a sunday of love and lilacs.


Just on the edge of the city of Boston there is a really hip little neighborhood called Jamaica Plain. In it there are beautiful old houses, delicious restaurants, and a little spot of land known as the Arnold Arboretum. In this spot of land, which is actually quite grand, there is a pocket of lilac trees that grow and bloom each year.

People come from all over the city {and likely from beyond} to celebrate and enjoy the trees.

This year was my first ever Lilac Sunday, and I liked it so much I think I may just have to make it a tradition…

Lilac SUNDAY!Lilac SUNDAY!-3 Lilac SUNDAY!-4 Lilac SUNDAY!-5 Lilac SUNDAY!-29Lilac SUNDAY!-7 Lilac SUNDAY!-8 Lilac SUNDAY!-9 Lilac SUNDAY!-10 Lilac SUNDAY!-13 Lilac SUNDAY!-15 Lilac SUNDAY!-16 Lilac SUNDAY!-17 Lilac SUNDAY!-18Lilac SUNDAY!-12 Lilac SUNDAY!-19 Lilac SUNDAY!-22 Lilac SUNDAY!-24 Lilac SUNDAY!-25 Lilac SUNDAY!-28

This day was made for loving lilacs, which is not hard to do.

We walked through the trees together in the light and warmth of the day. We oooed and aahhed at the VERY visible pollen floating through the air. It was amazing and also incredibly unbelievable + terrifying for an allergy sufferer such as myself {luckily, my meds did their thing! No runny eyes for me!}. And then we went to enjoy lunch at City Feed and Supply. Which I recommend to all. {And desperately wish was closer to where I live.}



  1. Aaah, lilacs, my favorite. I have childhood memories of bringing lilacs to school for my teacher. My mother would wrap the stems in wet paper towels and aluminum foil. Funny, the things we remember.

  2. Wow! Love your pictures as always. Your blog is amazing!


  3. this was my third year at lilac sunday. last year my babe was just over a month old, and this year my own mama was here with me! talk about a great mother’s day tradition. and the pollen was definitely unreal!

  4. LOVE JP! I want to move there sometime :)

  5. Oh I am most definitely making a point to be at this next year, simply stunning! You captured it perfectly, as always :)

  6. GORGEOUS!! All of it.. but the Cupcakory kind of stole my heart :D What a beautiful day!

  7. The Arb is so lovely all year long! (And the pollen, ohmygoodness. Jack and I had the brilliant idea to run to Lilac Sunday – so much inhaled allergy dust.)

    • My allergies are crazy, too, so I’m glad I was smart enough to take some allergy pills before hand. Love that you ran there, though. Yeah, Boston!

  8. Your blog is adorable! Just stumbled upon it + am loving the beautiful photographs and touches of Boston :)!

  9. We meant to do this last year and got caught up…never made it. And this year we were away. Next year next year!!! It’s a must see, I think!

  10. your sister and her man look so good. almost as good as you and zan ;)

  11. I can only imagine how good it must have smelled there! All those lilacs are beautiful. This looks like the perfect springtime Sunday!

  12. looks like a beautiful day! and i love me some clover food lab!

  13. beautiful photos. reminds me that I have to visit my neighbour and steal some of his lilacs :)

  14. What a beautiful time! Your pictures are perfect.

  15. oh gorgeous! my mother has a lilac tree in her back yard and it’s splendid but a whole arboretum of them sounds GLORIOUS! my sister’s in Boston but I doubt she knows about this – I’ll point her to this post :)


  1. […] I went to the Arnold Arboretum together last Tuesday to walk through the spring greenery and the famous May lilacs. The Arboretum is hands down one of the loveliest oasis’ in the city. It was a perfectly warm […]

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