I’ll call my mom to tell her that I love her, and wish her a happy birthday too!– I was born on her birthday all those years ago and it’s one of the very best things I could think up to share. I love you mom, to the stars and beyond, and I hope your day all that you wish. ♥♥♥

Today is going to be a good day. And thirty-two is going to be great. ♥



Ever since Zan and I got engaged I have been looking forward to changing my name. I love love love my old name, but I also love love love my new name, too.

Anna Winchell <– that’s the new me! Which is exactly the same as the old me. Thank goodness. :)

I knew this summer would be the perfect time for me to change it legally. Being on summer vacation means I have more free time to run extra erands. Also working it all out in the summer means I can start the school year fresh with my new name. I like how my new class doesn’t know me yet, so Mrs. Winchell won’t be hard for them to remember to say. (Although it’s still a bit strange for me to hear!)

Turns out, as it is with these things, changing your name is a pain in the butt. Legally, at least.

A friend told me that The Knot has a great guide to follow when it’s time to change your name, but even that felt a bit tedious to me. So many websites to go to to find information! So many places to stop into! The thought of it literally made my head spin.

Then I found Hitchswitch

Praise up!

For a (not too crazy, totally worth it) price they offer 2 different options to fit your budget:

Print at Home package (you fill out the forms online, print them at home, sign your name and send them in yourself) and a Full Service package (they mail you an awesome folder filled with all the forms you need (already filled out!) WITH pre-addressed pre-stamped envelopes, which was really the icing on the cake for me.

Both are worth it because you don’t have to trail around town or scour the Internet for the correct forms. Which is seriously the worst. (You do need to go to the DMV in person though (tragic) because they don’t let you do that through the mail.)

Overall it was so easy breezy. So very stress free.

My favorite part is how organized it all was. When the package came there were checklists and sticky notes with arrows where I needed to sign. Everything was placed in the order in which I should complete the forms and send in (Social Security first!). I just loved the simplicity of it all. 

Especially after the craze and prep of the best day ever? I was the busiest bee for months!

Oh yes! I’ll take allllll the simple I can get.

photobooth favorites!


The photobooth was one of my favorite parts of our wedding. Everyone had such a blast and after much debating beforehand, I am certain looking back that it was money well spent! I’m not exactly sure where my mom found the adorable paper cut-out props from, but I did a little research and found out that you can purchase them online here. I also happily discovered they were designed by The First Snow — the same etsy shop where I bought my bridesmaid thank you cards that I seriously love so much. A favorite illustrator for sure!

Below are my very favorites.
So many good ones it was hard to choose!

wedding photobooth044_6973_full051_6980_full068_6997_full038_6967_full063_6992_fullwedding photobooth082_7011_full086_7015_full093_7022_full131_7060_full189_7118_full149_7078_full156_7085_full158_7087_full174_7103_full371_7300_full104_7033_full142_7071_full207_7136_full213_7142_full217_7146_full241_7170_full244_7173_full113_7042_full316_7245_full227_7156_full381_7310_full364_7293_full117_7046_full260_7189_full383_7312_full305_7234_full309_7238_full232_7161_full

What a hoot! Cracks me up every single time. :)


If you were at our wedding and want to view them all,
click here! {you can download them individually, too!}