the little island that could.

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It was a warm day in August when we woke up before the sun. We’d picked out our clothes the night before, charged the cameras, packed the sunblock— It was a warm day in August when we headed out of Chatham chasing the darkness, excitedly looking for the light. In Hyannis we boarded the ferry, all 6 of us. We buzzed out of town on the breeze, soaking in sun rays and breathing in that salty Cape Cod air. Do you know what kind of ride it was? It was bright and breezy, with a little bit of coffee and a good amount of excitement. I love going back to places that I’ve been. Places that were good to me and places that I love.

OH yes, this is surely one of those places— This is Nantucket, the little island that could.

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Scooters were a MUST for our trip, and the reason we were able to do so many things and see so many places, since we didn’t have a car. We started at Brant Point Lighthouse, which is right around the spot where the ferry pulls in and out of the island. Zan always says that if you throw a penny off the side of the boat you’ll be guaranteed another return. Good thing last summer I was all out of pennies— had to throw a quarter in, so I’m all set for awhile!

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After scooting through town for a bit, we headed out to Madaket where we hit up Millie’s Market for some morning snacks on the way to the beach {warm blue water GLORY!}. We watched the beach goers, did a bit of digging for sand crabs, and just straight up took some time to revel in the beauty of it all. G O R G E O U S !

Nantucket-21 Nantucket-22 Nantucket-23 Nantucket-24 Nantucket-25 Nantucket-28 Nantucket-29

From there we rode out to Cisco Brewery for lunch and bevys and after that we continued on to the quaint and near picture perfect ‘Sconset, where we spent some time roaming the streets and even running into old friends! You never know who you’ll run into in Nantucket– for me it’s someone different every single year. Who might it be next time? Isn’t that the fun of it? Only time will tell…

Nantucket-32 Nantucket-34 Nantucket-35 Nantucket-36

Sankaty Light isn’t far from ‘Sconset, and it was on the way back to town, so we decided to visit for one last tourist hit of the day, and believe me, not one of us was sorry— That lighthouse is the real deal. Also, I always happen to come here in the late afternoon, just as the sun is starting to creep to the west. It’s lovely this time of day, with the sky so vast and beautiful and blue.

Nantucket-37 Nantucket-38 Nantucket-39 Nantucket-40

Oh, what a day. What a day, WHAT A DAY.

We walked the town as the sun sank down, eating good food and thinking back on our day together. That warm day in August, I’ll never forget, was absolutely one the best of the year. That warm day in August we left Nantucket embracing the darkness, remembering the beauty of the light. We boarded the ferry and buzzed out of town on the breeze, soaking in the stars and breathing in the memories. Oh how I love going back to places that I’ve been. Places that were good to me and places that I love.

This is Nantucket, the “Grey Lady of the Sea”. This is the little island that could. ♥


  1. Omg these pictures are darling!! We did a day trip out there this summer too, we had so much fun at cisco, and shopping around downtown. I’ve heard fall is actually the best time to go there, might need to schedule another trip :)

  2. I’ve never been. This sounds like the dreamiest of all places, though. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us :) xo

  3. LOVING the summer posts. our summer was spent mostly indoors with newborn baby Coop, so I am living vicariously through you and your AMAZING adventures.


  4. your pictures show off the island beautifully – so fun to re-live summer through this post.

  5. Anna, you did it yet again. Those pictures are magical! Can we go back? Like NOW? Love you. xoxo MOE

  6. Beautiful writing and exquisite photos that paint the perfect picture of that magical island in New England….xoxox

  7. thank you friend for keeping summer alive!! I’ve been missing it- especially extra chilly today :(

  8. I can’t believe I’ve never been to Nantucket! You all look straight out of a jcrew magazine!

  9. never been and every time i see mention of nantucket i’m just pissed. need to go, neeeeed to go.

    awesome pics, awesome day.

  10. Such a fun day trip! Love that scooter!

  11. Oh this warms my heart so much. Matt and I had the most terrible time trying to get to Nantucket for a day trip, but when we did it was like we were in our own little world, even if just for a few hours. Cisco is the BEST, what a fun atmosphere. That must have been my favorite place on the island, besides the Brant Point :) Also MUST try scooters next time! I loved our bicycles, but that meant not enough time (or leg power) to get to Sconset and back.

  12. This seems like so much fun! I’m definitely going to redo this trip this summer :)

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