photos + a post from a week in october.

Last night, around 8 PM or so, I had a full on dance sesh to Simon and Garfunkel’s Concert in Central Park. Zanner was cooking dinner (butternut squash soup!), and his brother was over hanging out, and little Rue puppy was spending the night with us, and we were listening to the record player, and “Late in the Evening” came on, and my body just started moving. I mean, seriously dancing. Like, the dance like no one’s watching kind of dancing.

MAGIC, people.

No one was watching, of course, which made it all the more amazing. Zan and Erik were oblivious in the kitchen and there I was, just busting out my moves and grooving to the beat. I wish there was a video to show. I was on fire. There is hardly anything better in this life than an unexpected dance session in the comfort of your own home.

You should really try it sometime.

And that song? Oh, it is SO.GOOD. Perfect for dancing to in sweatpants and a high pony. If you’re into that sort of thing.


These pictures are from last Sunday. I walked around a lot in my new boots (that red brick line is the good ‘ol Freedom Trail) and enjoyed the sunshine and the warmish (for October) air. I basically just felt like yelling out the whole time, THIS CITY! This beautiful, wonderous, beyond gorgeous city!!

Holy heavens, my heart.

Happy, HAPPY weekend to you. All of you!



  1. Those boots are the ones from SOWA? Fantastic!

  2. love boston! such a beautiful city! i’ll be in nyc for a week on sunday and i can’t wait to visit the US again!

  3. that station wagon rules

  4. Oh man you make me miss Boston every day and in EVERY way – keep the goodness of that city coming!

  5. Love solo dance parties. Love how beautiful you make our fine city look. Love you!

  6. Holy heavens, my heart. –> new favorite phrase

    What ship is that?!

    • That’s the USS Constitution at the Charlestown Navy Yard! Have you ever been over there? Charlestown itself is TOTALLY worth a visit– and the Navy Yard is a good “Boston” thing to do, too.

  7. you really have a gift of capturing Boston’s beauty.

  8. You make me miss Boston.

    And my family is definitely in need of a crazy dance session this weekend.

    Catch ya next week!

  9. Hilarious dance story. Love it.

    Those boots are a killer find! I hope they are carrying you around gorgeous Boston well!

  10. oh this just proves how much we are soul sisters, anna dear. i am SUCH a fan of that kind of dancing. and hell, i do a darn good job serenading my dirty dishes as i wash them :). and i do love how you capture this lovely city of ours. your way of capturing it is just so unique and magical.

  11. oh anna you make me smile. i love dance sessions alone (although i have a feeling you’re just a little bit of a better dancer than me, haha!) i also love those boots – keep rocking them girl!

  12. YES to s&g in central park AND those cowboy boots.

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