A few weeks ago this sweet lady posted this photo and my instagram literally BLEW UP with new followers. I was BEYOND excited. Giddy! OVERJOYED! THANK YOU, TANIA! You rocked my world that day (and every day).

Anyways, I know I’ve said it before, but I’m completely obsessed (borderline addicted) to instagram. Since I know I’m not alone in this (I’m looking at YOU), I thought I’d pay it forward and share some of my favorites here. For me, the best part of instagram is getting a glimpse into the lives and days of others. I follow a few close real-life friends, a lot of bloggers, and a handful of skilled photographers, too. I love seeing the beauty in the everyday, but most of all I love way instagram makes good photography so accessible. I love this little instagram community— how you can instantly be transported to the hustle and bustle of New York City, the streets of Paris and Rome, or the beaches on the west coast. It’s a beautiful world out there and these people capture it perfectly…


My sister! I honestly LOVE her instas. And not just because she’s my family!

Loves Boston, New York City, puppies, and the ocean.


Gorgeous views of Italy all day every day. She lives in Rome. Mega SIGH.


I adore this woman’s shots of her day to day life. Wonderfully soft and full of simple magic.


Love this girl. And her precious Henny. Lives in New York City. Quirky. Adorable. Real.


Megan is one of my favorite bloggers, too. She is one of my biggest role models in photography and design. LOVE HER.


Owner and designer of (MY FAVE) Rifle Paper Co. She has a serious eye for pretty. Full of beauty and character.


I just love this family. Wholesome goodness from Texas (soon to be Nashville!). And the most adorable littles.


AMAZING photographer. Lives by the ocean in California. A beach lovers paradise.


{If you click on the name links, you’ll be transported to the IG pages, where you can easily follow if you’re logged into instagram.}


Now tell me, who are your favorites?


  1. I’m a fan of yours. TO THE MAX. But I also love @wilybrunette. She’s mah fave.

  2. Jenna | The Paleo Project says:

    One day I clicked your sisters IG and spent like 20 minutes on it! I loveeeed it! I love yours. I love taza’s. I love Anna rifle bonds as well! Hmmm… I love @sarahyates and salty Seattle! So many. I’m clearly obsessed as well!!!!

  3. I’m obsessed with IG. And I’m not just saying this – but you are my FAV to follow. You just post the best, snowiest, most celebrate-the-seasons-and-YOUR-LIFE pictures.

    I like following @leslieshewring @elsiecake and @heygorgevents

    Those are three you should check out!

    Thanks for the recommendations, lady :)

    • SWEETEST! Thank you! I spend a lot of time curating mine (maybe too much, but it feels right), so it feels good to know you like them!

      I follow elsiecake (and love her, she’s so creative!), but the others are new to me so I’ll have to look them up!

  4. You have ALWAYS been my fave instagrammer friend!!! I am quickly going to add your faves to follow now!! xxxxxxx

    • THANK YOU, friend! Love yours, too, of course. Gimme a little Kiwi goodness. Love it. Also, your throw back Thursdays are THE BEST.

      Glad you have some new ones to follow! Except I know you already follow natthefatrat because WE LOVE HER. FOREVER.

  5. i, too, love your sister and natthefatrat and annariflebond. one person i’d recommend is my friend alex’s friend in philly – evblendz. takes such cool pictures of philly and of just every day life. if you’re looking for pictures of the west? my friend katieinjackson who lives in jackson hole, WY. i love seeing her pics and remembering how different the places we live are – yet it’s all still america! thank goodness for that louisiana purchase, am i right?!

    • Yes! It’s so cool being able to see all the different places just here in the US alone. I LOVE that about IG. Thanks for the recs! I will definitely check out these friends of yours. I’m not following anyone from either of these places, I think, so it’ll be fun to get a taste of someplace new. :)

  6. Sarah Wilson says:

    Thanks for sharing these!! So many new peeps to follow!

  7. I love following you on IG because it makes me especially happy to see all of my favorite spots around the city in new light :) I feel like one day I’ll run into you!
    Some other favorite IGers?
    Jaime Beck @_frommetoyou – travels all around the world shooting beautiful architecture/ food/ fashion
    Tucker Taylor @farmert – Culinary gardener for the French Laundry
    @npr- because let’s mix a little current events into the feed!
    and @Kinfolkmag because well-they just make a beautiful magazine!

    happy weekend!

    • Oh, yay! Sometimes I wonder if I’ll run into other bloggers when I’m out and about. So far, I’ve run into Emily (from So Anthro) TWICE, but no one else yet!

      Thank you for these suggestions! I do follow kinfolk mag– such a good one! But the other ones are new to me! So, thanks!

  8. oh my goodness your sister’s IG is SO GOOD. she gets some fantastic shots!

    i love @tinytangerines – she’s adorable and her kids are ridiculously cute

    • She does, doesn’t she?! I think so too. :)

      And thanks for the tinytangerines rec… I love adorable people with ridiculously cute kids! Hooray!

  9. well you are just SO WELCOME. your instagrams are awesome and i enjoy them and aspire to their quality. it’s a great thing to share the love–i got so many fun new instagram recs in return, and now my feed is full of great new stuff. i love your picks here. anna rifle bond is one of my recent favorites, too!

    • Thank you again! I love getting a glimpse at DC when I look at your photos. It was especially fun during the inauguration on Monday. Loved that.

      I’m hoping to make it to DC this summer and I CAN’T WAIT. We have a wedding in Baltimore, so I want to try to extend the weekend to spend a few days in DC. I haven’t been there in a few years and I LOVE IT!

  10. You are an IG star! :) I do always love your shots. Keep up the great work!

    People have already named most of my favorites (and I’ve picked up several new ones from everyone’s suggestions) but I also like @bonnietsang @designlovefest and @emhenderson but sometime I get too jealous of their gorgeous west coast weather! I guess I’ll just have to live vicariously through their images until May. Can vitamin D travel through my phone?!

    Oh, I also love the world travels of @aspiringkennedy and @lilystockman. Jealous of them too!

    • OOOO these are some good suggestions! And some of these I do not know yet!

      I also get jealous of some IGers… especially those traveling through EUROPE! Someday… le sigh.

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