summer bucket list 2012

Here we go again!

I did this last year and thought it was so fun checking things off. It’s a little shorter than before, but I think this one’s got a little more beef to it. You know, just trying to keep life awesome.

Summer Bucket List 2012:

1. Shop mostly at the farmer’s market.

2. Run 3x a week, increase my running stamina, and sign up for a 5K for the fall.

3. More yoga. Do the 6:45 AM class a couple times a week. (I did this last summer and it’s completely worth it. I need to remember this.)

4. Take a photography workshop.

5. Photograph my way around the city of Boston. And do weekly blog posts about my favorite spots.

6. Flash mob. Doing it.

7. Read 10+ books.

Some ideas, but not limited to:


The Year of Magical Thinking


Love Walked In


The Alienist

Operating Instructions

The Book Thief

Fifty Shades of Grey

We Need to Talk About Kevin


My Life in France

8. Picnic and/or canoe on the Charles.

9. Swim in Skaneateles Lake.

10. Eat a lobster roll in Cape Cod.

11. Make homemade ice cream.

12. Get a bike. And a cute helmet.

13. Have a BBQ. Send invitations.

14. Take a flying trapeze class. I’m totally serious.

15. Write a handwritten letter to a friend once a week and walk it to the local mailbox.

16. Go to a Red Sox game.

17. Make a homemade video to music on iMovie. Been wanting to do this, but not sure what to do it about.

18. Create a piece of artwork. I even bought a canvas.

19. Visit the following list of Boston museums:

Isabella Stewart Gardiner Museum

Orchard House (Little Women!)

Boston Athenaeum

Harvard Museum of Natural History

20. Take public transportation every possible day I can.

21. Nantucket!

22. Print my favorite instagrams and do something cool with them. I like this idea a lot.

23. Have a romantic dinner with Zanner at the Top of the Hub.

24. A weekend in NH at the Farmhouse/ Hike Mt. Lafayette in the White Mountains

25. See Ingrid Michaelson in concert.

Here’s to soaking it in and living it up. And most important: SAVORING it all.

– – – – – – – – – – –

I’m heading out of Boston tonight for a wedding weekend at the North Shore in the perfectly adorable town that is Manchester by the Sea. An ideal way to start summer in my book. See you all next week!


View my completed list HERE!


  1. this is a good list. farmers markets! museums! books! i love it.

    (the athaenaeum is awesome. thanks to rachael, i’ve seen it twice!)

  2. I’m wih you on the farmers market! or trying to pick products at my grocery store that are closer to local. and I’m also looking for ways to post more of my instagrams in my home – thanks for that link!

    • Yeah, it’s so cute, right?? We can’t just let our instagrams sit online! We must put them on display!!! (Especially your Italy ones!)

  3. That looks like a super fun bucket list for the summer – I need to come up with something like that as well!

  4. I’m loving everything on your Bucket List. Bossypants is laugh out loud funny; I know you’ll enjoy it. Hope you order your Ingrid tickets soon! :)

  5. What a well-thought out list! Your ideas are great. I wrote a Summer Manifesto, but it’s not nearly as detailed as yours. I’m looking forward to hearing about all of the things you complete from this! Happy Summer

  6. Oh your list is so, so good. I’m super jealous and you haven’t even done the things yet ;)

  7. inspiring! I haven’t been back to the ISG museum since the remodel, can’t wait to check it out! And the Alex Katz prints at the MFA look so chic and summery.

    If you will lots of extra time around BH during the summer, it might be worth joining the Athenaeum just to have a cool place to work/blog! otherwise I can sign you in there as a visitor and show you around sometime.

    …Love the invite idea. I’m always on paperless post, just wishing I had an excuse to use their sweet evites.

    • I’ll consider joining, but might just take you up on your offer. I was actually wondering if you had to be a member to get in. So, thanks SO much for offering to show me around if I decide not to join! Also, we should just grab coffee sometime “just because”. Don’t you think?

      And yes! I love paperless post. So many great, fun ecards. I used them for my birthday this year actually and it worked out great.

  8. Such a great idea! You’re just so cute. I want to take the summer off and join you.

  9. I love this!! Call me if you need a friend for #s 5, 8, and 19. And YES go to Top of the Hub– it’s so beautiful and romantic!

  10. 1a. Or Wegmans. With Melanie.

    Also WHAT is the picture at the top?? I love it!

  11. Lauren harper says:

    I seriously want to do everything on this bucket list with you! Let’s get together this summer!

  12. Awesome list! {I basically want to do everything on it!} I need to make a summer bucket list, too! On your book list, you should definitely read The Year of Magical Thinking, Joan Didion’s writing is amazing! I love Ingrid Michaelson, too!

  13. Dang, that’s a good list!!
    I have an idea for the picnic on the Charles!!! Also, I did the trapeze thing once; I was so weak and could barely hold on, afterwards I found out I had the chicken pox! LOL!

    Dear Summer, LET’S DO THIS!!


    If you ever need a partner in crime, holla. I haven’t been to any of the above museums and ISG has been on my list for foreverrrr. And this is supposed to be The Summer I Take Advantage of Living in Boston.

  15. Your bucket list definitely trumps mine. As for number 15, I hope I can be one of those friends!!

  16. I encourage you to consider the “Bossy Pants” audio book. Tina Fey reads it and she is hysterical. Listen while you run and you will want to go forever.
    Have a great summer.

  17. Ooh I feel famous! Let’s really get together this summer!!

    this weekend I live in the town right next door to manchester!
    You’ll have a blast!

  19. YAYAY! bikes! summer! cape cod! this is the happiest little list EVER!

  20. This list is perfection! I’m planning to print some of my fav instagrams too!

  21. i love this idea of a summer bucket list – less overwhelming! i am officially inspired. :)

  22. Oooh, great idea, and so many great ideas! Really getting me in the mood for summer!!

  23. I love this idea! Short term goals are always fun to achieve. Trapeze class? YES! And thank you for the book recommendations – I’ll have to add them to my list. I can’t keep up with all the books I want to read…

  24. love this summer bucket list idea! i am doing a 5k in july, and i’m NOT ready..i will definitely be walking some of it…but i’d like to really train for one and run the whole thing next time. good luck with your running! :)

  25. This is a great list. I’m looking forward to shopping at the Farmer’s Market, too.

    I’ve also been wanting to read My Life in France–maybe I should add that to my summer reading list.

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