five things on a sunday in march.



Rachael said she doesn’t usually do these things, and then she did (and I am glad). I’m here to say that I definitely do these things, so let’s get started already. These things are fun and fun is good.


one :: The nickname “Nanner” came about my junior year in college. I would always always always forget things as I was leaving my dorm and my crazy/silly neighbor (now a best friend) kept telling me I reminded her of her “Nan” (her grandmother). It stuck on pretty quick with the rest of my friends and I’ve never looked back since.

two :: Speaking of college, I had a really great group of girlfriends throughout my years at school. Senior year we all lived in a big brick house on the edge of a busy road in town. I will never forget the parties we had in that house. And the singing and dancing into the night. Crazy good, fun times. The best. I’m also still close with my high school girlfriends. They are some of the best people I know and I feel incredibly thankful to call them mine. I get really bummed out from time to time that we can’t see each other more often, but when we do see each other everything’s exactly the same as it always was and I always feel like the luckiest.

three :: Speaking of high school, my dad owned an old Cabriolet that looked just like this one during the year I was learning to drive. It was kind of old and run-down, but I really loved it. I still remember the way it smelled and the feeling of driving to the lake in the summer sun with top down and the music blaring. I get serious nostalgia when I think of that car and would give anything to go back in time to that summer, if only for a moment. SIGH.

four :: What else. My biggest pet peeve is when people drive too close behind me. I am not a slow driver, and so when this happens I often feel like the person behind me is just an impatient speed demon that obviously never learned driving etiquette. I instantly go on super defense mode and drive unreasonably and annoyingly slow just to piss the person tailgaiting off. I also get really mad and usually start shouting profanity into the rearview mirror as if the driver can hear me (to which the other person is more than likely shouting and cursing back at me). Not my finest moments, but I’m okay with it. And a disclaimer if you should ever find yourself in a car behind me: STAY BACK. Just stay back.

five :: I am a pretty serious perfectionist. Sometimes this gets in the way of life, but most of the time it’s just ingrained into who I am and I kind of love it. If I am doing something I am interested and passionate about (which I’d say is the case for 90% of the aspects of my life) then I will go above and beyond what would probably be perfectly acceptable and appreciated. This goes for blogging and instagramming and my etsy shop, and definitely teaching, and also party throwing. This does not effect keeping up with the laundry and emptying the dishwasher (unless I am having people over).

On the other hand, I am incredibly laid back and easy going (aside from the tailgaiting shenanigans, mind you). I take things as they come, try to see the bright side when things don’t work out, and generally live by the principals of “don’t sweat the small stuff” and “life is what you make it”, but also very much “everything happens for a reason.” I’m down with feeling all the feelings (goodness knows I love a good cry), but mostly I try to appreciate and enjoy life, because I see it as a gift and I’m not about to waste it.


And that’s that. It’s kind of hard to think of 5 random {hopefully new-to-you} things. But also fun, too.

The best is reading other people’s so here is where I will tag some of you:

Jenna + Eliza + Colleen + Melanie + Casey + Melissa


{P.S. My necklace is from Anthropologie and I am in LOVE.}

Happy Sunday, all!


  1. didn’t expect you to be an cussin’ driver at all but I KIND OF LIKE IT.

    and the perfectionist bit of you is awesome especially as it pertains to your instagram account because i like yo feed.

    • ONLY when there’s someone tailgaiting me! (also, only when I’m completely by myself. I would never put on that show with someone else in the car. Ha!)

      Otherwise I’m perfectly pleasant and not swearing AT ALL. :-D

  2. your number two sounds quite similar to my junior & senior years of college: a house full of great girls making some of the best memories. & I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a perfectionist – embrace it!

    • Yes! I’m glad you can connect. Good girlfriends are one of the best slices of life. I’m so glad I made some lifelong friends those years, and so glad I’ve got the memories to last me forever.

  3. I LOVE these. I think that one of the things I miss the most about college was living in a big old house with my closest girlfriends. That really is the best, no?

  4. Love how you started this and love that you do these things. I tend to fall into the “never do this” category, but I don’t really know why, because I always love reading them.

    Also, those pictures of you are so beautiful in such an effortless way. You look like a classically beautiful heroine of a young adult book…like Anne of Green Gables or Alice in Wonderland.

    • You did it once! Because you tagged me and then I did it after you! I still remember that. FOREVER.

      And thank you for that amazing compliment. Seriously. So nice!

  5. I LOVED learning new things about you! I also hate when people drive too close behind. Like, why is the point of this? There is none. Leave me alone.

    • Seriously. NO POINT. Also, with lights and traffic, we all end up where we are going around the same time. Don’t matter how fast you’re driving, PEOPLE!

  6. I love this! And I am WITH YOU on number 4, sista. Same goes for too-close-behind-me walkers. BACK UP! GIVE ME MY SPACE!

    Thanks for the tag! I’ve never done a “five things”, but I’m planning to try this week!

    • Oh, I hope you do. I know you’d be good at this.

      And ew. Hate close walkers. Also hate groups that take up the entire width of the sidewalk. Just NO.

  7. Cool- I didn`t even realize that was a necklace- until you mentioned it, I assumed it was a part of the shirt. Either way, it’s really neat!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  8. Love your road rage confession. I’m so glad I don’t drive. One less form of stress in my life!

    Thanks for the tag! Like Rachael, I usually don’t do these sorts of things, but I will try to dig up a few random facts…

  9. I have been wondering about the nickname for a long long time.
    And you are exactly who Joe gets behind occasionally. He will get so close, and I’m like, they are obviously slowing down because you are annoying them. And he’s like, no they are just not paying attention. We handle things differently, needless to say.

  10. Nanner!!—now we fun! I was also the ‘grandma’ in college (drinking unbelievable amounts of tea + having almost everything in my messenger bag at all times warranted me that nickname) which I absolutely loved. These are so fun!! And thanks for the tag, Anna! I’ll give it a go tonight!

  11. i’m so glad you tagged me – i also really love doing stuff like this :) my last year of college my roommate and i had a huge, old apartment on campus and oh the parties…what you said sounded so similar to my memories. lastly – love that necklace. you look so cute in those photos!

    • Thanks, C!

      Also, I feel like we would have been friends had we gone to college together. Party animals, you and I.

  12. Ooooh tailgating is the WORST! I think it’s kinda’ funny because I used to do the same exact thing – slow down to piss them off even more. Listen, in most cases it doesn’t even matter. You could be going 90 mph and they’ll still be on top of you.

    But now that I don’t have a car anymore, I get walker’s rage. When someone stops in the middle of a busy sidewalk like they’re the only person who matters – drives me crazy! Especially when I’m the one walking right behind them.

    Rant over.

    • Oh, walkers rage. I know it well because my best friend used to have it when we lived in Boston together. Now she lives in FL and drives most places, but I know she has it and I’ll never forget it! Too funny.

      And you are totally right about how it doesn’t matter how fast your going. They just want you to MOVE.

  13. Ha I love the pet peeve of yours – thank you for tagging me, I feel like it will be so hard to think of five things I haven’t talked about in length on the blog, but I am up to the challenge!!! Also, love that series of photos of you, you are pretty!!!

  14. thinking of you yelling f-bombs at crappy drivers cracked me up for a solid five minutes, if not more. you are too funny, sassy lady! show ’em what’s up!


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