happy is the day.

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Happy is the day when your pictures blast color again. The entire time I was editing these photos this afternoon I just kept smiling and thinking, spring looks good on this blog. Oh, definitely YES.¬†Weekends have been pretty swell around here lately, too, if I do say so myself. We’re getting out and about on our bikes, wearing less layers, and basically just all around loving hard on this season. I can’t believe how gorgeous everything is right now. Have I never noticed this before or has it just never been this pretty? Whatever the reason, I am thankful for it. Spring looks pretty darn good on Boston, too.

Sunday was our first visit to SOWA, the Bean’s best open market. I love how much variety there is here– food trucks, handmade goods, vintage wonders, and a farmer’s market, too! I feel like every year it just keeps getting better. This week we got a chickpea fritter from Clover to share, and an order of their rosemary fries. Wow. I had heard Clover was good, but is it ever GOOD. They really nail it.

Our afternoon was filled riding through the streets here and there and everywhere. From the South End we headed towards downtown to enjoy a music concert at the Tremont Temple, and then we biked along the river on our way to a family party in Central Square. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to be outside enjoying this city. And on my bike no less.

Joyful days are here again.


  1. The chickpea fritter is my FAVORITE thing from Clover! And I can’t wait to get back out to SOWA. Can we go together sometime plz?

  2. Now that we’ve checked the ISG museum from our list, this is next! Might be a perfect blogger date?

  3. GIRL. FRIEND. I was there on Sunday with Mike and his parents!!! We ate lunch right next to that Grillo’s pickles truck!!! I probably missed you by a minute! (Also I totally planned to get the chickpea fritter but then the line was too long so I opted for an A4 flatbread instead. InSANE. Get one next time!)

    Love the colors! Happiness is here again!

    • ooo I live flatbread. Will have to try that next time. Except for I keep dreaming of my fritter. Oh, decisions.

      Love how you were there and I was there. If we had run into each other I would have cried.

  4. i need to get there asap. last summer i went on some sweltering 90 degree day and NO.

  5. Oh, I love this! Yes yes yes to happy colorful spring (finally) arriving in Boston. Going to SOWA for the first time this year on Sunday!!!

  6. nothing better than spring in boston! i need to make it to sowa sooon!

  7. I visited the SOWA website — it looks like so much fun. So many different things to love and lust over. Boston is quite a city.

  8. Come find us Anna!!! We would love to tickle you taste buds with Spring sunshine of a different kind!! We are flattered to be involved with Boston… reminds us of our beloved ol’ Sydney town.

  9. Three cheers for sunny, colorful weather! The market looks adorable, and I love the idea of doing the full day on bikes. Lovely!

    • Biking around anywhere is my favorite. So much to see and enjoy! And when the weather’s nice there’s nothing better.

  10. I just went to SOWA with my mom and sister on Mother’s Day! I wish I had taken pictures for the blog because everything was so pretty – just an excuse to go back, I guess ;) I got the A4 flatbread with lemon and prosciutto – SO good!

  11. Amen! Color does look good on the blog. I can’t wait to fit in lots of bike rides and outdoor markets this season as well! Enjoy the lovely weather!

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