scenes from a thanksgiving in connecticut.


This year for Thanksgiving my sister and I headed down to Connecticut to spend the holiday at my Grammy’s house. My parents drove down from Syracuse and it was a perfectly relaxing weekend spend with my mom’s side of the family. Greenwich is where my mom grew up, and since we’ve been taking trips here a few times a year since I was born, it truly does feel like home. I know the town like the back of my hand and although I do spend some times out of doors, I always feel happy enough just kicking my heals up and basking in relaxation– which is much of what I did this trip and exactly the kind of weekend I was looking for.

Thursday was spent watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade in our pajamas, pouring all the love into baby Hope, and then spending time together cooking and eating. We had an early dinner, and by 6:00 were all quiet and sleepy, the aftermath of too much rich food and much too many varieties of delicious pie. It was in a word: wonderful.

Friday my sister and I took a stroll down Greenwich Avenue, dipping into our favorite stores to shop the Black Friday sales. We both came back with goodies for our closets, and less money in our wallets than we’d had the day before. Since my gifts this year are all being bought handmade, this day was of the “treat yo self” variety. And a very nice treat it turned out to be.

All in all it was a such a good weekend. It was good to be with family and it was so very good to be “home”.


  1. love the shots of you and your sister by the fire, the pie and that sweet baby!

  2. I agree. Does your Mom sent out a Christmas Card because if she does…that pic is it!! Adorbs!!!!!!!

  3. oh my word everything looks so good. i want to go back and do it all over again! and “treat yo self” days are my favorite, i’m glad you had one.

  4. My favorite is that second-to-last of you and your sister…but just lovely lovely all around.

    Happy belated to you!

  5. That food! Those pies! That baby! Such an adorable family. I’m glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were able to score some good deals for your closet. I’m trying to resist buying things for myself until all my Christmas shopping is complete!

  6. Your family = so terribly cute as usual!

  7. What a beautiful family! I love how all of you live in the New England states. :) I would love to move up there one day, but I’m quite attached to the south right now. I’m still keeping an eye out on those cheetah-print boots you got at Target. I should’ve looked for them yesterday while I was there, but didn’t think about it.

  8. You’ve got me craving pieeeee all over again! And you look beautiful :)

  9. These photos are fantastic, as always. That pie, I can smell it through the screen.

    For the record, I am a big fan of a bit of “treat yo self” around the holidays! I snagged a pair of Ann Taylor Loft leggings and a few other goodies thanks to yours truly!

  10. Glad you had a nice relaxing Thanksgiving, Anna! Those are the best kind of holidays. Add a baby in there, and it makes everything SO much more fun! Greenwich sounds like a dream. I can just picture how quaint and cute it is from your writing.

    You and your sister are so beautiful. Love those last 2 pictures of you.

    Oh, and that pie! Gorgeous!!

  11. looks like such a cozy, wonderful thanksgiving. can i just say how cute you and your sister are together? it melts my heart, like seriously. also. that thanksgiving plate. i want that for lunch. looks amazing. xo

  12. I love these pictures of you + your sister :) And your plate of deliciousness – how pretty! It looks like you had a cozy + wonderful Thanksgiving and I’m so glad to see that xoxo! eliza

  13. Your family has the kindest eyes. I love it.


  1. […] Yesterday we had our own little Christmas in Boston. We woke up, put the record player on, brewed up some coffee and plowed into unwrapping some gifts. It was everything a Christmas before Christmas should be– festive, relaxing, and happy. Zan made out with some new sweaters, monogramed coasters, ski socks, and a fishing gadget to make his own lures.  I came away with a brand new ski helmet and a mini-iPad! What. A. Treat! This morning I’m on the road driving to Connecticut for the week. I’m so excited to spend time with my family. And to experience the magic with little Hope! […]

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