on welcoming fall and bike riding dreams.

Well, fall. I guess you’re here.

And I guess we’ll keep you.

Yesterday was one of those rare (but sacred) Mondays where teachers everywhere got the day off. Now I don’t believe that Columbus should get any of the credit, but I do believe in a day off every once in awhile, so I went along with it. Hopped right on board that Columbus Day train.

This day yesterday was all about bike riding dreams and chocolate nutella covered waffles and loving Boston. This day was just what I needed.

I feel like I’ve been in kind of an inspiration rut since summer ended. It happens to me every year. It kind of feels like the day after Christmas. Or your birthday. Or an awesome weekend with your favorite friends. You know the feeling, right? You are so excited and the anticipation is amazing and then it (whatever it is) happens and you’re loving life and the experience and the world and then, BAM. The next day it’s over and that’s it.

Over and done and you kind of feel blah.

Well that’s how I always feel when summer ends and fall hits.

Just kind of blah.

I don’t like being cold and I don’t like how it gets dark so early and I just don’t like having to wear so many clothes.

Aaaaanyways. Enough complaining.

This weekend was good. It was chilly and it got dark early and I had to wear a lot of clothes, but it was good. My sister and I rode our bikes all the way into Boston. We breathed in the fresh air and chatted throughout our ride. We took a walk through the North End and walked into shops and stopped for some food (we tried Saus, per Rachael and Bridget’s recommendation), we met up with our old roommate (and awesome friend) Lauren, and we basically just had a day filled with good in this city that is ours.

Boston has a way of doing that. Giving you a reason to love the seasons.

The trees are turning and there is beauty simply everywhere you look. And I don’t like cold, but I do like cozy. So there’s that.

I guess I’ll keep you, fall. I’ll keep you and your colors and your weekends for bike riding through the city.

I’ll keep you til Christmas and it’ll be good.

Cozy and very, very good.


  1. Your pants are so cute. I really love how you and your sister are so close – it’s really what I strive for with me and my sister :)

  2. I love your photos…always. So very Fall-ish. But I so know what you mean. After Summer ends, it almost feels like the day after Christmas with lost inspiration and re-adjusting to “real life”. when we lived in the mid-west, I really hated the onset of Fall and Winter because it meant being dark all the time and never getting warm. But there are redeeming factors I guess ;) I love your positive attitude and I’m glad you had a nice day off yesterday.

  3. aw, love the photos! how lucky to have your sister around so often for fun days together! Let’s chat about this outfit… could it be any cuter? No.

  4. So I don’t know how to ride a bike. I wish I did so we could bike around together! And I’m obsessed with Saus. It’s right down the street from my office and I’m there far too often!

  5. I love fall for all of those reasons, though! I don’t mind wearing heavier clothes. This is probably because I’m a little self-conscious of my body, plus I’m pretty white. I haven’t had sun-kissed skin since I was in high school. I love snuggling up and getting cozy, and I love the colors of the leaves, and fires, and the warm drinks at Starbucks. Yes, it is definitely my favorite time of year. :)

  6. i feel you on the love for summer, but you look so darn cute in that puffer! i just love it.

    also – i know the feeling you speak of. imagine how you would feel once your wedding is over?! (like we discussed). that’s why honeymoons were created! i think i should take a honeymoon after every christmas.

    • Maybe we should go on a honeymoon together after next summer is over. And then we can repeat it year after year after year.

      Genius. I am a genius.

  7. The PERFECT day!!

  8. STOP IT. I DIE over Saus. One time over the summer Mike and I met there for a mid-workday snack (it’s halfway between our two workplaces…umm fate) and ended up both eating second lunches…french fries and poutine and nutella waffles GALORE!

    How many times did you attempt to get that perfect bike riding/skyline shot? I picture you and Meg LOLing as you ride by for the 1235234th time… “taaake ittt…NOW!”

  9. I LOVE FALL. I am so excited for the beautiful leaves and scarves and hot drinks…you’re right…cold is not fun, but cozy is THE BEST. Gorgeous shots, as always…looking forward to seeing how you capture the rest of the season.

  10. I totally agree with the sentiment “I don’t like cold, but I do like cozy.” I guess it is a good excuse to pile on the colorful layers. You’re outfit is too cute! It’s evening making me look forward to the chill…but only a little bit.

  11. Ali Herter says:

    “Boston has a way of doing that. Giving you a reason to love the seasons.” Perfect friend. Perfect. I try to explain to Kiwi’s about the 4 distinct seasons in Boston but until you actually experience it…. no words can fully describe it. Love you and Meg riding your bikes. Cute and cute.

    Love you. Mean it.


  12. Your outfit is adorable! Those bike riding pics are amazing!

  13. Whenever I get sad about the end of summer, I think about all the layers I get to wear and I think about how cozy everything is. That tends to cheer me up, too.

    I haven’t been to Saus yet, but your post is yet another thing that makes me want to go- it looks so delicious!

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