this is new york city.

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At this point, a memory, but one I’d like to remember all the same…


September, 2013 // 24 hours in New York City:

I arrive by train and stare in awe {for the one millionth time} at Grand Central Station. It never, ever gets old. After a quick mani/pedi that I’ve been DREAMING about all week {that is, in fact, as good as my dreams} I stroll through the crowded streets and then hop in a cab to the West Village. It’s my 3rd of 4th time there and I feel like I want to stay forever. I pop around for a bit, soaking in the quaintness and eventually find myself walking through Washington Square Park — quite by accident, actually. I feel like I’ve found a special place. I listen to some street performers, do a bit of people watching, and just enjoy some time just sitting in the sun.

I take lots of instagrams and lots and lots of Nikon photos. {No one here is surprised.}

I hop in a cab and head to the Brooklyn Bridge. I loooooove the Brooklyn Bridge. I take some more photos, take some more ‘grams. I walk over the East River, and then through the streets of Dumbo. I specifically want to find Jane’s Carousel and Brooklyn Bridge Park and when I get there, I do a dance— what. a. treat!

The sun sets, then my phone dies {too much instagram. oh!oh!}, so I roam the streets of Brooklyn by night. After quite the walk, I find Rebecca in her lovely Park Slope apartment and we embrace in a hug. We get grilled cheese, chat about life past and present, and then have a sleepover like the good old days. Making time to see best friends makes me the happiest.

The next morning I wake up, take a little walk through the BK, grab a baked oatmeal and a Grumpy’s coffee and eventually set out again for Manhattan from the 7th Ave Station. I meet up with Colleen {and Brian!} and Laura {and Michael!} for a great brunch on the Upper East Side. Getting together with bloggers in real life is still so strange / fun / awesome. Every time I have the best time. After brunch, Laura, Michael, and I take the nicest walk through Central Park. It is such a beautiful day— sun shining, warm air, and really, honestly, a perfect September weekend.

Outside the Park, I hug Laura goodbye {until next time!}, then make a stop at the Strand Book kiosk and buy a new tote bag.  I head up 5th Avenue to Rockefeller Center before hopping in a cab back to Grand Central. I board a train back to Greenwich, sit back, relax, look through my photos. I think about past 24 hours with a smile on my face and give a silent cheer for another fabulous weekend in my favorite New York City. ♥


Happy Wedding Weekend, Colleen!
You’re going to be the P R E T T I E S T.


  1. you do 24 hours in nyc well.

    pictures are so good.

  2. Oh this sounds so lovely. When I went to DC with my family, I found myself alone for an hour or so (on purpose) and I just knew that someday I wanted to walk around beautiful cities just by myself so that I could really soak it in and be alone with my thoughts. Hello run on sentence, but you get the idea. ;)

    • Yes, I get you. TOTALLY. Walking around all by myself is probably one of my most favorite things to do. You can really soak it all in that way– see every detail, and the bigger picture, too.

  3. Did you get ice cream at Van Leeuwen?! That cute little truck is on my to-list next time I’m in NYC!

    September in New York is perfectly dreamy – you captured it so well.

  4. Such beautiful pictures!

  5. Yes! Love all of these! Especially the ones of Brooklyn Bridge, and of course that one of you + Colleen + me. Aah what a fun weekend! Until we meet again, friend!

  6. This is the BEST, because I just found out that Matt and I are going to the city next weekend! Now I’m all inspired!!

  7. Oh girl. You are just the real deal all around. And hey, how about when Thomas and I visit NYC you come meet up with us? #bestideaever Love your big heart and pretty smile to pieces.

    • Please, I would LOVE that. Really hope to honestly real life meet you someday. Our hug would be so ginormous and true.

  8. I’m dying to visit New York City! I’ve never been before, and thus part of me feels like I’m missing out on life in some major way. that’s clearly an exaggeration, but still. I want to see New York at some point, please and thank you.

  9. Ali Herter says:

    Is it possible to feel homesick for a city I have never lived in? These photos do it friend. They just do it. Bravo. xoxo

  10. I love when you post pictures of NYC! I haven’t been in a few years, and each of your quick trips that you take make me long for another of my own! Also, I’m so envious of your blogger friend breakfast! I know Laura from college, but I’m jealous she got to meet you + Colleen! You ladies are some of my favorites!

    • It would have been so fun if you were there!

      And I didn’t know you knew Laura from outside of blogging. Love that fun fact!

  11. SO GOOD! You sure covered some ground in such a short visit. Bravo! I am very jealous of your blogger get together. It sounded like a blast!

    P.S. Hooray for Brooklyn! I hope you enjoyed it!

    • Seriously. Feels like I walked forever and a day. But i would do it again in a heartbeat.

      And Brooklyn! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  12. This looks like such a fun weekend – I love your pictures! You have me craving a little trip to NY! :)

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