trimming the tree.

I’ve been collecting ornaments for a few years now. A couple are favorites from childhood, some I’ve gotten from friends, and others I’ve picked up here and there along the way. I love the variety and how many of them remind me of a certain time in my life or of certain people that I keep close to my heart. It’s fun going through the box of ornaments and unwrapping each one, finding the spot where it will live on this year’s tree.

I spent much of this weekend decorating. And when I was all done with the decorating I was happy enough just sitting back and enjoying my handy work. Pretty wondrous, if I do say so myself.

I think it’s safe to say it’s officially Christmas up in here.

Let the egg-nog drinking and Christmas movie marathon watching begin!


  1. these pictures! they are so perfect, as is your tree. if I lived in your apartment I would find it very hard to leave its coziness every day. I love this season so much and you have captured it perfectly.

  2. Your ornaments are adorable – is it just me or have they all just increased like crazy in price this year!

  3. I LOVE that needle felted whale! I am going to pin it and MAKE ONE.

    Also, I spy yarn! Are you crafting?!

    • Teaching myself to knit! I have faith I can learn, but I’m having a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel at this point. Cross your fingers for me!

  4. I agree with Claire- that whale is the cutest thing ever!

    How’s the knitting going?

    • HARD! I am completely starting from scratch with this whole learning process. I’d never even picked up a pair of knitting needles before yesterday.

  5. Oooh I see your knitting sitting there! Go you! Have you decided on a project or are you just playing with it? We have a few of the same ornaments! And your pictures? Beautiful as always. xoxo, eliza

    • I want to eventually make a scarf– but I am just playing with it for now. I need to practice A LOT MORE. It’s still so hard and awkward for me. Tell me it gets easier?

  6. I love that little s’more guy. Your tree looks equal parts classy and comfortable… but I wouldn’t expect anything less.

  7. Ah your tree makes me so happy! It definitely puts my mini one to shame – great pics! I love the little whale…

  8. I love your collection of ornaments. My teeny apartment and crazy cat don’t exactly lend themselves to getting a tree, but I love the idea of slowly collecting pieces that have a story and making the tree decorating process a fun trip down memory lane. Your apartment looks great!

  9. SO COZY. i love it.

  10. What a beautiful room!

  11. I have a very similar s’mornament – but mine is a cheerleader!! And do I spy a Flour sticky bun? Get in mah BELLAY.

    • I got Zan a skier once… but cannot for the life of me find it! I will have to keep looking. It’s super cute, too.

  12. LOVE your decorations :)

  13. Looking good over there you guys! We did our tree this weekend too and I am just LOVING it. For some reason I am more in the Christmas spirit than usual. I will take it!

    Loving the blog. obvi.


  14. OMG the marshmallow ornament just kills me. I love it. And I love your tree!

  15. I LOVE your ornaments! They are so cute. Especially the whale and the duck. And the cute, little marshmallow. And the octopus! :) I am all about some Christmas movies around the holiday season of the Love, Actually, Family Stone, Christmas Story variety. Love, Actually I could watch every single day. I love that movie so much. You have a lovely home, Anna!

  16. such a cozy, adorable space. The tree looks fantastic. Love this, hope you had a great time decorating the tree :)


  17. Your Christmas tree is beautiful, as is your living room! Love the pretty couch with that chevron pillow.

    p.s. Heard about your blog through Colleen an I’m loving it so far. She speaks great things about you!

  18. wow! Your apartment is so christmassy- love it and love your ornaments! Saturday’s snow really kicked off the christmas feeling for me- putting up the tree tonight!
    One of our traditions is to make sure to find a great ornament on every vacation we go on- it makes taking them out of the box like a wonderful escape down memory lane.

  19. Ali Herter says:

    LOVE your tree!! We have the same chubby whale ornament! one of my faves!! Can’t wait to see you soon! xxxxxxxx

  20. SO CUTE!!!!!!!! I just love everything about you and I wanna come hang out in your cozy living room!


  21. i love these images. so cozy.

  22. Whoa and whoa. Your place looks AMAZING! I seriously need you to come decorate for me. And that tree. Damn. We have a dinky artificial one :) Where did you get the whale ornament?! Must have.

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