denver {the last day}


AT LONG LAST we are on the last day. Disappointing, I know, but just isn’t it the way of the world. Thankfully, I feel like my time spent in Colorado was the perfect amount. Not too long, not too short, only juuuust right. On that last day we woke up early once again and spent the morning drinking coffee together in Beth’s apartment. Those early mornings are some of the best memories I’ve got from the trip. Lazy in pj’s, sipping our cups over conversation while the bright Denver sunlight shone strong.

Beth has the most AMAZING apartment, and I’m glad to show it off here today:


Beth’s an architect, so I didn’t expect anything less from her in terms of style and design. Lady knows what’s up. Beautiful, simple living— I absolutely adore her space!

On Monday {the last day} the girls and I really only had the morning together because Bailey had to catch a flight and Beth had to work, so we decided a delicious breakfast would suffice for our last hurrah. We walked on over to JELLY, which, if we’re talking names alone, was amazing. Jelly {the jam} is one of favorite parts of life, so it was nice to find that Jelly {the cafe} was just as sweet.

I loved my eggs benedict {staple bfast dish!} and the little mini donut holes we ordered for the table were super fun and tasty. Also, the decor. {You know how I feel about a good interior.}denver day 4-4photo-4

And then, just as quickly as we’d come together, it was time to say goodbye. It was hard to be leaving each other after the most perfect vacation ever, but just knowing these friends are mine for life makes the parting less weary. Knowing that nothing has changed even though A LOT has changed is the most comforting thing I know, and having sisters around the country sure makes me feel like the luckiest.

Until next time, B + B! I’ll love you girls until forever and a day— you are home to me!


Since my flight wasn’t until the evening, I got a chance to do a little solo touring the last afternoon of my trip. I picked up a Denver B-cycle {a bike sharing program similar to our Boston Hubway bikes} and rode around town until the hour I had to leave. I biked that city from end to end and stopped often to soak in the buildings and culture even a little LITTLE MAN ICE CREAM. Chocolate malt melt-in-my-mouth. MMMmmmmMMMgood.

Snapped the sights because, because!
denver day 4-5 photo-6 denver day 4-7 denver day 4-8denver DAY 4-32 denver day 4-10denver day 4-28 denver day 4-14photo-5 denver day 4-15 denver day 4-19denver DAY 4-33 denver day 4-21

After my ride around the city, I had time for a quick iced coffee + hot pretzel at the sweet and ever so hip Denver Bicycle Cafe, and then it was GOODBYE, DENVER! GOOD BYE, HEAVEN.

denver-day-4-9-3-farewell-friends denver-day-4-10-3-gbye-rockies! denver-day-4-27-thank-you-bethI’ll say it once more, I had a time. The best of the best of the best.

So cheers to Denver, and cheers to forever friends, and cheers to perfect memories.

I’ll be back Colorado! JUST YOU WAIT.


  1. it’s been so fun reading about your trip to denver! i seriously love that city!

  2. Graet recaps and good tips for my trip there in a few weeks!! Can’t wait!

  3. One of my good friends from college lives in Boulder, and I’ve been DYING to go visit her. Your posts make me want to go even more- Colorado seems gorgeous!

    So glad you had such a magical trip.

  4. I read every word of every recap, and I loved it all. Friends in far places is difficult, but picking up where you left off last – like it was just a pause in the conversation – makes that far place seem not so far in the end. Loved every second of these.

  5. Yup.. Amazing!!! Love it all you did everything right! I was bummed I wasn’t blogging at the time of my Boulder Trip but I am writing a little recap anyway because… I can!

  6. You make me want to throw on my chambray and denim shorts and head out to Denver RIGHT NOW. Waaaah.

  7. Beautiful post! This just makes me want to go visit Colorado even more. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thank you for capturing our weekend so beautifully! I love re-living every second. Time with you guys is good for the soul and all I can say is love, love, love.

  9. SO FUN!! way to rekindle everyone’s love for Denver while you’re at it, hehe!!


  11. Beautiful pictures as always, Anna! And I absolutely LOVE Beth’s house. THAT KITCHEN. THAT LIVING ROOM. THAT STUDY. I hope one day to curate a home that idyllic.

  12. i want mini donut holes at jelly.

  13. you did not post eagle eyed cherry, lol. oh nannerburns – this is why i love you!

  14. Wow! You were a busy girl! Denver looked lovely through your eyes and I’m so happy you had a blast with friends. I’m bookmarking all your highlights for the next time I make it out to Colorado.

  15. This is awesome! I love Denver, and I can’t wait to check out some of these cool spots when I go back in April! Thanks so much for all the info!

  16. It’s really a cool and helpful piece of information. Thanks for share.

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