my favorite children’s books: picture book edition

The Snowy Day + The Relatives Came + Caps For Sale

Sylvester And The Magic Pebble + The Very Hungry Caterpillar + Madeline

Swimmy + Chrysanthemum + Corduroy

Where The Wild Things Are + The Napping HouseMike Mulligan And His Steam Shovel

The Boy Who Grew Flowers + Fredrick + Pinkalicious

Amazing Grace + Owl Babies + Thank You, Mr. Falker

A Chair For My Mother + Enemy Pie + Hey, Little Ant

Miss Rumphius + Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge + Shortcut

Blueberries For Sal + The Pigeon Finds A Hot Dog + Guess How Much I Love You

Frog and Toad + The Polar Express + The Snowman

Fletcher And The Falling Leaves + Flotsam + The Legend Of The Indian Paintbrush

Owl Moon + We’re Going On A Bear HuntThe Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, And The Big Hungry Bear

Henry’s Awful Mistake + Wave + The Little Yellow Leaf

The Curious Garden + A Sick Day For Amos McGee + Lost And Found

Knuffle Bunny + Ish + Stand Tall, Molly Lou Mellon

So I went a little crazy with this list, but I could hardly help myself. Once I get started I just can’t stop. In fact, if time allowed, I think I could keep going for days. Put me in the children’s section of the library and it will be hours before I come out. There are just so many phenomenal picture books out there, and being an elementary school teacher and serious book lover, I’ve seen (and read) most of them all. This is a collection of my favorites.

They are the books I would absolutely recommend to a parent and without a doubt read to my students.

They are wonderful.

They are meaningful.

They are funny and encouraging and heartwarming and happy.

And children LOVE them.

Isn’t that the truest test of all?


  1. so many good picks! sylvester and the pebble, polar express, madeline, where the wild things are…very solid picks.

  2. This is wonderful. I can’t get enough. It just reminds me how many good children’s books are out there. I can’t wait to have children and buy 500 of them and spend all day, every day reading to them.

    One of my absolute favorites is Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs…have you read it?

  3. Such good memories! My sister learned how to read with Sylvester and his magic pebble. Wonderful list – one of my faves this week

    • I love that!! If you want to know how to read it, then you will. I have some students that fixate on books that are a little too hard. But I let them, because the more they try, eventually they will get it, and then look what they’ve accomplished! Plus, they learned so much along the way.

      I always remember this quote I heard of Jane Yolen’s: “Never give up. Never, never never give up.”

      I admire kids that have such determination!

  4. Oh, gosh. The goodness kept going and going as I scrolled. Love it! Some of these are my very favorites, too! Owl Moon, Chrysanthemum, The Napping House and The Snowy Day. I also love Ish, but I love The Dot even more. There are a handful I need to check out! Great post.

  5. I see a few of my favorites in that list! One that I absolutely adore that’s not on there though is Olivia the pig. Those books are so cute. My first experience with Olivia was in my first-year English class freshman year of college. I can’t even remember why the lesson called for Olivia, but my professor read it to us, and I fell in love. I went out to Barnes & Noble and bought my own copy. :) I’ve actually been wanting to buy more children’s books to read, but I haven’t really had the chance. I’m banking on getting a lot more done that I want to do when I graduate. Until then, school has to come first. Boo.

  6. Great choices! I am not familiar with Knuffle Bunny, but I guess I’ll have to check that one out!

  7. Thank you for posting these!! I have starred this as a favorite in my Google Reader to go back and look at it when I am looking for books for my nieces and nephews! All of them look so great, I love children’s books too.

  8. Um, I have only read 3 on this list :( Hahaha!
    You must be an excellent teacher lady! I grew up in Africa so my children’s book faves were different.
    Did you ever read any Enid Blyton?

  9. Anna – I almost forgot about all of the awesome children’s books that exist! Thank you for posting this!


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