memories from connecticut.

Visiting places that remind me of my childhood is my favorite. It’s almost like going back in time, to experience the sights and sounds that you remember like it was yesterday. We used to go to Island Beach in Greenwich every summer when I was small. It’s the most unlikely place, a tiny little piece of land on Long Island Sound, but it holds some of the happiest times of my youth.

I have the fondest memories of that beach. We used to take the ferry over to the island, have a picnic and spend time in the sand, soaking our feet in the ocean and playing in the water until it was time to catch the boat home.

I still visit Greenwich every summer, though it’s very rare that we take the ferry over to the old little island anymore. We’re busy with this and we’re busy with that, and trips are often short, and Island Beach often gets overlooked most visits. But this summer, we did take the ferry on that short, breezy ride to Island Beach and I was full of nostalgia the whole entire time.

Meet my Grammy. She’s 86 and I love her to the moon…

She’s a special one, that Grammy Jean. With a sharp wit and a soul full of goodness. I’m thankful every day that she’s mine.

This day was especially special too, because we took baby Hope along for the experience. Hope is my cousin Haley’s daughter and my grandmother’s first great grandchild. It went full circle on this trip to Island Beach and I’m glad I have the pictures for the keeping…

If there’s one thing better than summer, it’s summer with a little nostalgia mixed in.

I love a good memory, don’t you?


  1. indeed I do! I loved hearing about this little island and you described it all perfectly. love little hope’s bathing suit!

  2. What a sweet little girl! she is beautiful. So is Grammy Jean! Family is so great, aren’t they? Glad you enjoyed a wonderful vacation full of lovely nostalgia!

    P.S. LOVE that last pic of you. SO CUTE!

  3. It’s so cute. All of it. Every part.

  4. adorable. love memory posts like this.


  5. Beautiful pictures + stunning memories, as always. And I love love love you in that hat :) xo!

  6. Gorgeous photos! And I love your hat! You’re just the cutest ever :)

  7. Beautiful pics, girlfraaaand! How adorable is baby Hope with her half side-pony??! Can’t wait to see more of the road trip :)

  8. your blog is so sweet and elegant!

  9. Beautiful photos, looks like a sunny weekend!

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