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I think if I tried I might be able to run this blog on New York City pictures alone for the rest of it’s pretty little life. What do you think? I’ve been playing around with the idea of doing a little blog redesign lately, it’s just really a thought right now, but I was toying with the possibility of tabs or categories, and I was thinking one of them could absolutely be New York City, right? Forget that I don’t live there {never have, likely never will}, I just crazy love that place. Such fun.


Onward to my latest city adventure… June, 2013:

In late June, the very night that I was done with school, we hopped in the car to drive down to New York for the weekend. My good dance friend Kolbe from high school was getting married on Saturday night and I was so excited to be able to celebrate with her. I was completely exhausted with the end of the year, but something about coming to NY energizes me. The views! The taxi cabs! Even the crowds of people! Plus, I love Kolbe to the moon. The thought of watching her walk down the isle and dancing the night away with my old ballet friends just seemed like the perfect way to spend my first official weekend of summer.

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Saturday Zan and I spent the day wandering around the upper east side. We stayed in a friend’s apartment on 86th street right by the Carl Schurz Park, which if you don’t know already, is an absolute GEM of a place. I honestly felt like we struck gold when we stumbled upon it– a small park right on the edge of the UES, well kept and beautiful, we loved it. We woke up on the early side {Gotta jam-pack the day! Always!} to get some NYC bagels. Oh, YES. Bagel Bobs. SUPER GOOD. Then we headed to the park, enjoyed some green grass and some water views before heading back towards Central Park.

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We ended up at the MET, partly for the free air conditioning, but also because I’ve been wanting to head up to the rooftop garden cafe for awhile now. I have not been inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art since I was probably around 12 years old and let me tell you that place is just LOVELY. I love a good classic museum, and I think this one is the definition of it. The Roof Garden Cafe was really amazing, too. It was pretty darn hot in the sun, but there’s a nice terrace to relax under {no formal seating, fyi!}, and there are drinks to order and enjoy to cool you off. I got a simple mint lemonade. Hit the spot.

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After the MET, we walked back down 82nd street {or up? across?} to meet up with Colleen, Molly, and Tina. I always try to see these awesome people when I’m in NY because I just love them so. We ate a late lunch at the Penrose and I loved it. This menu is my favorite kind of menu. I got the eggs benedict, because, I pretty much always get the eggs benedict. {It was a good one!} At lunch we got to hear the full story of Colleen’s engagement {!} and we raised our glasses to my new job and to new beginnings. Thanks for the fun afternoon, friends! Love you girls a lot a lot a lot.

You, too, NYC. Love you a whooooole whole lot. Forever. For always!


Tomorrow I will share some pictures of my friend’s wedding in Central Park! Because it was gorgeous and wonderful and it deserves its very own post!


  1. Love these… cannot wait to see the wedding pictures. CENTRAL PARK? What.

  2. Yes to the NYC tab. I’ve never lived there either, but man, that place can capture a person’s heart like no other.

  3. OH MAN. I am going to New York this weekend, and now I’m extra excited!

    The MET roof garden is one of those places I’ve always wanted to go. Maybe this time!

  4. Christin and I went to that park last time I was there! We mosied around and people watched and oh man had such fun. NEW YORK MAN! I love it.

  5. Ah that’s my sister’s neighborhood. My fave part of Carl Schurz is the dog park. I’ve sat watching them for hours I think!

  6. I can’t waitttt to explore NYC in the fall. Your pictures make it look so magical! You look adorable as well!!

  7. WEDDING IN CENTRAL PARK?! How fun! Can’t wait to see! Also, so glad to see we share sentiment on the Benedict, nothing quite like it. Also, your shorts are great. I just love an Anna in NYC recap!

  8. Oh gosh, I wish I lived close enough to NYC to take a weekend drive into the city! I bet that is awesome. :)

  9. there we are! love your trips to nyc.

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