a sad day.

My bike got stolen today. My new bike.

I only had it for 12 days.

I am so sad.

I know there are a lot worse things that are happening to people around the world right now, which is why a part of me feels silly even writing this “woe is me” post. First world problems, I can’t help but think. But I still feel horrible right now and the only thing I can seem to do is cry and feel miserable.

And so, I will.

I had it locked on a bike rack today from 11:30-7:00 at the T station at Davis Square. There are tons of bikes left there every day. I have left my bike there already a few times, because there are lots of bikes, and there are cameras, too. And I was only ever leaving it during the day for a couple of hours. During the broad daylight. I always just assumed it was safe and up until now it had been fine.

But when I got off the train today, my bike wasn’t where I left it.

I looked around in a panic, wondering if I locked it somewhere else, hoping for a second that I didn’t ride it into the train station at all today.

But I did and now it’s gone.

I lost a good amount of faith and confidence in this city today and in people in general.

I think the thing that makes me the most sad is that it’s just not fair.

I felt really happy riding that bike. I was so excited to have it and felt this good feeling when I was riding it.

I thought and thought about buying it for so long and spent a lot of money on it.

And mostly, I’m just sad that there are people out there that would do something like that. Take something from someone. STEAL.

I am so sad right now.

I am just so so sad.



  1. I am so sorry to hear about your bike. That is awful :(.

  2. Oh that is total poop. I’m so sorry to hear that!

  3. OH my gosh! Seriously, what an awful thing for someone to do. I’m so sorry! I would cry too and I definitely don’t think it’s lame to write about it. Theft is one of the worst things…you worked hard to earn the money to buy that and then someone just took it. So wrong. I hope they get caught and you get your bike back.

  4. anna i’m sorry. the bike being taken and the fact that someone would take it are so disheartening. :(

  5. That’s terrible! We like to think that everyone out there is a good and honest person, and I guess that’s just not true. It really makes me sad that there are bad people out there who have no respect for the hard work of others.

  6. Oh Anna, I’ll share my bike with you, promise promise.Love you sista.

  7. I think one of the worst parts of getting anything stolen is the feeling of violation. It is just unbelievable. You’re right…there are worse things in the world than having a bike stolen…but your reaction is not just about losing the bike…it’s about that terrible feeling you get when you realize that there are people out there who don’t care about hurting other people. And that’s not just a first world problem.

    But I will keep my fingers crossed for you! And just keep an eye out for the good in the world, and that faith in people will start coming back. =)


  8. Wow, I am so sorry about your bike. It’s always hard to believe someone would steal something you worked hard to save up for. I’m sorry, too, that you feel disappointed in the city. It sucks how one person can ruin our faith in humanity and a place we feel so attached to. Maybe you could look back over some pictures you’ve taken around the city as they are incredibly beautiful and might make you feel a little better. Also, if you haven’t seen these pictures already, they’re supposed to restore your faith in humanity. I must admit they all pretty much had me tearing up.


    Again, I’m really sorry about your bike. I know it would take a miracle, but I hope it gets found, or that you at least are somehow able to get a new one you love just as much.

    • Lauren, THANK YOU for the link. I am full on sobbing right now but they are happy, hopeful tears. I think I’ve seen that link floating around twitter, but never clicked on it until now.

      Thank you for sharing. I needed that!

  9. This is so sad! I can’t believe someone could get away with that right there in the open. I’m so sorry Anna!

  10. oh dear, i so feel you on this one. so so so feel you. it’s heartbreaking to lose something that gave you such a happy feeling, almost like flying. but just like when my bike got stolen, you just have to realize that those people that stole your bike (this helped when my phone + bike got stolen in less than two weeks) are SAD AND SICK people. only a person in a sad, low place in their lives could steal something so happy. when i think of that, i think “you know what? they can take it. they are obviously in a more horrible place than me”. i had to wait a bit over a month to finally get another bike, but it was so worth it because i now know those thieves can’t have that much control of my happiness! and you will get another one soon, girly. :) and we will bike around the city sometime soon and it will piss off those bike thieves SO MUCH! xo love you girly!

  11. You’re so honest. I’m sorry to hear about your bike and that it’s made you so sad. Hope you feel betta soon!

  12. I am so sorry! That is really sad and frustrating, especially since it was such a new friend. I hope that maybe the thief was just “borrowing” it and returns it for you.

  13. Ugh, Anna- I just got a new bike too and the thought of it being stolen really makes me steam up! However, when I was reading your post, and I got to the part about how happy riding the bike made you feel- all I could think is THANK GOSH no one has the power to take that happiness away permanently! You will get a new bike, and you will feel that free, riding happiness again! Maybe when you have accepted the loss, you can think of this situation as giving that bike-riding happiness to someone else? Let’s pretend whoever stole your bike was in need of some happiness and the bike is going to help them out…??

  14. I could hit someone. I am so so sorry dear, that is the absolute worst and makes me so angry! I’ve seen wayy too many bikes stolen in this city, and I do not like to hear it happen!!

  15. awwww, that is so sad! I’m so sorry!


  16. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know how happy that bike made you friend!! I’m SO SORRY and sad!!!!!!! :(

  17. Oh no. Bummer :( It is so incredibly sad that people feel the need to steal from others. So sorry this happened to you.

  18. Ugh…how depressing and sad :( I’m so sorry to hear that. Since I’m stalking you on instagram and twitter, seems like you’re doing your best to make the rest of your summer awesome though!

  19. Very sorry to read about your bike. So heartbreaking and invasive. A friend of mine found the Stolen Bike Registry and registered his stolen and much loved bike. He went to college in upstate NY and in less than two weeks time had his two bikes cut from the bike rack to which they were locked. Nine months after registering the bikes that he thought he would never see again, he got a call. His favorite bike had been found fairly stripped in a barn along with pieces of several other bikes.This was a big business . Amazing that bike was found and it was all due to the Bike registry site . Check it out and good luck, will keep my fingers crossed for you. There are worse things to happen but such a sad experience. Good Luck.


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