loving on the lake.

9. Swim in Skaneateles Lake.

“Skaneateles waters shining

Under skies so bluuuuu-uue

And the white clouds’ silver lining

Paints our colors true.”

Days on Skaneateles Lake could easily be classified as some of the best days of my life.

Hands down.

Every time.

A lot of the time I wish I didn’t live so far, but mostly I’m just thankful to be able to visit.


From the clearest, cleanest water,

to the gorgeous scenery,

from rides on the party boat…

to breezy afternoons on the hammock,

and best of all, for the family that frequent there,

this place holds a special spot in my heart,

and I’m incredibly happy it’s home. ♥♥


  1. That second photo caught jumping into the lake is so awesome! The perfect postcard of summer.

  2. Your family looks like they had an awesome time – that’s the idyllic summer setting

  3. Gorgeous photos, as always. And boy do they make me want to spend some time on a lake before it gets too cold. You have such a beautiful family.

  4. Oh Anna these are such beautiful pictures! It’s super hot, humid, and kinda rainy here today and simply seeing these pictures has improved my mood. I’m curious, how do you edit your pictures to have this bright + cheery quality? Is it a photoshop thing? I remember seeing something on your blog before about photo editing…I’ll have to go search for it ;) xoxo! eliza

    • Thank you so much, Eliza! For this post (and the last) I used to VSCO cam app on my iPhone (I also love the way it makes my pictures so bright). I can’t remember if it’s free or not, but if it does cost it’s not a lot. I actually don’t have photoshop! Can’t commit to the $ and I don’t know how to use it! Plus, this way of editing works for me and actually takes just as much time, if less, than editing in iPhoto and picmonkey (which I sometimes use to edit– it’s a free online photo editor)!

  5. I’m loving your recaps so much! This looks really dreamy, and I’m so jealous, because I LOVE BOATS.

    Hope you’re settling back into the school year well! You must miss this. =)

  6. you and your sister’s pictures of this place blew me away – i assume it’s in upstate ny? it looks so incredibly beautiful and relaxing. already missing summer so bad…

  7. These pictures make my dream of eventually having a lakehouse totally legit. That dock is amazing. What a fun time!

  8. OH MYLANTA. you had the dreamiest summer, anna. teach me your ways.

  9. Family vacations are the best! I wanna go on the party boat! The little guy with the floaties is too cute.


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