the time we went to see the rockettes // nyc, december 2012


My goodness there are a lot of them in NYC.

Does anyone know how many exactly? (A million at least.)

I’m rewinding for a second back to December when I went to New York City for the day with my mom and her friend Susan. We went to see the Rockettes (MAGIC!) and have lunch (delicious!) on THE COLDEST DAY OF THE YEAR.  It might have been freezing, but that doesn’t mean it was any less perfect. I have memories upon memories of going into this part of the city with my mother, always around the holidays. We would bundle up and take the train in with my Grammy and my sister and my dad, and we would walk down Fifth Avenue and venture to the tree at Rockefeller Center. We would peer into the windows at Saks, and visit a little french bookstore by 30 Rock (I don’t think it’s there anymore, sadly, I couldn’t find it the last time I was there). And we would always, ALWAYS stop to watch the skaters– wishing it was us with our skates on, gliding on that ice. I love this part of New York City. The shops! The lights! The people! The crowds are horrendous, but the memories and the spirit are too good to make it anything other than fabulous.

Another great visit for the photo archives…

This city just never gets old.


  1. great pictures anna. i love the rockettes. i saw them when i was in grade school and will never forget it. perfect christmas activity!!!!

  2. Aren’t they just amazing?! I’ve only seen them once in my life, but I was really just so stunned…not just by the dancers, but by the whole thrilling experience.

    • Yes! Stunned is a good word. It’s like an out of body experience, I can’t even explain it.

      And the real live animals? Camels and donkeys? Sheep? I could not get over it. I’m still not over it.

  3. I haven’t seen the Christmas show since I was a kid, but I remember thinking the same thing – magical! And I also thought, how are they so perfectly in sync? That must take hours upon hours of practice! Love the photos – so lively.

  4. oh, new york. isn’t this city just sooo awesome?!?! i love it. we where there while sandy so we lost 3 days. but though it was soo amazing and i just loved looking through these picture, which are amazing by the way. sooo many memories!!

    thank you for sharing!!

  5. You and your little Bamboo are SO COOL writing on photos. I NEED ONE!!!!! Also so cayoot. You’re the cutest.

    • You do need one. :) so fun, and I like how it’s a bit more personal. Although I seriously need to practice my handwriting. It’s hard to get used to writing on that thing!

  6. so magical! Love your little hat and coat and boot combo. You little city girl, you!

  7. I love these pictures! I work in a building right next to Radio City Music Hall and love this part of the city so much, especially during the holidays!

    • My friend Colleen works in that part of the city too! I always wonder if the magic stays with you after you spend so much time there, or if it just starts to get annoying. Probably a little bit of both. I mean, who can escape the magic at Christmas? Even with the crazy crowds!

  8. You captured all the best parts of NYC! I love it :) And where can I get an identical red coat like yours? So chic.

    • It’s from j.crew a few years ago! But they have similar coats in the same color this season, too! Happy shopping!

  9. ANNA. THESE PHOTOS ARE JUST NOT OF THIS WORLD! ugh, teach me your ways!! xo

    • Haha! I’d love to! Let’s go on a Boston photo field-trip first, then we’ll stop in for a pick-me up coffee before heading to the BPL to work on editing tips. DEAL?

      (and while we’re at it, I could use your knitting expertise. but maybe we should save that for date #2…)

  10. i love how much you heart this city. and that you have childhood christmastime memories of rockefeller center like me. it is true and pure magic.

    • I’m glad you still think it’s magic. Sometimes I wonder if you work there, like you do, if the magic disappears after while.

      So glad to know it doesn’t. :-D

  11. ohhhh new york. can i just say how cute you look? THAT HAT!

    • It actually reminds me a little of the one you were wearing the other day! I loved that hat (and I think I forgot to tell you how much I liked it!) :)

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