For me, it’s important to reflect on this day, to remember back to 10 years ago to the lives lost by the horrific attacks on our country. I didn’t think I would be writing a post about this to be honest, but the news coverage this week has left me all kinds of emotional and so it seems right that I say a little something here instead of just letting the day pass by blank and empty.

I, of course, remember exactly where I was when I first heard of the two planes striking the Twin Towers. I was a freshman in college, it was my second week of school. I was walking back up “the hill” from my early morning Children with Disabilities class. Cindy Sutton was my professor. We left the class at 10:10, which means the attack had already happened, the Towers already were aflame. I began to walk back to my dorm, like any other day after class, but halfway there a girl stopped me on the grass. I didn’t even know her. “Did you hear about what happened?!” she said in a panic. I remember being confused. Who was this girl? Why was she so out of breath? “Two planes crashed into the World Trade Towers. It’s all over the news.” Then she ran away, and I actually never remember seeing her again. Ever again. I stood there not really getting it. I was 17. Away from home. And before that moment, the world revolved around me and my life. Still not completely understanding, I went on my way, entered the hallway of my building, and got pulled into a friend’s room who had a TV. She didn’t even say anything to me, she just pulled me in and planted me in front of the screen.

That’s when I got it.

I stood there, shocked, for the next… hour? two hours? I have no idea.

But I had seen what happened (over and over and over again it was replayed), and it’s like everything stopped. I understood. And it was unbelievable.

Over the years I have often stopped the think about that day, that moment. And I still can’t quite wrap my head around it. I have a picture of me when I was about 13 with the two Twin Towers standing tall behind me. I was visiting the Statue of Liberty on a trip to NY and I was posing in the sunshine with the city behind me. The towers are standing so tall, like pillars connecting the sky to the street. It’s a strange picture to see now, but one that always makes me stop and reflect.

I reflect on the families that lost loved ones,

the spouses that lost their partners,

the children that lost their parents,

the parents that lost their children,

the FDNY workers and police force who worked on 9.11 and every day,

the people of NY,

the people of Washington D.C.,

the people of the United States of America.

I reflect on the terrorists too,

and the importance of a hate-free country, and world.

How I want to teach my first graders tolerance, and acceptance, and empathy.

I reflect on the people who serve our country,

who fight for us each and every day.

THANK YOU. Thank you. Thank you.

And I reflect on those that lost their lives on that tragic day 10 years ago.

In the planes, in the Towers, in the Pentagon, and in the surrounding streets of the attacks.

I reflect on the survivors and heros,

and on our beautiful country,

filled with people who are patriotic, and proud, and brave. ♥


  1. What a lovely tribute post. I can’t believe it has been ten years. My friend and I all told our stories last night of where we were

  2. Beautiful post friend….my memory is very similar to yours….walking back up to Comstock dorm someone stopped to tell me….still feels like it was yesterday

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