boston ballet // shades of sound

Boston Ballet Boston Ballet

Earlier this week my good friend Katie offered up some Boston Ballet tickets and I jumped at the chance. I LOVE ballet and LOVE the Boston Ballet, so instantly my response was “ME!! Yes! A dream!” Also, Zan was going to be away and I had no plans but to type and print out invitation envelopes all weekend, so this would be a perfect Saturday night getaway for me. I asked Zan’s sister Nell if she wanted to see the show with me and we made plans to head into the city Saturday night for an evening of dancing and music.

Shades of Sound was so lovely. There were three completely different pieces of ballet set to three different pieces of music and I very much loved it all. The photos above are from George Balanchine’s “Episodes”, and of all three pieces this one was my favorite. I love the simple leotards and classic dance moves. Completely gorgeous and so much of it reminded me of my studio days which at this point feels like a lifetime ago. Point shoes and seamed tights and some of the best memories I will ever have.

I read a few weeks back how Rachel went back to taking classes this past year— it’s always something I think about but never end up doing. Maybe someday, though. Seeing the Ballet last night inspired me instantly. I always get goosebumps and the urge to get those arms in fifth position, to stretch my arches and leap + twirl all the way home.

Thank you for the tickets, Katie! You absolutely made my weekend! xo

// Photos c/o the Boston Ballet

Also if you’re interested,
some behind the scenes videos
here, here, here and HERE. :)

{the last one is so good!}

new print // “the rain”

the oh hellos print

I made this pretty photo from my instagram feed into a new print.

{thanks for the encouragement.}

You can listen to the song {a favorite} here.

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I have been humming this song in my head for weeks. It’s one of those feel good melodies that you can just take with you wherever you go. When I listen in the car, I press the back button at least three times, each time, maybe more. I just love the words. So reassuring, I always think.

Sunday I strolled through Beacon Hill in the rain. I went out to brunch with friends, one of those, I-could-have-stayed-all-day brunches. You know the kind— so good for the soul. And then, I walked through the rain some more. I don’t usually love the rain, but I did on Sunday. On Sunday, the rain was beautiful.

I hope you had a beautiful day, too.

a wish for spring


{art print + pretty pastels + coffee + shoes + mint necklace + ferris wheel + stripes + clutch}


Bright is good, right? Especially on the rainiest + coldest of days. I’d like to ask what happened to the sun? It was here and now it’s gone. Yes, it definitely came out for a little while, which counts in my book, but it slipped away before I got too satisfied. On top of that, they say there’s a storm coming in.

NO. I want to shout. Enough, winter. Get going on your way, already. I am over you.

Lately I’ve been feeling that itch for spring. It’s a good itch, one that prickles at each part of your body and gets your senses going– revving up, starting fresh, starting new.

I know it’s not quite here yet, but I’ve got the itch.

I’m listening to new music, making plans for the months ahead— getting exited for daylight savings, dreaming of switching out my clothes, and lusting after bike rides through the breeze. My mind is racing with possibility. I want to travel and visit friends, I want to explore the city + my little town, I want to walk with Zan in the evening as the sun dips low in the sky. This time of year always swells up my heart.

I am so ready.

I know it’s not quite here yet, but I’ve got the itch.

I can feel it coming from somewhere.

More every day. Every minute. Every second.

I can feel it coming.

… Can’t you?

art to inspiration: lara harwood

Today I am participating in my very first Art to Inspiration and I’m excited to be a part of such a cool project! I discovered this unique collaboration through a few of my favorite creative bloggers and decided this month I would give it a go. Art to Inspiration is organized by Chevrons and Eclairs and is essentially a project to expose (and inspire) bloggers and blog readers to different mediums of art from around the world. Each month a piece is emailed out featuring the artwork of a young artist and once a month bloggers participating in the project can create a post to share how they have been inspired by the artwork.

Below is this month’s featured artwork by artist Lara Harwood (it’s gorgeous!), and then further down you will find a collage I created that was inspired by the piece.

 “…now imagine all the strong bird song thick as a forest.”
watercolor by: Lara Harwood

1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  8.

Back to school already? You must think I am out of my mind.

(I am wondering the same thing myself.)

I’m probably 65% ready to go back to school. This is a whole lot better than the 25% from last week and the near 2% from the end of June. But something about the word August (it is today!) has the wheels in my brain reeling and I am (sl-o-o-o-w-ly) starting to get that new school year excitement back.

Also, this artwork immediately made me think of the Jungle Book and then, Maurice Sendek’s Where the Wild Things Are. My first graders always get a kick out of Max and those Wild Things and I adore the book, too, so naturally I started googling lesson plans which started my teacher-engine running, a very rare thing for me at this point in the summer, but it’s what ultimately got me up to a 65% in back-to-school-readiness. Usually I am completely indifferent about going back to work until I set up my classroom, and that won’t happen for a few more weeks so I’m definitely ahead of the game— and I guess we have Lara to thank for that!

And then of course, I added a possible teaching outfit to the inspiration board soon after I added the books because as much as I adore summer I’d be lying if I said I’m not a tiny bit excited about fall school clothes. Actually, now that I think about it, I should have added some pencils, too. I’m crazy about new school supplies. But what person in education (or life for that matter) isn’t it?


It’s the little things.


Oh, and those creative bloggers I mentioned above? Check them out and their past Art to Inspiration posts— I love the original ideas they have come up with.

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Are you interested in Art to Inspiration? Click here to sign up!