counting the days.

10 more days til summer.

For me, officially, anyways.

8 days if we’re not counting the weekends.

7 days if we’re not counting the personal day I am taking this Friday for my friend’s wedding.

This pretty much makes me the happiest lady in the world.

So many people keep asking me when the school year ends.

They’ll ask: “So, when is school all done for you?”

And I’ll tell them however many days are left and then I’ll add that I’m super excited and that I love summer.

Like the other night for instance, someone asked, and I answered: “I’m done on the 14th. I CAN’T WAIT I AM SO EXCITED SUMMER IS MY FAVORITE.”

Or something like that.

“Oh, so have you had a tough year?”

I always seem to get this response from people. And I always wonder why. Did I say I don’t like my job? Do I seem like I had a hard year? It’s like they’re taken aback by my enthusiasum. Like a teacher isn’t allowed to like summer or something. Like we’re supposed to want to teach 12 months out of the year.

I mean, yeah there’s been drama (the “you’re not my best friend anymore” kind). And there’s been accidents (books ripped, paint spilled, and the other kind of accidents, too), and sickness (strep throat, the stomach bug, pink eye. All totally gross, I know.). And yeah, there’s definitely been lice (one girl got it 4 times– yeah, ya heard me right. 4 TIMES). But the truth is, I’ve had an amazing year with an amazing class. Both this year and last year my first graders were incredible. They’re funny, they love learning, and there’s no other people I’d want to spend my weeks with September through May.

But as awesome as teaching is for me and as much as I love it, the fact of the matter is I just love summer more. No doubt about it, it’s just THE BEST.

I thought everyone knew that.

So when I tell you summer is my favorite this doesn’t mean I’ve had a hard year.

And when I tell you I can’t wait for summer it doesn’t mean I don’t like my job.

Because when I tell you I live for summer it’s just me telling it like it is.

And that is all.

Summer rocks. It’s simply the honest to goodness TRUTH.

The best, most truest response to this question about the school year ending was given to me by a second grader herself:

“Are you excited for school to end?” she asked.

“Totally.” I responded. “I LOVE summer.”

“Yeah, seriously.” she said with a smile. “I mean, WHO DOESN’T??!!”

That’s the response I am looking for, people. Because seriouslyWHO doesn’t?!



  1. BUT SERIOUSLY. Who doesn’t? Miss you anna banana… let’s get coffee this summer. Or like this month.

  2. I hear you! What’s wrong with loving summer? It makes me want to shout from the rooftop. Happy summer vacation!

  3. Summer does SERIOUSLY rock. I’m looking forward to it and I’ve basically been experiencing it for the past three months!

  4. When people ask if I’m sad to quit my job, I tell them they’ll have to ask me in the fall because summer is summer, and I’m super excited for it. I’ll probably miss teaching, but that’s going to have to wait until fall.

    • You’ll probably miss it a little, but spending time with your little is going to make you SO HAPPY!

  5. ohhh how i love summer, too. it’s just THE BEST.

  6. YOU ARE TOO CUTE. i love your seeing a new post from you. it’s like a little injection of buddy the elf-levels of cheer! :)

  7. Love your pics here! Exactly portray my feelings about summer! I recommend setting your phone to remind you how many days are left with a fun ringtone to go with the notification!!

  8. trust girl, TRUST, that if we all still had a summer vacation we’d live for it too. and i also quite like my job. but i mean, come on people. a two to three month break? who wouldn’t want that? jealous, obviously. hope these next two week fly by for you!

  9. Agreed – Summer rocks! LOVE that photo – too funny :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  10. I know I’m a little late here, but as the daughter of a teacher – I never considered that anyone wouldn’t love summer, even poor fools like me who work through it. Maybe all that teacherly summer enthusiasm rubbed off in my formative years? But, agreed – who doesn’t?!

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