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We’re going to jump back to summer again for a hot minute! Hope you don’t mind! Life as been busy lately. Good, but so busy, and so this blog has been neglected a bit in the interim. School is going well (that’s the BUSY part of the situation) and fall has been great (it’s been crazy WARM! JOY!), an Indian summer at it’s finest, so I kind of don’t feel weird at all posting these photos. They’re from August, but whatever.

Beach pics are welcome at any point in the year, right?

{Say right, because I’ve got Nantucket photos hiding in the wings, too.}

Here is a little glimpse into our week on Cape Cod…

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Oh, it was as sweet as summer gets, and I love this Cape Cod tradition of ours. We went with my parents to Chatham for the week (our 7th year and counting…), but this year my friend Mo and her husband Travis were vacationing there as well. How lucky! We spent most every day with each other, doing this and that, just loving summer and being together.

These photos are some of my favorite, I think. Such a simple kind of lovely, that Cape Cod is. Looking forward to next year’s trip already.


  1. A simple kind of lovely- exactly. I think that’s what makes for the best summer vacations- just simple relaxation, and plenty of beach time. This looks like exactly that!

    Glad to hear the school year’s going well!

  2. love all your photos!!! I’ve been waiting for a post :)

  3. These photos are stunning. And they leave me missing my own beach vacations, but in a good, nostalgic way. Welcome back!

  4. Beach photos are excellent any time of year! And since the summer still seems to keep on kicking, I think it’s totally fine! (I’ve got oodles of summer posts to catch up on too!) Cape Cod looks lovely and so very New England-y. Not a bad tradition at all!

  5. summer pics are always welcomed (especially come feb when all i want to think of are the summer days ahead!). love these pictures – looks like you had such a fun, but calm week. i still have not spent a proper amount of time on the cape… i’ve lived in new england six years now so i need to fix that soon!

  6. people like you give me a ridiculous desire to visit New England. I’ve never been to that part of the country and I’m absolutely dying to visit and to know it better; the picture I’ve painted in my head over the years, culled from movies and TV and books and other people’s words, makes me excited to explore more of our country.

  7. YESSSSSS FRIEND! I have been waiting for these photos. And boy were they worth the wait. It was such a magical vacation wasn’t it? By the way, I love that you still call me Mo. Love you, miss you, mean it. Xo mo

  8. Love these! The blue skies and colors in your photos are my favorite!!

  9. LOVE these friend. And I know I should say something more profound but just LOVE your side-bangs. They really suit you. You are looking tres chic as per usual. xoxo

  10. Do you use your phone to take all of these pictures or do you have a camera you carry around with you? They all so incredibly lovely!

  11. oh summer. i’m loving the mild fall weather but man summer is the best. love this flashback!

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