a hanging wall planter to call my own.

crafter's box hanging plantercrafter's box hanging plantercrafter's box hanging planter-20crafter's box hanging plantercrafter's box hanging plantercrafter's box hanging planter-21crafter's box hanging planter

I was so excited when my February Crafter’s Box arrived last Friday, just in time for the double snow day! I waited until today to try my hand at making my very own oven-baked hanging wall planter. The first one I tried turned out pretty perfect and the second was a flop. C’est la vie! At least I have one thing to show for it and at least I know {to some extent} what I’m doing and the supplies I need so hopefully this winter I can try to make some more. This project was especially fun for me because clay is something I’ve never tried before. Also, succulents are a favorite of mine, so this craft just made so much sense! ♥

Want to be a part of more projects like this one? Learn about the Crafter’s Box here.

// Thanks so much to Zan for this
awesome Christmas present and for
taking these photos for me. xo ♥

yarn shop love + weaving resources

yarn shop love

Winter has set in here and I am really ready for it. Ready for it in that bring me all the crafts kind of way. And in that pile on the fleece and play all the Grey’s Anatomy kind of way. But most of all ready for it in that BRING ME A SNOW DAY kind of way. You know, so I can craft wearing all my fleece watching Grey’s Anatomy ALL DAY. :)

I have really been having fun with this weaving gig I’ve got going on. The texture and colors are my favorite part and the relaxing nature of it all is the most wonderful bonus. I love how I never know how my weavings are going to turn out in the end. It’s a fun surprise every time.

I have been happily sharing photos of my work on instagram and the feedback has been so encouraging! Nice people giving nice comments and I am so thankful for that. A few people have asked if I’ve ever considered selling my weavings and my first thought is always BLESS YOUR KIND SOULS and my second thought is maybe! Someday! Possibly! What a fun thought. For now I am truly enjoying the creativity of it all but if I ever do decide to sell a few you will be the first to know.

I’ve also been asked about the yarn I am using which is the best question of all! Below are links to my favorite shops and the specific fibers I’ve purchased. It’s been so much fun collecting colors and weights and textures of wool. I’ve also added some other weaving topics including instagram accounts to follow and some basic online tutorials.  I hope you find something that you love here today and please let me know if you have favorite shops or great weaving resources of your own. I would love to hear and am always looking to add to my knowledge bank. Weaver Fever is for real. ♥

yarn shop love


Classes, Yarn, Looms, and Supplies…

Maryanne Moodie
{where I first fell in love with fiber art!}



Knit Collage // Cast Away Yarn {pictured above}

Jill Draper Makes Stuff

Reyarner // Muted Coral, Lace Weight

1AZColorworks // Robin’s Egg Blue + Seafoam

Miss Knit Yarns // Sari Silk with Sparkles

Beautiful Mayblossom // Mint + Pistachio

I have also gotten a good amount of yarn from Michael’s and Joann Fabric. My first choice is to support small artists and shops, and I often find the quality better albeit pricer, but these bigger chain stores have a few options as well.


yarn shop love


Storefronts I have visited…

Gather Here // Cambridge, Massachusetts

Purl Soho // New York, New York

Fancy Tiger Crafts // Denver, Colorado

{Visiting an actual store is SO special. Feel free to share in the comments if you know of any gems out there in the world.}


yarn shop love



Grey Fox Felting

Mohair and More // Mint + Salmon + Turquoise + Coral

Loom and Spindle // White


yarn shop loveyarn shop love


LOOMS + Supplies…

Maryanne Moodie on Etsy {I use this one!}

Lost Pond Looms

Loom and Spindle AU

Funem Studio

Fiber Huis


yarn shop love


Insatgram inspiration…

Maryanne Moodie  +  Smoothhills Weaving  +  The Weaving Kind

Paige and Roy +  Krystle Weaves  +  Jeannie Makes

Meghan Shimek + Leeleeazz


yarn shop love



{I want to quickly say that I haven’t really used any weaving tutorials myself. My skills and knowledge of weaving came from taking Maryanne’s class and from lots of experimenting and practice! I have viewed the tutorials listed below and think they might be a helpful start to anyone who is willing to take the time to learn on their own. I always work best with a hands-on lesson from an actual human so paying the money for a class was worth every penny to me and I highly recommend it to anyone who can find the means to get to Brooklyn or perhaps is lucky enough to find a class in your city!}

Weaving for Beginners — really good videos!!
One + Two + Three + Four + Five

Weaving Basics + Getting Fancy

DIY Woven Wall Hanging Tutorial

For kids, too!

Weaving 101


yarn shop loveyarn shop love

Hot damn! These posts always have a way of turning out so epic.

I hope these links help any of you out there looking for supplies and inspiration. I have found over the last few months that if you look hard enough the resources are endless. It’s so exciting, all the creativity out there, isn’t it?


“Oh, it’s delightful to have ambitions. I’m so glad I have such a lot. And there never seems to be any end to them– that’s the best of it. Just as soon as you attain to one ambition you see another one glittering higher up still. It does make life so interesting.”
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

the object enthusiast //

the object enthusiastthe object enthusiastI wanted to do a quick share about the object enthusiast because it’s truly one of the happiest handmade spots on the internet. Do you ever just find a shop that you love and want to tell the whole world about it? This is that shop for me. I first found Emily through pinterest. And also, of course, on instagram.

Just bits and pieces of pretty as far as the eye can see.

Best of all, you can buy her ceramic work here.

Oh lovely lovely day. 

a 2015 calendar!

2015 calendar

Blog friends and family!

The calendar is HERE!!!!
I am so so so proud to be a part of this project.
My heart swells every time I think about it.

You can purchase your own calendar by visiting Brim Papery.

{want two? click here!}

And to those who’ve already snagged one–

Brim Calendar Preview