an autumn in boston.

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Well, these might be my favorite photos ever.

Alternative title for this post: BOSTON IN THE FALL // THE LOVELIEST.

I mean, can you even? Is this place real?

{It is! It is!}

This month has been so good. I’ve not been here much, but I certainly have been out there. I’ve been busy at school {always}, playing with friends {best}, enjoying weekend days around the city, and November nights with hot yoga and reading and New Girl and my space heater {DREAM}. All seems right in the world right now and it’s a pretty cozy feeling. Next Wednesday I’ll head home to Syracuse with Zan and my sister for what’s sure to be a Happy Thanksgiving with my family. My Grandma and cousins are coming from Connecticut, and my mom’s sister and her family are traveling to New York from Indiana. I can’t wait to have everyone in the same place eating turkey and stuffing around the table, just being a family and being together. A happy holiday, indeed.


What will you do for Thanksgiving?
Safe travels to you if you’re going away–
and lucky you if you’re staying at {or close to} home.
A traffic-less holiday is a happy one in my book! :)


  1. Pretty! I love Beacon Hill.

  2. Love all these photos. I want that dog and the home he lives in! So sweet! This has been the BEST fall w/ so much great color. I can’t get enough. So not looking forward to winter but will have to get through it . . . so nice finally meeting you in person the other night. Hope to see you at the Dec event too.

  3. These photos are just amazing! I’m about an hour away from Boston so I don’t make it up there as often as I’d like. I’m happy I found your blog through Bloglovin.

  4. I love these pictures! Fall is the best, and Beacon Hill feels like a dreamy little town in the middle of the city. :)

    • it is EXACTLY that. Cobble stone street, lanterns, and the oldest, loveliest little post office you’ve ever seen. :)

  5. I’ve met that dog! She’s always hanging out outside her door on Acorn Street!

  6. I was living in Boston exactly one year ago and enjoyed very much “the autumn in Boston,” which I totally loved wholeheartedly. All your pictures reminded me of my dream days! Thank you:)

  7. Boston is just the prettiest. Especially through your lens.

  8. absolutely beautiful photos.


  9. These photos are lovely. Great job capturing your city.

    Have a great Thanksgiving! A houseful of family sounds like the best. Kurt and I have a big friend gathering planned and his parents *might* drive over from Ohio if this impending winter storm doesn’t make traffic terrible. Fingers crossed they can make it!

  10. Your photos are beautiful, such amazing colors! They make me want to visit Boston right away.
    I recently found your blog and am already a fan :)

  11. wow, these photos are absolutely gorgeous! i found your blog through bridget hunt, and love it! excited to keep reading.

  12. i LOVE these pictures. the dog on the steps! the post office! acorn street!

    i really, really love this city.

  13. Your pictures are always the best! The first time I went to Boston was in late September, and I loved it. We stayed with family in Cambridge, and it really is such a lovely place! I’m already missing leaves on the trees and leaves crunching under my feet. It feels like winter here (so early for SC, too!), and I’m not quite ready for the dark and dreary days ahead.

    • Oh, the dark I do not like– but the cozy makes it all okay.

      So glad you got to visit Boston in the fall. It is just the BEST that time of year.

  14. these photos are beautiful! it was so nice to meet you last night – hope to see you again!

  15. Just ran across your blog, and holy cow those are gorgeous pictures! I live way down in North Carolina, so it’s fun to get a peek of Boston :)

  16. Jean Park says:

    I love your shots!

    I have always been fascinated with Boston and these pictures just transported me there. Thank you so much.

    I hope to learn more about it through you.

  17. Jean Park says:

    I am currently writing a novel and have chosen Boston in the fall as my setting.
    Your pictures were the answers to every question that I had.
    I hope I can ask you for more information about it.
    It would be so awesome to hear from you if ever you could.
    As it is, I am already grateful for your posts…^^,


    Your photos are inspiring and beautiful! My boyfriend is an artist, his scene of Beacon Hill in the link above. We live out in Fort Point, Boston. Next time you are out for an adventure this way, stop by! He’s about to start his Boston series.

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