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Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros


Everything about this song reminds me of my friends from high school whom I ADORE.

It started playing on my Pandora yesterday morning as I drove to work and it made me miss my friends so much I actually started crying. At 7:00 in the morning I was balling my eyes out behind the wheel of my car.

No BIG deal.

Sometimes this happens to me when a certain song comes on, or there’s a sappy commercial on TV, or when Ellen and Jeanie help change someone’s life, and also in any episode of Grey’s Anatomy there ever was.

I just simply cannot help myself. My emotions run high and I find myself choking back tears. Realistically, this happens about once a week. Usually, it’s good tears. Good, happy, heart-strings-pulling tears. But every once in awhile I get some sad ones in there too.

Yesterday I was mostly sad because I’m missing Bailey’s baby shower this weekend and I wish so badly I could be there. I miss my friends terribly right now and hate sometimes how we are scattered about here and there and everywhere. I wish we could all just magically arrive and be together and be laughing and making memories. My first friend to have a baby and I’m missing the shower!

But at the same time yesterday I was crying happy tears. Because this song makes me utterly joyous and reminds me of the goodness of our friendship, and the best times we’ve had, and how lucky I am to have found such amazing women. And how soon, soon! we will have a baby to visit and hold and love.

Happy and sad tears were happening yesterday morning and I just needed to cry it out.

So thank you, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros for your perfect song that never fails to take me home to my friends just when I need it the most.


  1. Awww…LOVE.

    First, because I am obsessed with this song. Second, because this is utterly sweet and I totally get what it’s like to miss old, old friends. Third, because I cry ALL THE TIME. Number one way to make me cry? Show me a movie with a crying child in it. Oh gosh…

  2. oh boy, the tears are streaming….

    you read my mind with this post. I have been missing everyone so badly and wishing I could teleport myself to get a fix. I wish you could be here this weekend, but it means a lot to me that you are thinking about it and you’ll get to meet the tater tot soon!

    Love you soo much! xoxox

  3. I love this song… and I feel yeah on the tears. I once cried during a State Farm Insurance commercial… pathetic! Haha

    Also, it def happens a lot while watching Ellen and Jeannie, too!

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