boston, in december, at night.

It’s perfect, isn’t it?

It’s been a busy couple of weekends and I haven’t gotten to take my walks with my camera as often as I’d like lately. With holiday this and holiday that it’s been kind of crazy around here, which is fun (and makes me forget about the cold for awhile), but it’s also exhausting. Ever since December’s hit I’ve been wanting to visit Boston at night to capture the lights in all their glory. You know, walk around with my camera, enjoy the city, do my thing. Last night brought me to Beacon Hill to meet up with new friends, and I finally got my wish.

Here they are! THE LIGHTS! They sparkle! And they are BEAUTIFUL.

Twinkle perfection.


  1. Well, you know I love this.

  2. Mmm so dreamy! I love the way the lights look in the dark quiet street.

    • It was quiet that night, which I loved. The best times to walk around the city (tourist free) is weekend nights and early Sunday mornings. And you’re right. It is SO DREAMY.

  3. We just love all the pictures with the lights :] Beautiful!

  4. Oh these are just magical.

  5. it’s the MOST wonderful TIME of the YEAAAAAAR! I was on Newbury on Sunday night and I had to keep stopping to look, it was just too pretty.

  6. dreamy.

    Thank you for sharing the city I love and miss so much! I continue to live vicariously thought you.

  7. I’m SAD I couldn’t join you ladies, but I love these beautiful scenes you got! Gorgeous.

  8. You make me want a fancy pants camera that can get good night shots! Mine always turn out blurry. Sounds like a lovely evening of strolling and new friends. It’s nice to take a break from the holiday madness sometimes.

  9. Actual perfection. We walked through the Common and Beacon Hill one night last week and all the sweet little trees and holiday scenes were all it took to finally get me in the Christmas spirit! Also, so jealous of these lovely night shots!

  10. beautiful photos – such a gorgeous time of year!

  11. Beautiful! I absolutely love Boston. Hoping to make it up there soon within the next few weeks for a trip to the Garment District.

    <3 Melissa

  12. Yes, they ARE perfect! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I’m looking forward to getting out into the city this weekend to make the most of this wonderful season and enjoy some of those lights for myself!

  13. when i was in boston for nye last year we walked all around beacon hill to get to where we needed to be and i loved it – these pictures capture it perfectly. it’s quite a nice city.

  14. SO magical friend. Makes me homesick….but so so happy that you give me sneak peaks back to Boston all the time. Thank you friend. Thank you! xoxox

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