denver {day three}: sweet action on broadway.


What troopers you all are! Thank you for reading all these long winded, song embedded, photography crazed posts. I am loving your comments and your excitement! And I feel it, too! Colorado sure is wonderful, isn’t it?

On the third day, we filled our day entirely with food and shopping, which is my idea of living the dream. Before I go on I’d like to say a few thoughts about my experience in Denver thus far:

1} WINDOW SCREENS. There aren’t any!

At least my friend Beth didn’t have any to speak of. I noticed this right away and was told that the altitude is so high that there aren’t a lot of bugs to worry about. WHAT? Pack your bags, everyone and LET’S MOVE TO DENVER. But seriously. I still cannot get over the no screens thing. Just amazing.

2} DRY AIR. What beautiful hair and skin you have!

This could be a good and a bad thing. My hands were incredibly dry while I was there, but my hair held up quite nicely each day thanks to the dry air and this dry shampoo. Also, water. I drank so much the first day that I had to go to the bathroom a lot A LOT. But, hydration! Can’t complain there! And lastly, a few bevys go a long way. And a lot of bevys go even further {hence the dancing}. I think we can all agree that too much fun + dancing is never a bad thing.

Also remember: hiking was hard! Physical activity not recommended for the feeble.

3} TIME CHANGE. hello, 6AM!

Now this experience would not necessarily effect everybody, but coming from East Coast time I definitely felt it effect me. Staying up late is never a problem for me, but early mornings can be rough. Not for a weekend in Colorado, though. I was up at the crack of dawn and felt like a million bucks. Sweet mountain living!


Anyways! Here are some of the day’s details…

denver day 3denver day 3-35

We started out with a walk in Washington Park with Beth’s little nugget of a puppy. Frida! You crazy thing, you. Then we headed out for brunch at Cafe Bar which was all kind of YUM. Each and every place we had a meal was straight up blogger perfection. I’m telling you! I loved it.

We ate brunch with Beth’s sister Lauren and got to hear all about her latest project and life in the tech world. Seeing your friends’ little siblings all grown up is strange {because it makes you feel OLD!}, but especially awesome, too. I love the work Lauren is doing and know that girl is really, truly going places. She is rocking it.

Then after eggs and strawberry buttermilk pancakes the shopping {and ice cream eating} commenced…

denver day 3-36denver day 3-2denver day 3-3 denver day 3-4 denver day 3-5denver day 3-6 denver day 3-7 denver day 3-8 denver day 3-9 denver day 3-10 denver day 3-21 denver day 3-19denver day 3-15 denver day 3-16 denver day 3-17 denver day 3-18 denver day 3-20 denver day 3-22 denver day 3-23



denver day 3-24denver-day-3-25-goodwill

Good times at Goodwill.

{WAAAY TOO GOOD.}denver day 3-28 denver day 3-30denver day 3-13denver day 3-2-2

I mean, but really? Those interiors! Does it get any better?

Every shop was obviously my favorite shop, but I was especially smitten with Fancy Tiger {both clothing and crafts. but ESPECIALLY crafts}. How cool is that deer head covered in yarn? We spent all afternoon there browsing and eating ice cream before a venture to the great REI filled with enough outdoor gear to keep you equipt in the Colorado mountains for the rest of your LIFE.

We ended the day with another lovely dinner with friends where I tucked my phone + camera away for the night and just decided to BE.

Another glorious day on the trip log.


p.s.  It probably goes without saying,
but all embedded songs are memories
from the trip/high school…
nostalgia at it’s best!

p.p.s. in case you missed it!
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  1. I love that every little shop is so different. There’s so much personality. I’m living through your photos.

  2. ANNA – these indoor shots are soo good and taking me right back to Colorado. Every coffee shop is chalkboard/white cup/rustic floor perfection and every shop is like Anthropologie and a local market in a love affair.

  3. I live right around the corner from all those shops! My neighborhood is amazing, huh? :) So glad you got to experience it all!

  4. SWEET ACTION. Be still, my heart. We went there three times on our visit. Chocolate ice cream dreeeeeeeeeam.

    I’ve been MIA from commenting lately, but trust me when I say I’ve been reading all your posts (blog stalker alert…) and loving every one! I adore the Denver recaps and can’t wait to see what you have planned for the summer!!

  5. I have not been to Denver is years and years. After this post ….. I need to push for a trip back!


    • Hope you can get around to planning one! I had no idea i’d have as nice a time as I did! One of my favorite trips to date!

  6. lol at that card. too good. these pictures are great! it seriously is blogger heaven out there.

  7. Ohhhh MAN. So cool + fun + BEAUTIFUL! Whenever I travel to places like Denver (love), Portland (LOVE), Boston (!!), etc I feel like I’m living in the wrong place. Luckily, Blacksburg is a good mix of all the things I would want in a larger city, in a smaller setting. And my soul just lives here – which is likely more important than the number of museums populating our fine town. BUT, that is not to say I don’t daydream of packing my bags and moving to somewhere like Denver. Just sayin’.

    xo, E

    • It’s totally fun to daydream… and natural, right? I love dreaming about living in NYC. And now I can add Denver to my list, too!

      Love how you found your place. That’s some kind of wonderful. :-D

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