good thoughts for a friday in november.

Friends! HEY!

I feel like it’s been awhile since we’ve seen each other. Seen? Heard? Read? Hmmm….

I’m going to have to sit on that one for a bit. This whole blogging thing totally boggles my mind sometimes. AND I LOVE IT.

So… what have I been up to this week…good thoughts, good thoughts. Let’s see…

Last weekend I spent another weekend in Boston (evidence above!). I met up with Clair and Mackenzie for coffee, which is my favorite, and strolled Newbury Street and the Public Garden with my holiday spirit in full force. This coming weekend will bring yet another Saturday and Sunday at home. There is sleeping in to do! And crafts to be done! And Netflix to watch! It’s all so exciting. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever spend another weekend away again or if I will just be in Boston FOREVER. Just kidding! I know I will travel again! But this might be the longest streak ever in the state of Massachusetts, or so it feels. And it feels pretty good.


On Monday and Wednesday I participated in the most incredible workshop at school, Family Stories in Picture and Writing. I worked on collage art and spent my time writing down and telling my dad’s story. It was such a wonderful experience and incredibly important for me to record and write down. The artwork aspect of the story telling is amazing, and I’m considering sharing some of the artwork I did here on this ‘ol blog. I think you guys will be impressed! It’s also amazing and wonderful to me how everyone can be successful while doing this artwork and writing– and I’m so excited to try this literature project with my own first graders.


On Tuesday morning we exercised our right to vote, and on Tuesday night we cheered and cheered and danced along to Stevie Wonder’s soul single with a smile in our eyes and pride our hearts. You go, Mr. President, YOU GO!


I’ve been making handmade decorations for the holidays and even had to break out my hat and gloves on Thursday morning because of the SNOW! I don’t like cold, but I’m having a hard time doing too much complaining with this stuff in my kitchen. Y.U.M. With enough hot chocolate and six full seasons of Dawson’s Creek to dig into on Netflix, I think I’m officially all set for winter. BRING IT.


Other things I’m loving?

This Hip Handmade Holiday E-book. So fun!

This dry shampoo. I wash my hair twice a week now! Not even kidding!

This She & Him Christmas record. Our turn table always gets the most use around the holidays.

These killer leopard print boots. Target! $14.50 on sale! Gleee!

This best-selling book. Wow. I finished it last week and I cannot stop thinking about it. It’s truly an incredible story.

And, last but not least, the new instagram profile pages and pinterest secret boards! I, for one, think they’re both pretty rad.

Any good thoughts you want to tell about?

Happy Friday, friends! And, as always, HAPPY WEEKEND!


  1. Wow! Thank you so much for telling me about Secret Pinterest Boards!!! Happy weekend love.

  2. You’re making me want to hunker down and do some holiday crafting and baking and whatnot. I love it! Sounds like you’ve been keeping happily busy these days…Boston looks so beautiful!

  3. this post just changed my day. thanks for sharing your contagious joy!

  4. Love your looks of Boston. We should meet up sometime and have a shared weekend in Boston :)

  5. As always, you make Boston look so lovely! It always looks better in your photos than on my daily commute!

    I recently read Unbroken – isn’t it fabulous!! I couldn’t put it down and was telling all my family about it. I was so surprised that I enjoyed it as much as I did b/c it isn’t the typical type of book I read – but it was JUST so good!

    Love the secret Pinterest boards – will definitely be using them during the Christmas season!

    • OH! it was SO GOOD. Wow. It’s just such an unbelievable story. Shocking and magnificent. I’m glad you liked it too!

  6. beautiful photos and beautiful quote!


  7. I am SO excited about secret pinterest boards. Time to start pinning pressies!

    Also have not forgotten that I promised you a summary of my hair experience. Maybe I will turn it into a post. But I’ll get to it…promise.

    Love the Boston ducklings, love Mr. President, LOVE holiday decorations and Netflix and hot cocoa.

  8. I love those boots! I’m totally going to have to make a trip to Target to see if they’re on sale in my store. And I LOVE She & Him (will they come out with another album, already?!), so I will definitely have to get their Christmas CD.

    And my jaw totally dropped when scrolling through these pictures from Boston. Man, I love that city! I HAVE to visit their someday. It is so beautiful, I can’t even wrapped my mind around it. And you have incredible eye when it comes to capturing the place in your frames. :)

  9. I bought that dry shampoo yesterday because of your tweets and you’re right, it’s awesome!

  10. your pictures make me SO happy. also the story of your father, wow. amazing. so happy that you are here to tell that story.. ps definitely share some of your art from that workshop!!

  11. I love that quote so much.

  12. these pictures are so pretty! and i love that quote!

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