about the time I went to NYC and it was magic.

I feel like something is happening to me.

Or, has happened to me, rather.

It’s like I can’t go anywhere with my camera lately without taking a bazillion photos.

And then. Then! If that’s not bad enough I can’t write a blog post without posting said BAZILLION photos.


Not really.

Hope you don’t mind!



Can I actually just say something before we begin? One more thing?

New York City is just so incredibly romantic.

Isn’t it?

Gosh I just want to hug it every single time I go.

Some parts I do not want to hug (Ahemm, Times Square) but most parts I do.

This particular trip brought me to the West Village. Talk about romantic. I could straight up slow dance with the West Village. DREAMY!

My main reason for heading to New York on this fine November day was to meet up with my best friend Bailey, who was visiting family in NJ and NY for the Holidays. Bailey used to live in Manhattan, then Brooklyn, and now she lives Charlotte.

(Remember when I went to visit her last spring?)

It’s only a few times a year that we get to spend time together, so I decided to take advantage of my proximity to the city to hang out with her, Luke, and Kevin.

We went to Aria Wine Bar and had small plates and wine. It was super lovely.

Mostly, I just loved being with my friend.

And isn’t Luke crazy cute??

YES. Yes he is.

After lunch we just walked around shopping and talking, catching up on things that are new and reminicing about favorite memories of old. We got cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery (the original!) and we popped into Chelsea Market and strolled through the Union Square Holiday Market, too.

I bought some handmade local gifts at Teich and Bailey picked up some adorable kid stuff for Luke.

All in all, a really great afternoon…

When I first made my plans to go to New York for the day, I just imagined having brunch, then hopping on the train back to Greenwich. But my brain got reeling and I just kept thinking WHAT ELSE can I do in this city of DREAMS?

Because, I mean, let’s live it up in NYC why don’t we.


And so came about the fabulous idea to see if the New York City Ballet was performing The Nutcracker.


After saying goodbye to Bails, I headed towards Lincoln Center to meet up with my sister and my cousin Haley. We went to dinner at P.J. Clark’s in Lincoln Square– right across the street from the theatre, which was perfect (thanks for the rec, Colleen!), and then skittered right on over to watch the ballet.

Seeing the New York City Ballet perform The Nutcracker has always been a lifelong dream of mine. And going to Lincoln Center, yet another dream. Ever since this movie, circa 1993. And this movie, circa 2000. Also, I was in the Nutcracker when I was younger, and was an aspiring ballerina back in the day. SIGH. The memories.

The theatre! The costumes! The music! The dancing! THE NOSTALGIA.

It was in a word:



Thanks for everything, New York.



  1. I don’t mind your billions of photos. IN FACT! I love it. Do it again. And take me to NYC with you next timeeeee.

  2. the ballet! what a dream. i just love the way you look at each day – it is so refreshing and reminds us all to take joy in the simplest of things. as always, such beautiful snapshots. i feel like i was there with you! and that baby? sooo adorable.

  3. Perfect photos! I was in New York for the holiday as well. I’ve been dozens of times, but I love it more and more after each visit!

  4. I’m dreaming of seeing the Nutcracker this holiday season. Thanks for reminding me. XOXO SEE YOU IN LIKE 5 DAYS

  5. Growing up in Philly, day trips to New York were often. It kills me to be a few hours further south with a day trip just out of reach.

    So…don’t. stop. taking. photos. I am living vicariously through you Anna! So glad you went to see the nutcracker and huzzah for being a ballerina when you were younger. Always impressed, the more I learn about you.

  6. can you teach me how to take pictures as great as these? :)


  7. I love seeing my city through your eyes/lens! Sometimes when I am crammed on a train during rush hour or lugging groceries home in the cold, I forget about the romance! I should have more West Village wandering days like yours to help jog my memory.

    The ballet sounds lovely! I’ve always wanted to go. I hear the NYCB has a show to the music of Sufjan Stevens (whom I love), so maybe I will make that a request for my birthday this year :)

    • I know how it is, forgetting sometimes. I do the same here in Boston. But then we remember and fall in love all over again, right?

      And yes! Request tickets to the ballet! It’s just such a treat! :)

  8. That baaaaabe!!!! In his little sweater!!! I can’t even. Love the pictures, as always! Can we go to NYC together next time? Photos and food galooore.

  9. Love you! Too quick a visit, but so nice! Thanks for capturing the memories.

  10. Oh my gosh, THE WEST VILLAGE! How beautiful. Must. Live. There. someday…

    Did you know I was Clara once? Yes, when I was 13, my dance studio did a rendition of The Nutcracker called A Nutcracker Fantasy that told the same story, but used more forms of dance than just ballet. There was tap, jazz, Pointe, flat, even clogging one year. I loved it. Performing is awesome. :)

  11. i agree with melissa – i love seeing nyc through your eyes. makes me fall in love with it all over again. and the west village – god what a dreamy place. there is no better place to spend a balmy summer night. the hamptons has nothing on it’s magic.

    also – so glad dinner went well :)

  12. “Gosh I just want to hug it every single time I go.”

    COULD YOU BE ANY MORE ADORABLE?! i think the world just imploded upon the writing of that quote. too good. you almost make me like nyc! yes, that’s right. grandma here gets all heeby-jeeb’d by the bustle of that city. one day! one day i’ll be as big of a fan as you! :) it’s already partially won me over with the cupcakes and bikes!

  13. I love your photos! I seems like you had a great time in NYC, then again, how could you not!!

  14. i laughed out loud at “straight up slow dance with the west village”…that blueish/minty colored row home? SWOON!


  1. […] away we walked the streets of the neighborhood. I have blogged about the West Village before and I still think it’s ABSOLUTE MAGIC. We had lunch at Tartine, a little french bakery bistro […]

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