on making it worth it.

I’m feeling thoughtful.

I don’t know why but the feelings are there. Maybe it’s because I heard some sad news yesterday. Or because it feels that with winter’s arrival things are closing in, shutting down, cozying up, settling in.

On Saturday it snowed. The evidence is long gone now– it didn’t last for more than a few hours, but it happened and I was a witness. It was kind of perfect, really. It being December 1st and all. I woke up and looked out the window, and there it was, that swirling white goodness falling from the sky. And I smiled.

Warmer days will always be my favorite, but this winter thing is important, too. It makes you take a step back. Look at your surroundings harder– to see your strengths and come to terms with your weaknesses. Feel your heart beating with just a little bit more appreciation as another year comes to a close.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself over the past few years and one thing I’m truly thankful for it is for my ability to see the good in things– in people, in situations, in experiences. I don’t exactly know how I got this way (thanks, mom and dad), but I do know that it’s a nice way to live. It’s an intentional way to live, too. You just have to believe it.

Be you and no one else.

Live passionately.

Practice kindness.

Feel beautiful.

Surround yourself with people that make you happy.



Laugh at yourself.

Let it go.


This life is what you make of it, and I intend to make it worth it.

Believe you are worth it too, okay?

Because you are.

We all are.


  1. Love.

  2. “Feel your heart beating with just a little bit more appreciation as another year comes to a close.” this resonated with me so much. every time i hear “pictures of you” by the cure i get reminded of my friend debbie who passed away, and as time has gone on it’s pretty much any cure song. and for some reason i heard the cure a lot this weekend, in every little store and restaurant i stopped in. and as i went around feeling festive and trimming the tree, deep in my heart, when i heard those songs, i tried to remember how acutely grateful i was for another Christmas spent with loved ones. as another year comes to a close i try to remember to be grateful and appreciate that i had another year, even if it wasn’t perfect. this sentence summed it up perfectly.

    it is intentional to live your life this way, it’s a choice. it’s one of the reasons i love getting to spend with you – it’s infectious when you’re around. thanks for the reminder to keep living this way, and for sharing these wonderful thoughts.

    • I know. It’s hard to understand why some people don’t get to live their life all the way through. It doesn’t seem fair and it’s confusing, too. But all the more reason for us to live OUR lives full, isn’t it? We only get one. We might as well live it to the highest.

      And this is why I also love spending time with you. We were meant to be, you and me. And thank goodness for that.

  3. I was witness to said snow. I went running in it! But this post is perfect. Love.

  4. Loved this “thoughtful” post. You are such a great writer.

  5. what lovely words you have put down here today. Thanks for sharing your thoughtful post today. I too witnessed the snow. My family went to the tree farm that day (we had already planned it and going in the snow made it so much more magical). I am so glad that we got some snow (even if it was just a little) and hope we get some more.. unlike last winter.

    • I know! Last winter was crazy warm, It wasn’t even really a winter at all. And how fun you got to get your tree in the SNOW! We get our tree from a tree farm, too. It’s the best.

  6. Such incredible sentiments. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Before I moved to coastal Texas, I thought I was a warm weather person. The Utah winters seemed to drag on and on and because I wasn’t a skier, I thought I would be happy to be rid of it. Boy, was I wrong.

    Winter is necessary. I think all the seasons are. I need them to remind me that time is moving on & to take stock. Also, I need boots & layers. :)

    The two things that stand out to me are to practice kindness and to let it go. Those are both things I am working on every day, and that are making me a better person.

    Lovely post.


    • Those are my two favorite, too. Absolutely.

      And I guess I sometimes take the seasons for granted. I always say I could live in 70 degrees all year round, but I think I probably wouldn’t appreciate it as much. And there is just something so perfect about the spring– a special kind of “almost summer” feeling that really makes you feel alive.

  8. This is a mantra I need to tape to my refrigerator every and read every morning. I think I’ll even pin it! Also, your apartment looks like it came right out of a magazine. It’s so adorable. You have a great sense of style, Anna! :)

  9. Anna! First, so great meeting you yesterday! Heart you!

    Second, I totally agree about needing winter.. We are able to literally see the trees at their LEAST, missing all their colors, yet if we can appreciate that, then we can REALLY appreciate it when they are fruitful & lush. I think it makes it more special, to see the change. And also to know that even though its winter, the warm will come again. Very poetic, these seasons we have :)

    xo L

  10. This is incredibly beautiful. I loved reading this, this evening as I sit here finding myself reflecting back on the year that’s coming to a close.

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