new york city in september.

Two weekends ago we took a weekend trip to New York City. Zanner had some hotel points that he’d collected (he travels sometimes for work), and so we packed our bags and left Boston for Queens on the last weekend of September in 2012.

On the first day we took the subway in from Long Island City straight to Grand Central Station. We walked over to the Flat Iron District, had some Shake Shack (LOVED!) in Madison Square Park and then made our way to the High Line on the Lower West Side. This day was all about walking and just enjoying the hustle and bustle of the city. We stopped in bookstores and markets and rode the subway when we could. A few times we jumped in taxis when our feet needed a break, but mostly we just explored the city by foot all day.

After we walked most of the High Line (a long, elevated park on an old railroad track above the city streets in Manhattan) and did a little exploring at the UrbanSpace market in Meatpacking, we then took the subway to the Brooklyn Bridge. We had dinner plans in Greenpoint with one of Zan’s cousins and my sister who was also visiting her boyfriend in the city for the weekend, and even though it was NOT in the same vicinity I still felt like a trip to Brooklyn deserved a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge.

What. A. View.

The whole experience is absolutely amazing.

You can see the Manhattan skyline and even catch a glimpse of Lady Liberty! The sun was shining on her so gloriously that day. Gave me goosebumps.

The second (and last day) of our trip we decided to ditch the subway to take the East River Ferry over to Manhattan (also amazing views!) to meet up with one of my besties from college, Kprime. I was suffering from a small case of “too-much-fun-from-the-night-before-syndrome” so I was slow to eat my grilled cheese, but the company was lovely and the ginger ale helped, too. When I think back, I believe it was ultimately the hot dog I ate from the stand on 34th street that really saved the day. And thank goodness for that.

After brunch we took a stroll through Central Park and then made our way down 5th Avenue, past Rockefeller Center, and back to Grand Central for our departure.

The weekend felt too short, but don’t all good weekends seem to work that way?

I loved every step I took and every sight I saw.

That city makes me feel like an adventurer. I just want to keep moving and see everything. I want to do it all. And when I get home, it’s wonderful and satisfying to finally take a breath, but when I’m there it sure is something special.


  1. “Hi, I’m Anna and I have tremendous personal style.”

    I think that’s how you should begin all of your posts ;)

    Once again, you have my dying to see NYC for myself.

    xoxo! eliza

  2. I am ITCHING for a trip to NYC, minus a bus layover, I haven’t been since last winter! Looks like such a perfect weekend. Anddd how would you feel about a photography tutorial because as usual your gorgy photos are making me swoon.

  3. such a gypsy life you lead!

  4. What an amazing trip….. I am really dying to go see the great NYC! All of the things you did are on my list for when I go. Glad you and Zan had such a great weekend together! The weather looked like a dream.

    P.S. I’m in love with your gray polka dot dress!

  5. Your pictures are phenomenal!! I love the ones on the Brooklyn Bridge! I went to NYC that exact weekend last year, it was so so perfect. xo L

  6. Girl. Love The Highline. And so glad you had SO much fun there! NYC is amazing :)

  7. i love seeing the city through your eyes. your picture of the statue of liberty and the picture of you and zan on the bridge are my favorites.


    is there anything a hot dog doesn’t fix ;)

  8. ugh, I feel like I always say the same thing: GO.RG.EO.US. PICS! I especially love the one of you on the Brooklyn Bridge. What filter did you use for these?

  9. Looks like such a fun visit! You really jam packed a lot into one weekend but hit a lot of the great points. And you looked adorable while doing it! My travel outfits are considerably less cute than the ones you were sporting.

    I’ve fallen victim to the “too much fun the night before” syndrome, so I feel your pain! Still looks like an awesome trip!

  10. How awesome! I envy your trips to NYC on a whim! :D I hope I can do that someday, too. “Hey, honey, let’s go to the city today – woo!” I can be on board with that. I never went to Madison Square Garden when I was there in July, and my mom wouldn’t let me get a hotdog from any of the stands. She and my grandparents are certain they are unsanitary and cause certain death. If I were there with anyone but them, I totally would’ve bought one, though. A hotdog from 34th! Sounds so marvelous. :)

  11. This pictures are all so gorgeous! You have such a talent for capturing the feeling of a moment. I haven’t been to New York for a few years and you have me dying to go! :)

  12. These pictures are really beautiful, especially the one of the Statue of Liberty and the sun rays.
    Photos like these make me miss NYC so much, I can not wait for another trip.

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