When I was in Maine two weekends ago I took a pit-stop in Portland on my way home. I just wanted to take a glimpse at it during it’s winter season– it’s deserted streets, snowy sidewalks, and the boats all docked for the winter months. If I didn’t live in Boston, I think I would very much like to live here. It’s quaint and filled with restaurants and shops, many of which are just perfect for popping into and having a look around. But most of all, I love how it’s right by the sea.

Salty air and bright afternoon sunshine.

That Portland is a special place.


  1. Oh, I love this little city! My husband and I initially thought about moving here, but settled on the Boston area instead. Good thing it’s close enough for frequent visits!

  2. Girl, I am so glad you are learning how to use that camera, because these are gorgeous.

    This also sounds like a place I’d like to live. I love listening to “Far Away” (yay…more Ingrid!) and imagining I live on the white cliffs of Dover.

  3. such great photos, I really want to get there and see the town- I’ve heard such good things!!

  4. it looks very new england, naturally. love your pictures.

  5. You are so sneaky!!!

    Love the photos and glad you made time for a quick stop. We do live in a very beautiful place and your post reminded me of that! so, thanks.


  6. AH! love it. this makes me love the northeast so much more.

  7. Love the photos! So pretty!



  8. I love these photos. So beautiful! I would love to visit one day. :)

  9. Love this post – I really want to get my butt to Maine and to Portland sometime.
    Beautiful photos.

  10. Obsessed with Portland. Obsessed

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