my boston wedding shower. ♥

boston wedding shower!

Oh, Saturday!  I  A M  O V E R J O Y E D ! Can I relive it all over again? If I could, I certainly would. My Boston Wedding Shower ♥ It was so much fun and so crazy filled with love. Meg hosted with the help of my mom and they gave me the most amazing day with family and friends. I am still smiling ear to ear just thinking about it!

We had the party right here at my house, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. The night before we moved the furniture around and made some simple decorations to make it festive. Luckily, our space is wonderfully light and bright, and our living room and dining room is one big room — the perfect space for a gathering. We had around 30 people or so, which was cozy, but it worked out fine! The morning of the shower my mom and aunt did the food prep, while my sister and I went out to Dry Bar just to keep things extra fun. :) From start to finish it was such an exciting wonderful day.

And if this whole “I’m getting married” thing didn’t feel quite so real before, it sure as ever does now. :)

Here are {a LOT} of photos from the shower… My friend Lauren took my camera and was the dedicated photographer {thank you friend! I am so happy to have these memories! xo}

boston wedding shower!boston wedding shower!boston wedding shower!boston wedding shower!boston wedding shower!boston wedding shower!boston wedding shower!boston wedding shower!

We had a delicious lunch of ham and swiss/chicken salad croissants, deviled eggs, my favorite “brown bread” made my Zan’s Aunt Janey, fruit salad and deserts! A whole table of chocolate cookies, mini-cupcakes, and two “winning hearts and minds” cakes — an absolute favorite around here {we’ll have it at our wedding, too!}.

A few nights before the shower Zan and I helped my sister come up with a quiz for everyone to take. It had lots of questions about the two of us as a couple — some with obvious answers, some not so much! A fun “how well do you know us?” game that I think was well enjoyed. In addition to the game each guest was also asked to fill out a memory card. Then, in between opening gifts the memories were read aloud and I would try to guess who wrote each one. I loved it because I was reminded of so many happy times with so many people who mean so much to me. At the end my mom gave out homemade heart-shaped cookies for favors. Such a perfect hand-made day.

boston wedding shower!boston wedding shower!boston wedding shower!-13boston wedding shower!-14boston wedding shower!-15boston wedding shower!-16boston wedding shower!-17boston wedding shower!-18boston wedding shower!-20

Thank you for the flowers, 218!!!!! Mwah mwah mwah.

boston wedding shower!-22boston wedding shower!-23boston wedding shower!-24boston wedding shower!-25boston wedding shower!boston wedding shower!-27boston wedding shower!-28boston wedding shower!-29boston wedding shower!-34boston wedding shower!-35

Zan stopped by the party a few hours in and, of course, was a huge it. He arrived just before I opened a card and a gift from his mom and I don’t know what came over me, but I just couldn’t help but tear up! Made me feel all the best feelings and I just started crying. So my sister had to read the card and then she started tearing up, too! Oh that got everyone laughing and crying. That was my favorite memory of all.

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate. Thank you for the wonderful gifts and kind words and big hugs. My heart was bursting full the entire time. It still is and will be until our wedding day… and then still forever after. ♥

boston wedding shower!-2-2

{my favorite picture from the day captured by my friend Katie!}



red sox in april.

red sox in aprilred sox in aprilred sox in aprilred sox in aprilred sox in aprilred sox in aprilred sox in aprilred sox in aprilred sox in april

Sweet Caroline! The trees are finally starting to bloom in this city and my mood and energy are literally bursting through the roof. Vitamin D, you luscious luxury, you. Last night we were ever so lucky to be treated to some Red Sox tickets— a sure way to kick off spring if I ever knew one. We spent the night at Fenway with Zan’s brother Erik and his girlfriend Emily and are so thankful they brought us along for the ride. Even though it was DANG COLD! But still! Red Sox in April means spring is here and summer is so close I can almost taste it.

{A L M O S T.}

We watched that grey sky turn cotton candy pink and we sat in the bleachers and sang along with Neil Diamond and cheered with the crowd when the Sox won in the bottom of the ninth. Wahooo, Boston!

You are the only only onlyyyyyyy.

magnolia tree // shakespeare’s garden


Last weekend while I was visiting New York City we took a walk through Central Park to Shakespeare’s Garden, the loveliest little oasis you could imagine. This tree was right in the center and I could hardly take my eyes off the blooms— they were like heaven! I have about 30 photos just like these and it took all my strength not to post them all.

Happy sigh.

It seems as if spring has really sprung. Let the earth rejoice and be glad!

making mayo.


It has been a solid 2 weeks since I last posted here but watch out, world. I’m about to come back with gusto.

1) I made a recipe and photographed it.

2) I broke out the Wacom Tablet.

{It’s my spring vacation and things are getting CRAY-ZY over here.}

Now I know that this post is going to totally gross some people out but I don’t even care because I’m a mayonnaise lover and I hope the whole world knows it. For me, mayo is the sauce of life. Last year when I did my first full-on whole30 I tried making my own mayo and since then I have never looked back. It is so completely easy and UNPROCESSED! And to me, it tastes better than store-bought. Win, win, win. Every time I go to make it I find myself scrolling through the internets to find the one I like best and so I decided to share it here on my blog so that you kind people can try it too, but also, and mostly, so I don’t have to search the internet any longer. Hallelujah!

Anna’s Favorite Homemade Mayo Recipe:

making mayo-2


1-1/4 cup of light olive oil
1 egg
1/2 teaspoon mustard powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 to 1 lemon, juiced

making mayo-3


1 hand blender


You could use a food-processor, also.
I’ve used my Vitamix as well but the hand blender is the easiest clean-up.

making mayo-4making mayo-5making mayo-7

Step one:

Place the egg, 1/4 cup of olive oil, mustard poweder, and salt into a mixing bowl. {I just put it all into the Cuisinart blender container and it works great.} Mix the ingredients til blended together.

making mayo-8

Step two:

While the blender is running, slowly ever so slowly drizzle in the remaining cup of olive oil. I usually add it in 1/4 cup increments until my mayo is the way I want it. {hint: it may seem thick enough after even just 1/2 a cup or so, but keep adding the full cup! If you add slowly it will continue to thicken just fine.}

making mayo-9

Lastly, after you’ve added all the olive oil and the mixture is thick and emulsified, add the lemon juice to taste. Stir it in slowly with a spoon or spatula to mix it in just right. I like mine lemon-y so I add the juice from the entire lemon. YUM.

making mayo-10

Add your mayo to a jar for long-term keeping and voila! Easy easyyyy peasy.



making mayo-12

Tips and tricks:

Light olive oil is important! It truly helps with the taste.

Make sure all your ingredients are at room temperature, specifically the egg and the lemon.

I pour the olive oil in SUPER SLOWLY for the right thickness.

Wait to add the lemon juice til the very end. The mixture will become less thick as you add more lemon, but for me the taste is well worth it.


ENJOY with egg or chicken salad, homemade aioli sauce, or whatever your mayo-loving heart desires!