two days in lake placid…

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While I was home in August for a week, my mom, sister, and I decided to take a last minute girls trip up to Lake Placid, New York. Some family in Syracuse had been talking about taking the trip up for a summer lacrosse tournament (lacrosse is VERY BIG in our family— my sister and I are the only ones who never played!), and the mention of the Adirondacks suddenly got us nostalgic for it. We used to spend summers up in Lake Placid, back in our figure skating days. Did you know I used to be a figure skater? For real, I was! Spins and jumps and costumes and all. OH, the good old days.

This town is one of the prettiest places around. So much to see and do! Here are some photos from our two days in Lake Placid and Keene…

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Seriously beautiful, right? Every time I visit I love it even more…

The lucky part for us is that a few of our cousins live in Lake Placid currently (I have a lot of cousins, in case you’re wondering! 15 first cousins on my dad’s side alone!), and my Aunt Holly lives in a town a few miles down the road called Keene. She owns the most gorgeous house looking over the mountains AND has additional land with cabins for guests. Really, the most amazing thing! We had such a nice time staying with  her–she’s a fabulous cook (she co-owns a few restaurants in town with my cousin Phoebe) and we enjoyed drinks and dinner with some of her close friends the night we stayed over. The perfect getaway.


Below are a list of some of my favorite things to see and do in Lake Placid should you ever plan a trip! {Also, I got your email, Lauren! THIS IS FOR YOU!}

To eat:

Big Mountain Deli and Creperie
Simply Gourmet

{the above places are run by my aunt and cousin—
both are amazing, and not just because they’re my family!}

Liquids and Solids
Steak and Seafood

To stay:

Golden Arrow {affordable, right in town, on the water!}
Schultes Family Lodge {cabins!}
Mirror Lake Inn {fancy!}

To play:

Walk Main Street {lots of shops and the creperie is here!}
Visit the Olympic Rinks {Miracle on ICE!}
Walk around Mirror Lake
Take a bobsled ride
Go on a gondola to the top of Little Whiteface

And SO MUCH MORE here.


  1. Looks like the most darling place! I’ll go ahead and book a cabin with your aunt if you don’t mind:)

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the ADKs. We go there every year as a family to hike the 46ers. Have you been to the Noonmark Diner? That is probably my favorite post-hike spot. Rootbeer floats anyone?

  3. this weekend is the mountainy-lake version of my block island weekend I just had with my mom and sister. looks beautiful and rustic :)

  4. Swoon swoon swooooooon.

  5. i love this. i’ve been there and it’s awesome. and the pic of the adirondack chair and the mtns in the background is AMAZING. i want to live there.

  6. This is perfect! Loving the suggestions. Travis and I will have to hit them up when we go back up for Columbus Day Weekend!

  7. Hello! I really enjoy reading your blog! So, in my last post I add you in my list (MUST VISIT).
    It will be nice to meet you.

  8. Anna, we have the same outfit! I, too, own red shorts that I like to pair with a black and white striped quarter-lengthed shirt. Fashion twins! :) (Also, lovely pictures, as always.)

  9. love these pictures anna – miss you!

  10. What a lovely place. I grew up in Saugerties, NY (just next to Woodstock) but never did make it to Lake Placid. Though I do intend to go back to NY and I’ll have to visit there. And can I say, that is the most adorable library! I’m a library science grad and all around book geek, and everywhere I go I take pictures of libraries I love and boy do I need to check out that one!

  11. Hi Anna! Your photos are gorgeous! It really makes me want to take a trip there! By the way, I recently wrote a post about October (my favorite month!) and used your amazing artwork as a feature image. Abbie from Abbie babble commented to let me know the art belonged to you and I was so happy to learn that. You are so talented! Please let me know if there is a problem with me posting your image. I did go back and give credit. :) I look forward to hearing from you!

  12. Okay, I was scrolling back through these pics again and noticed that the LP Public Library is SO much cuter than any small library I’ve ever seen. Officially jealous.

  13. alison Norris says:

    So I found your blog via Facebook yesterday and I have been poking around a bit and I have realized that if I was at William Smith about 7 years later then we would probably be kindred spirits. Anne of Green Gables, lobster rolls, flash mobs, books and Friday Night Lights are only a few of the things that we have in common :) Also, your pictures are gorgeous.

  14. Love! You always seem to make the simplest things and places look magical!

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